She’s In Love With The Boy by Kelly Chapter 3

Republisher’s Note: And we wrap up another Manny fanfic with a happy ending.

She’s In Love With The Boy by Kelly Chapter 3

Her Daddy’s waitin’ up til half past twelve
When they come sneakin’ up the walk
He says young lady get on up to your room
While me and Junior have a talk
Mama breaks in, says don’t lose your temper
It wasn’t very long ago
When you yourself was just a hay-seed plow boy
Who didn’t have a row to hoe 
My Daddy said you wasn’t worth a lick
When it came to brains you got the short end of the stick
But he was wrong and honey you are too
Katie looks at Tommy like I still look at you
She’s in love with the boy
She’s in love with the boy
She’s in love with the boy
What’s meant to be will always find a way
She’s gonna marry that boy someday

Danny and Michelle drive back to the Bauer’s in a happy quiet, Michelle’s head resting on Danny’s shoulder their fingers interlaced, they exchange soft kisses and whispered “I Love You’s”, and before they realize it they are pulling in the driveway. Michelle is gazing at her engagement ring remembering the sweet love they made on the deck of the lighthouse, when Danny’s voice breaks through her thoughts.

” ‘Chelle it looks like your folks are home, and still up, good, I can talk to your Dad now.”

“Oh, that’s great,” Michelle replies, but Danny notices the hesitation in her voice and he feels her tense slightly next to him.

Danny wraps his arms around her, whispering, “Baby, what’s wrong? Don’t you want to tell your parents? Aren’t you sure about getting married?”

Looking into his dark eyes so full of his love for her Michelle sees a tiny flash of worry. “Danny, yes, yes, I’m sure, I can’t wait to become Mrs. Danny Santos. I’m just nervous about you talking to my dad, I think he forgets that I’m a woman and not his little girl anymore, and I just don’t want anything to ruin the absolute happiness I feel.”

“Sweetie, I promise it will be fine, besides, your Mom loves me,” Danny says while he puffs out his chest and wiggles his eyebrows.

Playfully swatting Danny’s chest, Michelle rolls her eyes, “Oh, Please! Well, Mr. Santos, confidence is not one of your problems, let’s go inside.”

Danny and Michelle walk hand in hand into the Bauer kitchen where Ed and Maureen are sitting at the table talking. Maureen senses a difference in the young couple and knows right away what it is when she sees the light sparkle off Michelle’s left hand, she smiles to herself knowing her daughter is marrying a wonderful young man.

“Hi, Dr. and Mrs. Bauer, did you have a nice evening?” Danny asks as he shakes Ed’s hand.

“Hello Danny, yes, Maureen and I had a wonderful dinner, thanks for asking.”

“You two look happy, did you and Danny have a special evening,” Maureen asks her daughter giving her a knowing smile.

Hugging her Mom, Michelle says, “We did Mom, it was magical at the lighthouse tonight, a perfect night.”

While Michelle is hugger her Mother, Ed sees the diamond sparkling the third finger of his daughter’s left hand. Ed’s stern voice interrupts the tender moment between Mother and daughter. “Michelle, is that what I think it is on your hand? Because if it is you need to go to your room, while I have a chat with Young Mr. Santos.”


“Dr. Bauer, I… ”

“No, I mean it, Michelle up to your room now.”

Michelle turns to Danny, tears filling her eyes, “I’m sorry, Danny.”

“Shh, Baby, it’s OK,” Danny says with a soft smile , “your dad is right, I want to talk to him, it will be fine, I promise, I love you.”

“I love you, too. Don’t leave without saying goodbye, OK?”


Maureen watches the tender exchange between her daughter and Danny, and turns to Ed.


“No, Maureen, I’m doing this.”

“That’s fine, but Edward Bauer, you better remember the talk we had earlier today, Danny is a wonderful young man, and he loves our daughter. I know you remember how you felt when it was you facing the father of the woman you love, it wasn’t that long ago, so behave!”

Ed knows Maureen is right and he knows he will loose if he battles her on it. “Yes, dear, everything will be fine, go upstairs and check on Michelle, I’ll call you when we’re finished.”

After Maureen has left them alone Ed turns to Danny and says, “So Daniel, you think your are going to marry my little girl?”

“Dr. Bauer, I am going to marry your daughter. I love Michelle, more than anything and she loves me, we belong together, and we are going to be married. I don’t mean any disrespect sire, but Michelle’s not a little girl anymore, she knows what she wants from her life and a big part of that is being my wife. I had every intention of properly asking you for Michelle’s hand in marriage, I, we, want your blessing, but with or without it, Michelle and I are going to be married.”

