Something About You – Part 1 by ShellyLynn

Republisher’s Note: Here we go on a new Manny fanfic rescued from the Stenzmania site. I also agree with the author note below. Visions of Love is very depressing. This one starts out kind of sad, but cheers up. I don’t quite remember if it completely ends, but it gets to the point of resolution in the story. Danny is a single dad raising Mikey who is a deceased Pilar’s child.

Author’s Note: This story is rated R.

Okay, I talked to Candy and she said I should go ahead and post this. I began it in a an attempt to lighten my Manny mood and hopefully, yours as well. I promise I haven’t given up on Vision Of Love, but the angst was starting to get to me and I needed to write something lighter. So, here goes. I really need feedback, to know if it’s worth continuing.

***Disclaimer, this is a Stenz only Manny fic.

Something About You – Part 1 by ShellyLynn

“I told you Mikey,” Danny says tiredly, “I have to come talk to this man right now or I can’t keep going to school.”

“If you don’t go to school anymore, can you stay home and play with me?” the child’s angelic little face beams up at him.

“No, then I’d just have to work even more,” Danny says, exasperated. Mikey hasn’t stopped complaining for the last hour, upset that he had to miss his favorite cartoons.

Danny Santos is tired of it all. This is not what college was supposed to be like for a young man the age of twenty-one. He was supposed to be going to parties and having a good time. Instead, he stayed up studying all night for his big exam this morning and when he was finally able to go to sleep, Mikey woke him up after a nightmare. He wasn’t sure he could continue to handle this all by himself. Going to school Pre-law was tough enough, but after adding a job and taking care of a small child on his own, it was nearly impossible. He isn’t sure the words fun or relax even exist in his vocabulary any more and he can’t t even remember the last time he was on a date.

“Now please, sit still. I’ll only be a few minutes,” he says as he places the pouting five-year-old with the dark curls and eyes in a chair outside the financial aid office. “If you’re a good boy, I’ll take you for ice cream.”

The little boy’s face lights up with a smile as he thought of his treat. If there is any easy way to get to this young boys heart, it is ice cream, particularly fudge ripple.

Danny releases a deep breath at the look on his face and turns to enter the room. He isn’t exactly excited to be there either, but if he wants to stay in school, he has to give it a shot.

“Mr. Santos,” the slightly overweight, bald man says as he sits behind his huge oak desk in a leather chair. “I understand you wanted to meet with me about losing your scholarship. What’s the matter, were your classes too hard?”

“No sir,” Danny says politely. He doesn’t care what this man thinks of him. He is not willing to let his temper ruin this last chance. “I wanted to plead hardship and get it reinstated.”

“Mr. Santos, if you can’t handle raising that little boy and your studies, I would say that maybe you aren’t cut out for Law school after all. Maybe you should try a different, less demanding field,” the man said mockingly.

Danny takes a deep breath and grips the arms of the chair to control himself. “Mr. Rosenberg, I have dreamed of being a lawyer since I was a child and I know I can do it. I am one of the best students here and if I wasn’t trying to raise a little boy and pay for an off campus apartment, I could prove it. I don’t expect you to feel sorry for me, just that you would consider my position in the evaluation of my scholarship. I know that the conditions require a 3. 5 GPA, but I was only short of that by one percentage point. I have worked so hard, don’t make me give up on my dreams, not over something like this.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Santos, rules are rules and I don’t make exceptions. It was your bad choices and hormones that got you into this mess in the first place. I can’t fix your mistakes.”

“You don’t know a damn thing about me, or my choices. I didn’t ask to be put in this position, but I don’t regret what I’m doing for one minute. I love that little boy more than my own life and if that makes me unfit to be a law student, then so be it. Good day, Mr. Rosenberg,” he says as he storms out of the office and slams the door behind him.

“What the hell am I going to do now,” he whispers to himself as he opens the second door and walks out into the hallway.

There is a young female student kneeling down in front of Mikey and she seems to be getting something out of her purse as she lays one hand on the small boy’s shoulder.

“Get the hell away from him. Don’t touch him!” Danny shouts as he reaches them, picking up Mikey and holding him against his chest.

The young woman’s cheeks seem to glow red as she surveys the hallway and notices that everyone is watching the confrontation, many of them whispering to one another.

“Great, just what I needed today,” she mumbles as she stands up straight, her tiny form seemingly dwarfed by the tall, handsome man in front of her. “He said he was hungry, I was just going to give him a small candy bar from my purse,” she explains.

Danny instantly feels contrite for jumping to such conclusions and reaches out his hand, “I’m sorry, I’m just very protective of him. Ever since his mother died, he’s all I have left.”

“I understand,” she says with a weak smile, as she shakes his hand. “I shouldn’t have done anything without your permission.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m having a rough day and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you,” he apologizes.

“Well then, I guess were both sorry,” she smiles gently.

“Yeah, I guess we are,” Danny grins. It’s been a long time since he has had conversation with an adult that wasn’t centered on school.

“I need to get going,” he says, “I promised him I’d take him out for ice cream.”

“Can she come with us?” Mikey asks excitedly.

“I’m sure she has better things to do”, Danny protests, knowing he has a lot of work to do this evening, yet at the same time hoping she’ll tell him she can come anyway.

“Actually, I’m done for the day,” she responds.

“Please?” the little boy pleads, sticking out his lower lip in a pouting fashion.

“All right, miss?”

“Bauer, Michelle Bauer,” she pipes in.

“My name is Danny Santos and this little man here, is Michael. Okay, Miss Bauer can come with us,” he concedes, looking down into Mikey’s smiling face.

“Yippee!” Mikey says, jumping out of Danny’s arms and running over to grab Michelle by the hand. “Let’s go ‘Ichelle.”

Mikey begins dragging her down the hallway and out the door toward the campus ice cream shop. “What have I gotten myself into?” Danny asks as he follows them across the courtyard. Although, he admits as he watches her from behind in her tight jeans and tank top, the view couldn’t get much better.


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