Something About You – Part 8 by ShellyLynn

Republisher’s Note: Tonight we learn that while Michelle’s world is richer than Danny’s, it isn’t much nicer.

Something About You – Part 8 by ShellyLynn

“Excuse me,” Michelle says as she approaches the group, putting her arms around Danny’s waist. “Would anyone like to tell me what’s so funny?”

“Hey Michelle,” they chorus, moving conspicuously further away from the duo. “We were just getting to know Danny a little better,” they tried to excuse.

“Oh really. That’s so thoughtful of you,” Michelle says, mimicking their ridiculously sweet tones. “I’m sure you were just being hospitable.”

“We were just keeping him company,” Rachel coos as she places her hand on Danny’s arm, leaning over to show off the revealing dip of her dress.

Michelle wants to reach out and slap her, but restrains herself, instead using her words as a weapon. “Don’t you have enough men to fawn over? Or have you already had all of the ones here?”

“How dare you?” she gasps, flipping her hair out of her face.

“I think we’ll be going now,” Alexis adds, beginning to walk away.

“Yeah….We’ll catch you later, Danny. It was nice meeting you,” Linda says, turning on her heals with her friends in tow. Michelle watches the exaggerated swing of their hips as they walk away in their ridiculously tiny dresses. If it weren’t for the relationship their parents held with her father, she wouldn’t give them the time of day. Danny had no experience dealing with that type of person and she wasn’t about to let them use him.

“What was that all about?” Danny asks her as she releases his waist and moves to stand in front of him.

“Those aren’t the type of people you want to get to know,” she responds idly, noticing her father approaching them with Bill and one of board members.

“They seemed nice enough,” Danny responds in confusion. One minute she acts jealous, the next like she couldn’t care less. What’s going on?

“Daniel Santos,” he hears from behind as the group reaches them. “This is Mr. Watson. He’s a member of our board and a prominent attorney in the area. I thought it would be nice for the two of you to get acquainted,” Mr. Bauer says.

“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you Mr. Watson,” Danny says in awe. He was the most important lawyer in the state. They even talked about him in some of Danny’s classes.

“Please, call me Roger. I’ve heard some good things about you as well. What type of law are you interested in?”

Before Danny gets the chance to answer, Bill breaks in. “I’m going to take Michelle to dance. We’ll see you guys in a little while.”

“Okay,” Danny answers slowly, not wanting to waste the opportunity before him, but not exactly thrilled about the idea of her in another man’s arms, even if it was a childhood friend. Will she dance with him like she did with me?

Danny and Roger talked for a half-hour, but Danny’s eyes never left the duo on the dance floor. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and he found himself getting jealous. As much as he hated to admit it, he had hoped tonight would be his chance to show Michelle how he was beginning to feel for her. It wasn’t turning out to be that way. In fact, it seemed like he hadn’t spent much time with her at all.


“So how was your trip?” Michelle asked as they moved around the dance floor. She was trying to concentrate on the conversation, but every chance she got her eyes sought out Danny across the room. He looked so calm and confident, like he had done this a million times before. It was impressive to say the least.

“…but I missed you,” Bill finishes.

“What?” she whispers, snapping her head back at the words.

“I said I missed you, Michelle. I thought about you a lot while I was gone,” he says nervously, his grip on her tightening as he pulled her closer.

“Huh?” was all she could manage, startled by the revelation.

“You’re a very important person in my life, Michelle. You know I’ve always cared about you,” he continues quickly.

“Sure,” she says, not sure what he’s trying to get to. “We’ve been friends forever.”

“Yeah Michelle, but you’re more than just some friend,” he says hopefully as he looks into her eyes. “A lot more.”

“Bill,” she sighs nervously, “I don’t know what to say. This is such a shock.”

“I know,” he says, “but I want you to think about it. I think we’d be perfect together.”

“I don’t think so, Bill. I mean we’re good friends and I care about you, but,” she stumbles out, trying to explain her feelings.

“Come on, Michelle. Just give it a chance. Think about it.”

“Yeah,” she says softly, giving in. “I guess I can do that.”

They don’t speak any more and she begins to get nervous as his hands wander her back. This wasn’t something she had expected, or had she? She has always known their families expected them to marry. She just didn’t think she’d have to deal with it so soon. She was barely twenty years old.

She pulls away as much as possible and looks across the room at Danny. He smiles, catching her eyes and she smiles back, suddenly feeling a little better. She watches as her father joins the two men again and they all shake hands. Her father begins to lead Danny toward the podium at the front of the room when one of the workers approaches Danny and hands him a piece of paper. The look on his face tells her whatever it is; i’ts not good. Her mind flashes to Mikey and her pulse doubles.

She looks on as Danny quickly says something to her father and then heads out of the room. She pulls away from Bill’s embrace and runs through the room in pursuit.

“Danny,” she yells, turning the corner just as he’s about to walk out the door. “What is it?” she asks as she tries to catch her breath.

“It’s Mikey,” Danny says choking back tears. “Stacey took him to the hospital. I have to go.”

“Oh my God,” she gasps, “I’m coming with you,” she says as she crosses the room and takes him to the limo. “Take us to Memorial hospital right now. It’s an emergency.”


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