Reconnecting by Leslie Chapter 2

Republisher’s Note: This is a nice touch stone about Michelle being insecure about Danny. Remember the author warns this story is NC-12.

Reconnecting by Leslie Chapter 2

Michelle playfully kicked her legs in mock protest as Danny swung her round and round in his arms. It felt good to be carefree…to be unencumbered by so many problems. If just for two nights, Michelle wanted to feel like any other newly married woman.

Michelle had done a good job of hiding it from him, but she secretly wondered if she made Danny happy. Danny had done nothing to make her suddenly become so insecure…he constantly told her how much in love with her he was, but she couldn’t shake something that Teresa had said to her. 

It was that God awful night at Millennium. Halloween night. Looking back in hindsight, Michelle assumed that Teresa wanted to get in one good dig before she pulled out all the stops and tried to drug Danny into submission. Teresa had asked her if she thought Danny was really happy being forced to give up everything he knew and loved to start a life with her. 

She had put on her bravest face and corrected Teresa by telling her that she hadn’t had to force Danny to do anything. “He was running,” Michelle remembered saying. But the seeds of doubt had already been planted. 

Ever since that night, Michelle would often lie awake next to Danny, wondering if Teresa’s words were true. Danny wanted out of the business, didn’t he? Michelle had spent many an hour questioning their decision to leave, and for the life of her, she couldn’t think of one good reason for them to stay. 

Still she wondered if Danny truly wanted what she wanted, or if he was just trying to appease her. Sure, he said that he wanted to change his life…even thanked her for giving him the courage to do so, but his body language told her something different. She was sure that Danny thought that she hadn’t notice the worry etched in his face or his constant fidgeting with his wedding band, but she had. 

But, had that worry been born of uncertainty or unhappiness? Michelle had constantly told herself that it was the former. She tried to reassure him that he would eventually find his way and that she would be right beside him, supporting him. But what if Teresa had been right, and what Michelle was really seeing was Danny’s unhappiness in their marriage? She couldn’t bear the thought. 

Michelle was brought back to reality by Danny’s laughter. “I can’t find the damn light, Michelle. Could you please help me?” 

“It’s right over there, honey,” Michelle said, pointing to a spot on the opposite side of the door from Danny’s searching hand. 

“Over there means nothing to me Michelle…it’s pitch black in here,” Danny said with a sigh, feigning frustration. 

“To your left, buttercup,” Michelle teased. 

When Danny turned to his left, Michelle jutted out a leg and kicked the light on with the toe of her sneaker. “See, I told you. Over there.” 

“You’d better watch what you say, smarty pants…you wouldn’t want me to drop you, would you?” Danny said with a wink. 

Rather than responding to his question, Michelle began a marvelous assault of his ear with her lips and tongue. She knew him so well, she thought, as his breathing became rapid and he groaned with pleasure. It never failed…Danny turned to putty in her hands when she teased that area with her mouth. She darted her tongue in and out and sucked at the lobe, continuing her delicious torture until she felt Danny’s knees buckle. 

She savored the feel of Danny’s weight pressing her down into the soft fabric of the couch cushions as they tumbled down together. He kissed her fiercely, his tongue working its own brand of magic deep within the recesses of her mouth. Danny’s kissing never ceased to render Michelle breathless, and this one was no different. 

He let one hand twine in her golden curls while his free hand explored the expanse of her body. He cupped her breast and gently kneaded it through the material of her clothing. Michelle felt her nipples harden at the touch of his hands…expert hands which had learned her body so well. Her sweater and bra scratched at her sensitive flesh. 

Sensing this, Danny sought to divest her of the oppressive barriers. He sat up swiftly, pulling her with him. He supported her back with one hand while tugging her sweater up with the other. His mouth never left hers until he felt her push at his chest with one hand. He broke the kiss and looked questioningly into her eyes. His eyes were black with passion…his pupils fully dilated. His breathing was ragged and heavy. 

“Wait Danny. I brought something to wear for you. Just give me a few minutes,” Michelle begged. 