The determination in Danny’s voice strikes a cord with Ed, he remembers hearing the same mix of love and determination in his own voice over 20 years ago when he was talking to Maureen’s father

Danny worries the he’s gone to far in the words he just said to Ed, especially when he gets no response, but his heart tells him no matter what Ed’s reaction is he was speaking the truth. Danny holds his breath as Ed shifts his stance and begins to speak.

“Danny, I have no doubt that you love my daughter and that she loves you. I also don’t doubt that Michelle, determined, head strong and smart young woman she is, knows what she wants and whether I like it or not a major part of what she wants for her life is connected to you. So if I don’t want to alienate both my daughter and my wife, I have no choice but to give you my blessing. As much as I hate to admit it, Danny, you are a fine young man, you love my daughter and make her happy, I couldn’t ask for more than that. Now I think we better get Maureen and Michelle back down here because I’m sure Michelle is a wreck.”

Michelle is pacing her room, worried about what is going on downstairs between Danny and her father.

“Michelle, sweetie come sit down, I’m sure everything is fine and your father will call us down in a minute.”

“Mom, how can you be so sure? I saw the look on Dad’s face, he’s not happy. He’s never been happy about my relationship with Danny, I just don’t understand why he doesn’t get it. I love Danny, I’m not a little girl, I know what I want and who I want, and it’s Danny and a life with him.”

“Michelle, your father does understand, you and Danny aren’t so different from your father and I at your age. It’s funny but your Dad is acting just like your Grandpa Reardon did, and I reminded him of that before I came up here.”

“Maureen, could you and Michelle come down here please?”

Holding out her hand to her beloved daughter Maureen gives Michelle a smile, “Come on, I’m sure everything will be fine.”

Michelle and Maureen walk into the kitchen, Danny’s back is to her, she walks up to him softly putting her arms around him.

“Danny, is everything all right?”

Danny turns in her arms and places a soft kiss on her forehead, “Baby, everything is fine, your father gave us his blessing.”

As Michelle and Danny embrace, Maureen hugs Ed and whispers, “Good choice, Dear.”

One Year Later

Michelle stood on the observation deck of the lighthouse, today was the day. This oh so special day in their lives. Three years ago on this day in this place Danny had given her his class ring, that held a promise of a life to come, then two years later, he had given her the sparkling diamond on her hand and in return she had given herself to him completely bringing them another step closer to their life together, today in a few short hours at this place where they made their promises to each other they would complete their promise, they would become Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Santos, together forever.

Michelle smiled at the thought she was so totally happy, everything was perfect. The day had dawned sunny and warm, not a cloud in the sky, just as she knew it would. It was fate, meant to be just like they were, she and Danny.

It had been a wonderful year, trying at times, but they made it. Even her father, much to her surprise was excited. He had accepted their upcoming marriage, especially when he found out Michelle was serious about finishing college. The only rough spot had come when she told him that instead of St. Michael’s , she and Danny were going to be married on the beach at the lighthouse. Michelle stood her ground she was going to marry Danny at the place that meant so much to them. Ed finally relented and in return for his acceptance Michelle and Danny agreed to a reception at the country club Ed still put up some token grumbling until last night at the rehearsal dinner when he had taken them aside, and told Michelle he wanted to give them their present, he handed them a box, inside the box was a set of keys and a deed, the deed to the lighthouse. Michelle smiled at the memory of his words.

“Michelle and Danny, I want you to always have this place that holds your happiest memories. It will always be your place, and I know how much you both love it and I know you will make more memories there. I can’t think of a better place to make your first home. Be happy always.”

Ed’s voice breaks her out of the memory, “Sweetheart, you look beautiful… Are you ready, because there is a young man awaiting your arrival on the beach.”

“I’m ready, Dad, lets go.”

Danny stood waiting on the beach, he was so ready to make Michelle his wife. This day was always their special day, it had been on this date three years before he had given her his class ring, then on this same day last year he had presented her with an engagement ring and asked her to be his wife, not only did she say yes, but it was on that night that they had made love for the first time. It had been magical, and it had taken every ounce of self control and a lot of cold showers to not make love to her everyday this past year. When he told Michelle he wanted to wait until they were married before they made love again, Michelle, being Michelle, had assumed that he had been disappointed with their first time. He convinced her that she couldn’t be more wrong, there was just something inside him that told him to wait, what they had was so strong, so special, he wanted their wedding night to be the same. She had been touched, but like him it had been far from easy to not give in and make love, but tonight he would make up for lost time, and instead of the bridal suite at Towers as they had planned, Danny was going to surprise her. He had arranged for his bed from his parents home to be moved into their new home, the room would be filled with candles and flower, and Mr. & Mrs. Santos would make love for the first time as husband and wife in the same place where they had made love the first time and where they would make love for so many nights to come, their home, which Ed had so generously given them the night before.

