Bauer BBQ 2002 Update 2014

Michelle and Danny Santos

Michelle and Danny Santos

We’ve got another great year and again we go from highlight to at least one full episode. Even though I’m sorry that there is more trouble going on in Springfield this year, there’s still a lot of good and I have to say that this rates as a top Bauer BBQ. It’s the first Bauer BBQ post 9/11. With that in mind they both have some feel good happy and pretty hilarious stuff with the fantasies and some true soul searching talking about freedom. Manny aren’t in the greatest place as they are building to another major problem from them, but right now they seem to be in a great place. Bloss have gotten over their problem except that they still have to actually get psycho Tory arrested. Richard is in the hospital following a car crash and he will not survive. Josh and Reva have reunited once again and are about to embark on their most realistic set of martial problems ever which I find to be one of their best storylines. Rick is in desperate need of a heart transplant and worse is married to Mel. Beth is still dealing with the fallout from her latest round with DOD and amnesia and Bill is hoping the psychosis wins. Lizzie is in her last incarnation as cute little kid. Ed is back from his long absence in Africa thanks to Danny and Ed and Holly are back together. Phillip is starting his dalliance with Olivia that will spawn Emma, although it’s too bad because I think when all is said and done she really had a better relationship with Alan and that’s after he raped her by blackmailing her into sex. Harley and Gus are together.

July 3, 2002 – Partial Episode

The night before the Bauer BBQ Danny and Michelle have miscommunications almost derail their best on screen anniversary celebration. Note some rising tensions between them. One of the first signs the Manny story was VERY slowly getting better again during the deep dark best forgotten amnesia year, was when amnesiac Michelle remembers this night.

July 4, 2002

The Bauer BBQ starts with a real nice Ed-Robbie moment. Raising a flag was often the start of the Bauer BBQ going way back to Papa Bauer. Rick had developed a cardiac infection which had permanently damaged his heart before it was detected. His heart is failing now. The great part of this year was the fantasies. Michael O’Leary has said Rick’s fantasy this year was one of the scenes fans mention to him most. Danny doesn’t want to work the grill because despite his grill on the balcony in San Cristobel, grilling is not one of his strengths. His 2001 attempt to man the grill created a wall of fire. Why didn’t they have Danny bar tend? I mean he’s a former professional, I’ll never understand. Once again Danny is wearing is terrific black Hawaiian shirt. I totally love it. These thankful moments are very meaning about where the characters are at that moment. Sadly they only include Manny’s but you can tell they have a little tension in their marriage at this point which will sadly eventually lead to another divorce.

Richard was hurt in a car crash as he was rushing home from his new job as a high end car salesman. Richard had hid their money troubles (Richard had turned all his money over to the crown which now belongs to his half-brother) from Cassie and that he had gotten a job. It’s hard for Cassie because as you saw in the Bauer BBQ 2001 Richard had showed up and surprised her. Everyone can’t help, but remember. I really never really appreciated how great the character of Richard was until I had to deal with Jeffery O’Neil.

The current teen story has Lizzie crushing on Shayne is crushing on Marina. Marina and Shane will get back together.

Yankee Doodle Dandy 2002

Yankee Doodle Dandy 2002

Great little Manny bits behind Bill and Beth. First they are messing with each other’s food and then they scooping up Robbie to take him in for his name. Beth is dealing with the aftereffects of her latest being assumed dead with split personality amnesia. Olivia is married to Alan at this point, but Olivia and Phillip are fighting an attraction (inexplicable and lasting only long enough to cause a lot of trouble and create Emma). Phillip is in his typical wants to have his cake and eat it too mode and while he is happily reunited with Beth, it’s not enough — hence Olivia. In a totally stupid and implausible story while Bill was off canvas he ran into Beth’s alter Loreli and wasn’t at all freaked out by the fact she looked like Beth who he’d known as a friend of his parents his whole life and never thought it was worth mentioning to anybody. After Loreli was reintegrated back into Beth, she suddenly remembered Bill and that they’d had a hot affair (for a penniless amnesiac, she certainly got around, even more than Reva – poor Michelle had to stay in town and suffer the awful writing when she lost her memory). Olivia has gotten Beth’s diary and knows about the affair, Beth only partially remembers. Alan once again claimed he wouldn’t come to the BBQ and yet there he is. Bill is a future ex-husband of Olivia’s.

Rick is suffering from a virus which attacked and weakened his heart. He is in desperate need of a transplant to live. He isn’t paralyzed, but incredibly weak hence the wheelchair. He is currently married to lawyer/doctor Mel who won’t discover she has a personality until she’s paired with Cyrus in the last year a fact her family blames on Rick and not her.

There was a series of fantasies that day. The most well remembered is Rick’s, but the funniest is Olivia’s, Phillip is US President and Olivia’s First Lady fantasy. Sadly so far Olivia’s is the only one I’ve found.

Rick has a full Yankee Doodle Dandy musical sequence. Find it 14:00.

Phillip as President of the United States full of errors because what does Olivia know about American politics, she’s a San Cristobelian. Find it 17:00. It shows once again Phillip is about to get involved with a woman who is only interested in HER version of him.

Bill’s fantasy is that Beth’s psychological issues push her around the bend and she dumps her family for him. Find it at 21:00.

I really like it when they honor the history by having someone going through something Reva already did, to ask her for advice, like Beth does here. Things are righter with the world when Reva’s back in red and Beth is back in pink.

Reva was trying to decide whether to honor Richard’s last request and terminate his life support without involving Cassie. I like that Reva is the go to person for fellow amnesiacs in Springfield. Michelle also later gets her advice during her bought with amnesia.

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