“You’re joking, right?” he began, now coming back down to earth. “Honey, you don’t have to go to all that trouble for me. I’m a sure thing…you don’t have to seduce me,” Danny finished, attempting to kiss her neck and resume things from where they had left off. 

But Michelle was steadfast in her position as she mustered up a great deal of self-control, and pushed him up to a sitting position once again. “I want to go to the trouble, Danny. Let me look beautiful for you, sweetheart.” 

“Michelle, you would look beautiful in a potato sack,” Danny tried to argue, even as Michelle got to her feet and began walking to the bathroom with her overnight bag. 

When Danny’s voice trailed off, she turned to look at him. His hair was disheveled and his cheeks were flushed. He looked gorgeous even though a boyish pout was upon his lips. His eyes met hers briefly and then he looked away. He is going to play this to the hilt, Michelle thought. “Danny, don’t be mad at me. Listen, why don’t you build a fire for us? I saw some logs stacked just outside the door.” 

When he didn’t respond, she finished, “Come on babe, it’ll be so romantic. I’ll just bet your naked body looks amazing bathed in firelight. You won’t be sorry I made you wait…I’ll make it worth your while.” 

Michelle saw the muscles in his jaw first clench and then relax, and she knew that her words had just the affect over him she was hoping for. He never could stay mad at her for very long. 

As she closed the bathroom door behind her, she could hear him whistling as he retrieved the wood from outside. She heard the sound of paper being crumpled, followed by a series of whispered swears as he attempted to get the fire going. She laughed softly to herself before turning to look at her reflection in the mirror. 

She took a deep breath and splashed cold water on her face before she began to disrobe. As she looked at her naked form in the full length mirror, she found it impossible to ignore the nerves building in the pit of her stomach. She felt like a virginal bride on her wedding night. “This is nuts!” she scolded herself. 

She couldn’t help it. Ever since Teresa had blown into town and she had sized her up, Michelle had been doubting her own sex appeal. She and Teresa couldn’t be two more polar opposites. This was the type of woman that excited Danny. He probably had always envisioned himself married to that type of woman. The dark skin and hair. Someone that shared his culture, his background, his faith. But instead, he had been forced into a marriage with her. As much as she tried to push these thought out of her mind, they always bubbled back up to the surface. Always. 

And as much as she hated to admit to having petty jealousies, Michelle often found herself wondering what kind of sex life Danny and Teresa had shared. Teresa was certainly more worldly and more traveled than Michelle…that was obvious. More experienced too, Michelle told herself. She had probably had several lovers. She probably knew Danny’s likes and dislikes better than Michelle ever would. 

“Danny truly loves you Michelle. How could you ever doubt that?” she asked her reflection as she stepped into the satin and lace teddy. When she slipped the thin straps over her shoulders, she inspected herself in the mirror. 

Her usual preference was for floral print or white lingerie, but she wanted something a little different for this trip. When she had entered the boutique, this piece called to her immediately. Black and very revealing. Amazing how something that was barely a scrap of cloth could cost so much. Yes, this little number would do the trick…very un-Michelle like. 

The bodice of the teddy was made entirely of lace…completely see-through. There was padding in the cups that pushed her breasts to an unnatural height so that they were spilling out over the top of garment. Only her nipples and the lower portion of her breasts were covered. Around the waist was a short satiny, ruffled skirt that made a swishing noise as she moved her hips from side to side. Peeking out from under the skirt was a built in lace panty which did little to hide the honey-colored curls underneath. Turning profile, Michelle gave herself one last perusal in the mirror. She ran her hands over her body, from the swell of her breasts to the tops of her hips, smoothing the material that felt like second-skin over her warm flesh. 

Danny is probably wondering what is taking so long, Michelle thought to herself. She retrieved a small bottle of expensive perfume from her makeup bag. She didn’t really care for the fragrance, but it had been a gift from Danny, so she assumed he liked it. With shaking hands Michelle traced the applicator down the column of her throat, onto each wrist, across the nape of her neck, and between her breasts. She replaced the perfume bottle and took a deep breath before turning to leave and saying aloud, “It’s show time.”


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