Blake’s Book Launch Party

Hearts Alone Harley Cooper and Rick Bauer are trying to hide the fact that Harley is pregnant with Rick’s baby. As Harley was only recently separated from Phillip Spaulding they don’t want him to know. Both think Phillip will break contact with both of them when he finds out. They are having supper at Infierno. Phillip comes in wearing an absolutely gorgeous suit.

Cut to Company where Blake is having her book launch party. Buzz is still angry with Blake because her book put the mob wise to Selena Davis who was dating Buzz at the time she was recently forced to run. I think he’s quite reasonable to be mad at her. He is now competing with Billy for Holly’s attentions. This makes less sense except that Billy and Buzz just love competing with each other. At the moment Buzz has ticked Holly off and his efforts with Blake’s party to make it up to her isn’t working. So currently Billy is ahead in Holly’s affections. I truly think Billy and Buzz enjoyed sparring with each other more than either of them cared about Holly, but it’s a really fun storyline (if you don’t think about it too much, cough, cough, Holly’s fault Jenna died, cough, cough).

Meanwhile Blake is determined to track down Selena’s unknown lawyer son. Ross is already not so crazy about Blake’s involvement digging into mob history. Blake has taken the bit in her teeth and won’t be stopped. Ross: “Since I to love you and I prefer loving living people, I have to change your mind.”

Fresh off eviscerating Buzz, Holly comes over to Blake on her break from signing books and wants to know what Ross is upset about. Holly brings the news that Hearts Alone (the book the party is launching, the one about Selena and the Santos family) is on the bestseller’s list. Buzz flashes back to Selena fleeing town. Gus is at Blake’s party. Claire calls to tell him she hasn’t gotten anything on Danny yet, Gus threatens her to continue trying to get Danny to confess to something on tape. (Part 2)

Rick, Harley, and Phillip catch up on all the other on-going storylines around Springfield after they all gather together at a table at Infierno (a rare instance of there being two restaurant sets up at once).  Blake realizes something is wrong with Buzz (he’s not over what happened with Selena). Billy tries to help and Gus takes another stab at Blake hoping to use her against Manny. (Part 3)

I may find more of this. I think there was a little more to this party, but basically I went ahead and did this post from one channel’s posts because I wanted to get it out.

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