Bauer BBQ 2001 Update 2014

Huzzah! I found more. I now have three full episodes, scroll down for the links. Check out the original version of this post with a link to highlight clips only:

Rick Michelle Robbie 2001

Rick Michelle Robbie 2001

This is one of my favorite Bauer BBQs and actually it’s one of my favorite years in Springfield period. It’s just a great time period. We are just on the tail end of an umbrella story that had Edmund marry Beth and take the kids and Lillian down to San Cristobel, take over the throne (turns out Richard wasn’t legitimate, long story), and kidnap Cassie. Phillip was down with Richard helping with a coup. Harley’s pregnancy is actually part of the pay off of a storyline that when Abby left him, Harley realized Phillip had impregnated Beth and lied about it, Eleni had left Frank, and Selena had left Buzz they all got together and got drunk and Harley and Rick slept together. Harley got pregnant and while Phillip was divorcing Harley and had his attention focused on rescuing Beth and his kids and Harley’s kid Susan from Edmund’s influences, Harley and Rick hid it from him. We’re almost up to this point in our episode guide, basically as the last part of The Perfect Storm. They got Danny out of trouble with the mob and the immediate problem with FBI, but Gus Aitoro is committed to getting him. Michelle had destroyed the evidence May had against them. So Gus pressured Harley into becoming his assistant and pressured her into planting a bug in the Bauer living room. Gus also got Harley to get all of the Bauers out of the house and used the opportunity to get Danny’s home gun (he’d killed Carmen with his office gun) and to get a cartridge to plant to frame Danny. Danny will shortly go on trial. Josh and Reva split up over the revelation that Reva had been married to Richard when she was gone. Reva is also currently temporarily blinded. Josh married Olivia and Reva is dating Noah. Tony had broken up with Marah to keep her safe, but not understanding that she’s using Sam to make him jealous and Catalina is taking advantage of the situation, apparently not caring that he didn’t care enough about HER welfare to push her away. The funniest storyline right now requires you to swallow the fact that Buzz would be interested in Holly even though she was fairly directly responsible for Jenna’s death. When Billy got out of jail for shooting Roger Thorpe, Buzz Cooper stepped up and got him probation/work release. They fought a friendly competition for Holly’s affection that I think had more to do with beating each other than Holly. Holly took it mostly in that spirit and will dump them both in a nanosecond as soon as Ed comes back to town and gives her a second look.

Find the prep from the day before in the highlight clip. Tony is upset because he thinks they should be doing something for the case prep. (Watch night before prep first two minutes, after that switch to full episodes at the bottom.)

Danny: “You’re going to upset, Michelle.”

Tony: “She’ll be more upset when you go to jail for murder.”

Danny: “Yes she is. So the least I can do right now is to give her every bit of happiness and normalcy that I can manage. Do you understand?”

July 4, 2001

2001 provides one of the most detailed prep periods. I just love Rick as general of the BBQ and they could have done it every year. I don’t know why they never had Danny behind the bar at the BBQ. He does such a good job when he works at Millennium. I just love his speech about the drinks he makes when they hire him. I think it’s a total waste of talent and obviously between this and burning the money in San Cristobel it just shows that as much as I love him, the boy can’t grill. I love his BLACK Hawaiian shirt. I wish he’d worn it to the last one, I didn’t really care for his outfit for Bauer BBQ 2009, although once I realized his shorts matched Robbie’s it grew on me. I could just see Robbie picking them out to be like his Dad. Happy sigh!

I would have liked to see Danny in the apron and THE HAT. I thought it was a bit much to say Robbie wouldn’t wear the hat either. I greatly look forward to the day when Robbie wears the hat. The line about have your own son was because Harley was coming in (apparently via the patio doors far away from any parking area) and she was pregnant with Rick’s son Jude Bauer.

Beth had believed in the fairytale of Edmund after she had lost Phillip to Harley. Beth believed in Edmund’s story until she discovered he’d locked Cassie in a tower. He really didn’t mean her THAT much harm, but he got sick himself and Cassie was stuck without food and water and almost died. When Beth discovered her rather than letting Beth leave him and tell people he locked her in. Beth freaked broke out a window and fell that’s why she was in the hospital. Richard was a cool guy. Jeffery was a complete loser in comparison.

