Love on the Air

Book Cover Music is an important part of the soap opera experience. A good or bad song can make or break a pivtol moment. Love themes for couples are especially important for their fans, but even bridges and cues can be noticed and appreciated by fans. However, even the best musical directors aren’t exactly household names even with the biggest fans, so judging by what he says in this book and in previous CD liner notes I’ve read A.J. Gundell thinks he’s a little bit more important and famous than he really is. (I really think people would buy this because it was music from their soap, not because it was by A.J. Gundell, but who cares because it means this book exists which is a great thing.)

A.J. Gundell has won 13 Emmy awards for his music including 3 for best song, a record that has yet to be beat. He also manages an array of music. He was musical director of Guiding Light starting in 1985 and was still there when this book came out in 1993. He also appeared multiple times on camera as an extra on Guiding Light. You can read more about him here:

Find a probably incomplete record of his work here:

Okun, Milton (Ed.). Love on the Air. Port Chester, NY: Cherry Lane Music, 1993. ISBN 0-89524-807-7  Note: Distributed by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation.

Either way find it on Amazon with CD or with an audiotape.

The book features insider stories by Gundell in general and about each song. It also includes pretty standard publicity type shots of the actors involved in the story related to each son. It also comes with an audiotape that has a recording of each of the included songs. They are NOT however the versions used on the show, just another cover of the same song. From a note on the Spirit Music Group page it was also available with a CD. I got my copy off Ebay so I’m not sure if Hal Leonard is still distributing them or not, but both versions had links on Amazon (see above).

  • Love Like This – Emmy Award Winner, 1991 – Written to be used as a farewell flashback montage when Rick left the show after the help fake Phillip’s death debacle. According to Gundell, it was almost cut from the episode because it was running long.
  • I Knew That I’d Fall – Emmy Award Winner, 1992 – Written to be the theme song of Eleni Andros and Alan-Michael Spaulding. It was introduced at their Greek wedding.
    Recording on YouTube which has been vidded to Sam and Jason on General Hospital:
  • Together – Gundell originally wrote for his own family, but reworked for the happy Jeva family montage in Florida right before Reva drove off the bridge. – 1990
  • Threshold of My Heart – Written for Eleni Andros and Frank Cooper theme. First used when they returned home having discovered Marina was Frank’s. 100s of people contacted him wanting to use it for their wedding. – 1993
  • Honestly (I Do) – Written for Johnny Bauer and Chelsea Reardon to sing as a duet at Rick Bauer and Meredith Reade’s wedding. Gundell ended up using in his own real life wedding also.- 1988
  • You Make Loving You Feel So Right – Emmy Award Nominee, 1990 – Originally written for Texas and then used on As The World Turns by a character named Heather. Gundell had given Kim Zimmer a tape of his songs for her to consider for her cabaret act. She was really taken by his recording of You Make Loving You Feel So Right and took it to Pam Long who wrote the romantic field romp when Jeva chose the field they have their wedding in at Cross Creek.
    See the original montage 45 minutes into this episode
  • One Too Many Tears – Written for Chelsea Reardon when she was at the end of her emotional rope when she decided it was over with Phillip Spaulding. – 1993
  • This is Love – Written for Mindy Lewis and Kurt Corday’s wedding. Another one that he got long term interest in from people wanting to use it at their own wedding. – 1985

From other shows it includes:

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  1. itsonlythesoaps (@itsonlythesoaps) Says:

    I remember seeing Gundell on tv in regards to this collection, but don’t have the appearance on tape. The date for the Phillip/Chelsea song cannot be 1993 as they were both off the program by then.

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