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GH 1 It has long been an ambition of mine to own a copy, any copy of The Springfield Journal. That makes me vulnerable when I see other soap newspaper props for sale. So I bought a Genoa City Chronicle from The Young and the Restless. Now I saw a copy of the Port Charles Herald with Rick Hearst aka Ric Lansing aka Alan-Michael Spaulding on the front so how could I resist? I couldn’t.

Notice the repeating paragraph

Notice the repeating paragraph

Purchasing this second paper has taught me a lot about how the system works. Like the Chronicle, the Herald has a designed masthead. The majority of the camera ready page is just filled out to fill the expected layout of a newspaper. Some of the bits like the Town Crier actually look like they match the headline, but most of the story texts don’t. The headlines make sense, but they don’t expect people to really be able to look beyond that. In fact most of them are the same nonsense paragraphs repeated. In the story with Alan-Michael’s photo there are about three personalized sentences. That was true with the Julia Newman Martin article. In that example all three sentences were together in the opening paragraph in this one they are spread out with nonsense in between.  My best guess is that this is prop paper is from March 2003 based on the storyline it reflects.

Shootout at Club Corinthos: Attorney Ric Lansing Injured, Assassin Found Dead

Ric Lansing was injured in a shootout at Club Corinthos. [Just to give you a taste of the nonsense this is the next sentence.] He is the fact that any menace from without to the peace of our con-adopted by the staff of people going to the conference to voice units, to insure an increase in the capacities of operating enter further improved.

I’m not entirely sure the next two sentences have been personalized, but I’m assuming they are from the sentence structure and the inclusion of specific names.

“analysts wonder if Robert had not been shot, would he ever”

“Lukas hart, Roberts friend and campaign manager , has been”

Now about how it works. I turned the page and looked at the inside pages. I was surprised to see they were EXACTLY the same as the inside pages of the Geona City Chronicle in every single point. That means that either the Herald came from the same place that produced them or there was some kind of kit or something similar that allowed production companies to create their own. I am now on a quest to find out which it was and who produced them. GH3

IMG_0003Noticing the duplication between the papers also inspired me to read the filler a little more closely. I  found a date that referred to 1971 so I’m guessing they pulled the original format they based the paper on from then. That is consistent with font, layout, and photo style that all reflect the 1970s.

Now I know what to look for I also spotted the same filler in an episode from season 2 of The Dukes of Hazzard appearing as The Hazzard County Gazette. Keep an eye out.

Read more about the Geona City Chronicle:

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