Bauer BBQ 1992

Michelle at Bauer BBQ 1992

Michelle at Bauer BBQ 1992

Sadly this is a camera pointed at TV recording which means fuzzy video and audio. I’m especially confused if some of the music is actually part of the episode (badly out of balance) or if it is playing somewhere else in this person’s house. But as it’s the only version I’ve found so far I’m going to go ahead and include it.   There are also some commercials.

What we’ve got is the episode from July 6, 1992. Depending on how much time you have you might want to revisit the Great Springfield Blackout which occurred immediately before this. I really want to include this year because looking back at this time, this was a pretty wonderful period for the soap. Lots of great story and they haven’t yet driven off the bridge that was Maureen’s death.

Blackout (Great Springfield Blackout of 1992):

We are just coming out of a big umbrella story which involved most of the cast being trapped in various locations around town without power with people they shouldn’t be (for example, young Michelle Bauer was trapped in an elevator with then jewel thief Jenna Bradshaw and Lillian Raines was with Ed Bauer in the parking garage talking to him about her cancer and they kissed). Bridget is threatening Michelle because she thinks she caused it (she did with her hairdryer) and is afraid Michelle will fink her out and she’ll get in trouble. They were also coming off a big story climax, last July 4th Alex figuratively roasted Roger alive after he found out he’d embezzled from her and more than that had an affair with Mindy Lewis. This kicked off an intense feud between the two women, long after Mindy wished she’d never seen Roger Thorpe. The fighting got worse when they were once again fighting over a man a different way, Nick McHenry who Alex was convinced was her son and who Mindy wanted to marry. Alex blackmailed Roger into helping her and without going into details, Nick was derailed in his efforts to get home in time for the wedding by Roger’s scheme and so when he didn’t show. Mindy believed Alex when she told her that Alex had told Nick everything Mindy had done and he’d left her at the altar deliberately because he chose Alex over her. Devastated Mindy left town (to accommodate a recast) at the end of the Great Springfield Blackout, the day before. Nick and Lujack’s father, Alex’s one-time husband, concert pianist Eric  Luvonaczek is back in town. Lillian and Ed have only kissed so far, but still feel guilty (as they both should). We’ve also just barely passed the initial Mallet and Harley falling in love story which was terrific and now they are working together at the police department. Although we just saw the first glimpse of the good side of Jenna when she stayed and took care of Michelle instead of making good her escape with the jewels from Mindy’s non-wedding, but she’s definitely still a bad girl too. Her life changed forever when Roger Thorpe rescued her from the police chasing her the night of the blackout and she hasn’t yet learned that he’s just using her in anger and pain the way Alex claimed he used Alex (which he really didn’t, he went into the marriage with Alex honestly, he just couldn’t stomach what she expected him to do, basically let her emasculate him completely). The other big story at this time was Frank-Eleni-Alan-Michael triangle which just saw Frank and Alan-Michael working together to rescue Eleni who was trapped in the Wheels and Meals Diner freezer during the Blackout.

July 6, 1992

Harley was just recently made a copy and is working with her former instructor A.C. Mallet. The initial Mallet-Harley falling in love storyline where they butted heads in the classroom at the police academy and then the force and it morphed into love starting with fantasies about someone whose face you couldn’t see were amazing. The jewel thief they are talking about is Jenna Bradshaw and in case you haven’t seen it, here is Jenna and Michelle in the elevator, they are tightly bonded after this. Also in linked to in the post above. Mindy disappeared from her wedding with Nick when he didn’t show in time. Alex had lied to her that Nick knew Mindy had kept the fact he and Alex were really mother and son after all away from him and that Nick wanted nothing more to do with her. The truth was that Nick didn’t want anything to do with ALEX, but this misunderstanding came at the end of Kimberly Simms run and they used it as an excuse to get her out of town for awhile while they got us set for a new Mindy. (Part 1)

Julie was awful, don’t waste your time with her, Michelle. Lillian is jumpy because while Maureen was desperately trying to get back to her husband and daughter, Ed was kissing Lillian in the dark. They are gathering in a big rambling house on the outskirts of town where Nick and Mindy were living at the time. Tangy Hill had lived there previously. Nick has it wrong, Mindy had known and changed it to protect him from contact with Alex. The man talking with Alex is the famous pianist, Eric Luvonaczek, who Alex had loved and eloped with as a young girl. He was a very weak man and in desperation sold one of their twins (Nick McHenry) to a desperate American couple in Paris and took money from Brandon (Alex and Alan’s father) to keep the other twin Lujack from her. Alex hadn’t known there were twins being unconscious during and after birth. (Part 2)

Nadine isn’t really being nice. She’s desperate to hold on to Billy and his money, even though she knows he loves Vanessa. I think she does genuinely like Little Billy as much as its possible for her like anyone else (she tends to be incredibly self-centered), but that wasn’t why she stopped by. Did Ed just admit he didn’t spend as much time with Rick as he should have while Rick was growing up? I don’t know anyone who liked Mallet’s little sister Julie. So I guess even with Roger’s help, Harley did get Jenna arrested this is her take down, but I can’t enjoy it because if the sides are chosen between Jenna and Harley, I’m taking Jenna even if Harley is in the right this time. Until a couple of days ago Jenna thought she was dating Mallet, but he was just using her as part of the entrapment case. (Part 3)

David Grant was in deep trouble and as you can see deep attitude when he first came to town. He’d been convicted of manslaughter, taking the fall for Gilly who had really done it. Mindy had discovered that Alex was right that Nick was her kid, but knowing how much Nick loved his parents and the amount of destruction Alex could do, Mindy really did switch the results to that Nick thought he wasn’t Alex’s son. The negative test results never shook Alex’s conviction, mostly because she SO wanted it to be true. (Part 4)

Bridget threatens Michelle if she spills that Bridget and her power overuse triggered the Blackout. Billy quite reasonably asked Lillian if she could contact Beth and Phillip and see if Mindy turned to them in her time of trouble. With Hart gone, Julie turns to Dylan. Dylan has claustrophobia over an incident surround his adoptive mother’s death and so freaked out as they were trapped in an elevator. Dylan: “Cross Creek…that’s our family’s retreat outside of Tulsa” like he’d been going there his whole life. 🙂 Mallet and Mindy were very good friends, but platonic which worked well for them. (Part 5)

Fletcher was always on Alex’s side even when they weren’t together, he just wouldn’t seriously commit to her and expected her to be fine with that. Fletcher were friends with Nick’s adoptive parents. Fletcher just said a soap truism: “They made a mistake and they were afraid they’d lose you if you found out….people do dump things when they are scared and in love.” Lillian and Alex have a really nice talk although I don’t understand why they are sharing confidences. Lillian to Alex: “I don’t want you to fight so much you lose him.” (Part 6)

Harley shows up in her new cop uniform at the Bauer BBQ. Harley’s hair is just gorgeous in this whole episode. Although that was framed as a dig at Lillian for having kissed Ed, I don’t know what Alex means by there’s right and there’s wrong, she’s certainly never applied that philosophy to any of her own actions. (Part 7)

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