Reva was temporarily blinded, basically for the sake of the story of when her sight came back. For once Reva is doing a story Michelle already did and not the other way around.  That’s kind of late for the party to be starting normally people arrive around noon, but they just seem to be arriving and it’s dark out. Josh and Olivia were still married and he’d brought her into Lewis Construction and they had put in a bid for a MAJOR construction project in San Cristobel. Olivia’s government contracts were signed by Edmund with Richard coming back as elected President the contracts were in question. Paul-Anthony-Stewart-Jordi-Vilasuso-PGP-L

Tony and Ray are Danny’s cousins, so now pulled in to helping with the BBQ. Danny is currently being prosecuted for his mother’s death (which he thinks he did in defense of life but covered it up – Carmen really is still alive and the body they pull out of the lake isn’t hers). FBI Agent Gus Aitoro, who is behind the prosecution, is trying to get Danny because he holds Danny’s father responsible for his own father’s death and Gus intends to get revenge on Danny. (Apparently in all that lawyer learning he got, he skipped the bit in the Constitution about the no contamination of the blood clause – meaning that children can’t be punished for their parent’s crimes.) Gus is currently working up to romancing Harley who is pregnant with Rick’s child Jude.

I love Rick’s little show at the beginning of the clip. They refer back to both Rick’s wearing the hat and Danny hating the hat and apron when Manny return at Bauer BBQ 2009. Phillip has just returned from San Cristobel where he was trying to rescue Beth and his children and Harley’s daughter Susan. I think Harley is referring to when Phillip leads a commando style raid to rescue Beth from Edmund. As their marriage broke up, (I will spare Pharley fans my analysis about why it never stood a chance to begin with) in part over Phillip’s constant efforts to protect Beth, this latest rescue went over like a lead balloon with Harley, even though her own daughter was involved. She is currently pregnant with Rick’s child, the future Jude Bauer, from a drunken one night stand.

Fire breaks out.

Ray: “Anyone for well done?”

Danny: “I’m just getting the hang of it.”

Rick: “We only have so much chicken here. You are now in charge of coleslaw and pouring the iced tea.”

That was a great couple communication when with a couple of significant looks, Michelle tells Danny that Rick is the father of Harley’s baby.

Rick to Tony: “Take over here and keep Danny away from the BBQ. I don’t want him blowing up the house.”

Seriously Harley, I know you think you’ve done the right thing, but honestly you’re betraying some of your best friends. I don’t blame Tony and Danny from being mad at her.  Harley still gets Tony to act like her trying to put his cousin on death row is no big deal.

Harley: “Feed me. I’m hungry.”

Tony: “How about this one, it’s fried to a crisp like you’re trying to do to my cousin.”

Blake and her twin sons Jason and Kevin come running in with water pistols and then Ross carries in Clarissa. At this point Blake had published her 2nd book. (Her first book was the romance she imagined between Ross and Holly while she was pregnant with Clarissa and hiding from Ross at the Bauer BBQ.) She had decided to use Selena Davis’s true life story of a romance with Miguel Santos (which produced a never seen on screen Miguel Santos, Jr.) as the basis of this second book. (When she could have used Manny? Or Jezz? Or Bloss or even Blen? Why Selena?)  However, Blake’s failure to disguise the people involved adequately led to either Abuela or Carmen putting a hit out on Selena. Selena barely made it out of town in time, leaving Buzz heartbroken and beaten by the goons that came after her. Blake is thinking that stirring up the past led to Danny being on the murder charge, hence the apology.

So family stories get passed down. Tony has been told the hot tub was covered because “some kid almost drowned.” Marah remembers the incident involved Kevin Marler, but being a Springfielder utterly dismisses it. So someone almost died, they’d have come back! LOL. Sam is like I’m getting all the making out I can get from this bad deal as Marah tries to make Tony jealous, not knowing he’d broken up with her to protect her. Reva is currently dating Noah (a San Cristobel combination doctor and spy) basically to keep from getting bored when Josh refused to heel back from Olivia fast enough. The best thing about them was their couple code which was Nova – one of the best ever. Noah was down in San Cristobel because he was helping Richard over throw Edmund and rescue Cassie. Noah, not being an idiot, could tell sometimes that Reva just wasn’t that into him. Alan was dating Claire Ramsey at the time and it was too bad that he broke up with her because they were actually a pretty cool couple. So glad that Phillip is going to take Lizzie and James to the BBQ. Richard shows up to surprise Cassie at the BBQ. This is a very prominent Rassie moment. That’s really sweet how both Tammy and RJ both totally adopted Richard as their dad.

July 5, 2001

Phillip didn’t know Harley was pregnant. Nice reminder that Phillip saw Michelle as almost a little sister. I love how familiar Danny is with the hospital and its staff, it just goes to show that he spends a lot of off camera time there lunching with Rick, dropping off Michelle, etc. I just think it’s nice. Danny: “No it’s just some friend of Rick’s from the hospital.”

This is my favorite haircut on Danny. It’s just gorgeous and it’s shown to full effect during his conversation with Tony which does a nice job of showing of their positive relationship. Beth had been a bit blind, but Edmund did encourage her to be more of an equal partner than any of  her other boyfriends/husbands. He just lied…a lot and plotted some.