Danny was stirred from his thoughts as he heard the string quartet begin to play “The Wedding March”, Pilar was moving toward them, he heard Bill’s intake of breath when he saw her, but Danny was looking past his little sister, to her, his Michelle. Beautiful didn’t begin to describe her. A head band of tiny flowers pulled her hair back from her face, her honey curls cascaded down her back, her dress simple, but elegant was sleeveless with a high neck, fitting her curves perfectly to her waist, flowing into a full skirt. He knew from what she had told him that the dress was backless and easy to remove, a fact he was very grateful for. She finally arrived at his side, after Ed had placed her hand in his, he whispered “You look beautiful.”

Michelle’s breathe was taken away when she saw Danny waiting for her, he looked more handsome than she imagined in his white dinner jacket, the sun playing off his dark curls, casting a golden glow on them. She returned his compliment, with a whispered “So do you.”

The wedding went by quickly, each spoke their vows of commitment with the love they felt in their hears. Their vows exchanged, their wedding rings resting in their new homes on the third finger of each of their left hands, Father Tomas, said, “Daniel and Michelle, I now pronounce you husband and wife, Danny, you may kiss your bride.” Danny did just that, pulling Michelle into his arms for a long loving kiss, that was broken by the applause of their friends and family.

The reception had been wonderful, but both Danny and Michelle were eager to be alone. After the cake had been cut and they had danced their dances, Michelle pulled Danny to a quiet corner.

“You know Mr. Santos, this is a really nice party, but I would much rather move on to our own party.”

“Mmmm, I like the way you think Mrs. Santos.”

They left the reception and ran to their car in a shower of bubbles and birdseed. As they pulled out of the parking lot Danny turned the opposite direction of Towers.
“Danny, sweetie, Towers is the other way, where are you going?”

“I thought we would take a little drive, it’s such a beautiful night.”

“Danny, I don’t really want to drive around enjoying the night air.”

Reaching to stroke her cheek, “Patience, Baby, patience, I promise it will be worth the drive.”

They arrive at the lighthouse, Danny gets out of the car and goes around to open Michelle’s door, when she gets out he sweeps her into his arms and carries her inside.

“Danny, what are you doing?”

“Open the door Baby, you’ll see.”

He carries her through the door, and sets her down, wrapping his arms around her waist, whispering in her ear, “Surprise.”

“Danny, it’s beautiful.”

Michelle takes in the site before her. The room is aglow with candles, white roses placed around the room, and a beautiful bed that she recognizes as Danny’s open and waiting for them, made with ivory satin sheets.

Danny takes her hand an leads her to the bed, he sits down, pulling her to stand between his legs. She pulling at his bow tie, releasing the knot, then she slides his jacket off, moving to the buttons of his shirt, all the while his hands are exploring her bare back. When he is naked from the waist up he says, “Now Mrs. Santos, tell me the secret to this easy to remove dress.”

Smiling at her husband, she leans in to him, reaching behind her capturing his hands, she guides them to the zipper in the middle of her lower back, she whispers “First, Mr. Santos, you need to unzip me.”

Danny happily follows her instruction. Once the zipper is released, she again guides his hands, this time to the back of her neck, to the spot where the neck of her dress is joined, “Now, Sweetie, just give a tug and let go.”

Danny again follows her whispered instruction, as he lets go of the tab, the dress falls to a puddle at Michelle’s feet.

Michelle smiles at the sharp intake of Danny’s breath when he sees she was wearing nothing underneath.

Pushing him on his back, she steps out of her shoes and joins him, “See Danny, I told you it was easy to remove.”

“That you did Baby, that you did,” he replies as he brings his lips to hers in a fiery kiss, their tongues tangle, as his hands make their way from her hair to her breasts. A moan escapes her lips as one of his hands journeys further down to her center. Before all reason leaves her she manages to divest him of his pants, to her pleasure, he too was naked under his clothes. 

While he continues to work his magic with his fingers, his lips traveled from her lips down the column of her throat to her breasts loving one then the other. Her hand seeks and finds his erect manhood, she wraps her hand around him and begins stroking in rhythm with his fingers which were about to bring her to ecstasy.

His name escapes her lips as a plea. Feeling the same need, Danny removes his fingers and joins their bodies completely, they were one. He moves deeply inside her, lifting her to him so he could lose himself inside her, they move together in as their desire and pleasure builds. When they both think they will die from the pleasure they fall together.

After, he holds her wrapped in the security of his arms, their hearts beating as one.

“I love you, Michelle Bauer Santos.”

“I love you, Daniel Santos.”



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