Carmen and Miguel – a love story?

In honor of one of my first online Manny friends, here’s a look at Carmen and Miguel.

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I have read a lot of Manny fanfic and a question that is constantly being answered in a lot of these stories is “why does Carmen so clearly favor Danny over Mick?”. A lot of these stories suggest that it was because (despite what we know on screen) that they actually had different fathers. The candidates for Danny’s “real” father in these stories range from someone entirely made up for the story, to Ray’s father, to Prince Richard, and, perhaps most intriguingly, to Roger Thorpe. However, I think making this suggestion completely misreads the character of Carmen.

No matter what Miguel might have done to betray her or she to him, Carmen genuinely loved Miguel. In Gone With the Wind, Rhett Butler tells Scarlet after Bonnie’s death that he could pretend Bonnie was Scarlet before the war and life had done things to her. It’s obvious Carmen pretended Danny…

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