Considering Phillip got the woman Rick loved/was married to twice before, I don’t think he has a lot of moral high ground to stand on here. This is one of the most mature scenes ever for Beth. I like her taking responsibility. Oh, Michelle is carrying around Robbie behind Jolivia, he’s so cute!

Richard: “Only a natural catastrophe could stop this project.” I laughed too because that’s exactly what stops it, an earthquake. The writers must have known already. 🙂

Harley is actually wrong here. Harley basically hates Beth because she wanted to erase her very existence from Phillip’s life and she wouldn’t disappear. Harley reads as a stronger character than Beth, but she made just as many stupid repeated mistakes. And considering that Harley hasn’t been through a tenth of what Beth was I don’t think it’s fair to compare them.

Reva watches the fireworks with Josh and actually sees sparks of light.

This a great jalapeno fight between Buzz and Billy over Holly. Blake apologizes to Danny for the trouble her book caused. Danny very kindly tells her there’s no need and just shows what great step-siblings-in-law they will be.

Gus has no right to come to Bauer BBQ, but he is starting to chase after Harley, he will ultimately catch her, and he’s trying to make Danny miserable so he comes. Really Gus is lucky Danny isn’t the man Gus thinks he is or Gus would be in the lake by now. Lucky for Danny he isn’t though because later Gus does make some amends for faking evidence against Danny etc., by saving his life from the warehouse fire and they grow to have a more friendly, although still very prickly relationship. Gus should really give up the quips, he’s no Ben Warren. Currently Gus is making up to Blake hoping to get more information from Selena and find out who Blake’s source was which nobody will tell him although most of the people we know in town either know or could guess. Not having learned her lesson with Ben Warren, Blake is heavily flirting back to him trying to get information out of him. Ultimately she will turn up the evidence that shows who Gus really is (at least who he thinks he is at this point) and the lengths he will go to try to destroy Danny. BOO GUS! HISSSSS! At this point Bloss and Manny are really each other’s closest couple friends, although not as close as Dresse and Manny had been. Blake and Michelle share the bond that they were once and future step-sisters and I wish the show had played that up more rather than playing Blake as a Thorpe all the time. She was Bauer to in a very real way although her efforts to help Manny get out of legal trouble (which she actually does a couple of times) are as close as they get to playing Blake and Michelle as sisters.

Not a good idea, Frank? How about highly illegal? Once someone who is an occupant of a house asks you to leave you are supposed unless you are also an occupant which Gus wasn’t.

Finally, having survived Selena breaking his heart (I really think he was mostly with Selena to keep himself from dwelling on Jenna being gone and to give her full credit Selena, she was very good with his kids), Buzz was ready to move on to Holly. While Buzz really should have had issues with Holly who’s actions had helped bring about Jenna’s death, look around the canvas and there aren’t a lot of more tenable options. They move into a triangle with Buzz-Holly-Billy. Buzz and Billy were friends because when Billy was released from prison from trying to kill Roger Thorpe, Buzz was supportive and gave Billy a job. They had formed a friendship and I think their love of competing with each other played more into the romance than anything about Holly which is good because she will dump them both flat the SPLIT SECOND Ed returns to town. However, at this point they are still fighting over her. Billy had doctored up a bowl of chili to make it superhot to give to Buzz to keep him away from Holly. Buzz put it down and Gus picked it up and took a huge spoonful. Billy is the only one who understands Gus’s reaction and that’s why he’s laughing his head off.

July 6, 2001

I think Phillip has a point about the “Cooper” attitude. Buzz was always terrible to Phillip, which considering Buzz’s history took a lot of gall. Michelle says the kids are watching cartoons in the den. Nice the rarely seen den got a shout out. This is the start of Harley’s Phillip is evil incarnate downslide. I think Phillip has a reason to be upset and I don’t think it was arrogant for Phillip to think that the only one to get Harley pregnant while they were still married was him. Harley should have taken it as complement. Rick is also right Harley spends a lot of time cutting Rick out of Jude’s life which sucks considering how long Rick longed for a kid of his own to raise. Actually I think Buzz gets so mad because Phillip is exactly right about what Buzz is doing.

I hate the way the Coopers keep trying to take over the BBQ. Buzz to Blake: “Don’t confuse me with facts.”

This is a nice Ross-Phillip conversation. Ross had his faults, but he was always a great mentor to Phillip. Oh, point Ross, “Just the way you told your wife you had a kid coming with Beth.” Ross to Rick: “[Phillip] is in run silent, run deep mode, you know how he gets.

Rick’s right that he did betray Phillip, but again they have a two for one score here.

With moves like these Sam is using on Marah I don’t know why he never really had a love interest of his own. Susan/Daisy had the best chemistry with him and she left the show a couple of months in. But Sam just never seemed to get Marah just wasn’t into him. Really it wasn’t Noah’s place to tell Reva’s kids about their engagement. Really nice Danny-Rick conversation at the end.

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