Beverlee McKinsey’s Last Day

This story could be called Beverlee McKinsey strikes back. While it is an important day for Alex, her plan to separate Nick and Mindy has worked but Nick is still rejects her as his birth mother. Frankly I don’t blame him, Alex has been pretty horrible to him since she made her “discovery” and degraded Nick’s parents who he loved and gave him a supportive and very happy childhood. But of more of the importance of the day is for the actress not the character.

A typical soap opera actor or actress has a 13 week option in their contract. That means that every 13 weeks the show has the opportunity to fire the actor without consequences or violation of the contract. This is never reciprocal, unless the show lets them go or they and TPTB make a deal to release the contract, the actor has to stay for the entire length of the contract. Beverlee McKinsey had negotiated the rare exception to that, she also had the chance to leave without consequences every 6 months. So Beverlee went on her annual vacation and never came back. It was a huge event across the industry and fandom. Below are her final scenes.

Here’s a later interview with McKinsey from Soap Opera Digest where she discusses leaving:

Nick McHenry is typing in the Spaulding study. Alexandra had tricked Mindy into thinking Nick had deliberately left her at the altar (he hadn’t he was late because of a set up by Roger on Alex’s orders). Alex is still trying to convince Nick to take her place as his biological mother (which she is) by defaming his adoptive family who raised him with lots of love and support and are now dead. No one ever said Alex wasn’t stubborn…or self-destructive. Alex had told Nick he was her son before, but now she’s going to lay everything out and what Mindy did.

Actually I think everything Alex did wasn’t out of love, it was out of hate. Alex hated Mindy WAY more than she loved Nick.

Nick: “Ugh! I,I,I  is it always about you? Is it always about Alexandra Spaulding?”

Me: “Yes, yes it is. I love her, but it almost always is.”

Oh, please Alex, it wasn’t some mysterious sense. It was the fact Nick looked exactly like Lujack. You didn’t like Lujack at first. You didn’t “sense” anything.  Mindy was partly being selfish when she changed the parentage results, but also Nick was much happier before this came out even if you do eventually build a relationship.

Somehow Alex and Nick are in the Spaulding Mansion study and Eve comes in. After Nick accepted it was over with Mindy (right before she came back), Nick got involved Eve again who then went crazy. Roger actually was plotting and used Eve to break up Nick and Mindy on Alex’s orders. That’s exactly what Alex did. Alex was behind both keeping Nick away from the wedding and lying to Mindy so she’d drive out of town. Sadly Alex didn’t think she had gotten back at Mindy and still thinks they aren’t even. If A-M believes this Roger is the bad guy Alex would never do this stuff, his memory is VERY selective. Alex isn’t even covering well here. I don’t know where Alex gets off blaming Roger though, he did exactly what Alex asked.

Alex and Nick are talking. He says he can’t feel for her now. Nick makes the obvious connection between Brandon and his trying to break Eric and Alex up and Alex trying to break up Nick and Mindy. Alex stutters how it isn’t at all the same when it exactly is. Alex goes over to Vanessa’s. Vanessa: “I made a small mistake…and he says he’s going to walk away from what we have.” That right there sums up Fletcher perfectly, that’s what he does. Alex turns everything Vanessa she will need to temporarily take over as President/CEO. She nearly has one more run-in with Nick and watches out the window as Nick pulls away.

I’m not 100% this is the right order, but I think so.

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