Bauer BBQ 1991

Overhead shot of Bauer Backyard 1991

Overhead shot of Bauer Backyard 1991

These are each a full episode. We also get some nice Michelle stuff in this. Strangely once again it’s just Michelle and Ben at the Bauer BBQ and Little Billy isn’t in sight. We learn that Michelle went through a horse phase as many young girls do (and it makes that Laurel Falls dream wedding story that included a white horse seem more possible). Ultimately Bridget’s actions to try to win Hart end up having long term consequences and the sudden death of Maureen ends up maturing Bridget quickly into someone, who might still be a little wild, but is someone we know and love. This isn’t that Bridget. This Bridget is Maureen’s niece who was dropped on Maureen and Ed because her own parents couldn’t control her, she is still a wildcat that needs taming. She influences Kat and to some extent Michelle for the worse. That frizzy crimping in hair wasn’t rebellion though, it was right in style in 1991. Eleni and Dylan Lewis are in the middle of their short period of dating and Bridget is trying to get Dylan to notice her. She will shortly move on to Hart, but ultimately returns to Bridget who was always her best friend and finally gets the crack over the head with a slate he needed to figure out he wanted more. Hart is also in Blake’s sights for a very different reason. Blake “Apple of Her Daddy’s Eye” Chrissy Thorpe does not take kindly to no longer being her father’s only child and that the new child is male and apparently faultless doesn’t help. Alex is about to blow Roger out of the water with her knowledge that Roger and Mindy had a long term affair (Roger seemed to actually care about Alex in the beginning, but being with her and her refusal to grant him real power led him to feel emasculated and Mindy – who knows why – offered herself up as a hero worshiping young thing just when his ego needed it most.) Alex will get her first pound of flesh that very night.

Day 1

Vanessa is 100% right, she and Billy do always belong together. This year they are making Bert Bauer’s potato salad. Maureen tells Bridget: “You have to put in sauteed shallots and fresh dill and then you fold it over very slowly from the bottom.” So we won’t get to see Rick this year. 😦 That’s sad to just get a phone call, but this must be when he was exiled to Chicago (Michael O’Leary having chosen to leave the show) and basically going into a long term sulk that will include a renewal of his drug addiction and his marriage to Annie Dutton. Alexandra has finally found about Roger’s duplicitous actions with both Mindy and her company and will really nail Roger at this dinner. I really think this Blake and this Hart had the best sibling relationship. Blake has always been the apple of her father’s eye, so finding out he had a male heir who hadn’t made as many mistakes as she had was a big shock to her. She reacted some better than Vanessa in similar circumstances, but it was still hard on her and she is still at the point of taking it out on Hart that he exists. Blake is right. Hart doesn’t know much about women in general or Alex. Kat and Bridget were good friends, but Kat really hated Gilly at this point. Dylan and Bridget was a great circular story. She started up wanting Dylan and in the end Dylan realized what he wanted was her, sadly Hart proved a long diversion in the middle. This is a nice bit about young horse crazy (maybe Hart crushing) Michelle. A nice friendship scene between Maureen and Vanessa, too. Eleni briefly dated Dylan, but it really didn’t stick with either one. Little Billy isn’t there, once again it’s just Michelle and Ben. Michelle got an A on a history paper about the Declaration of Independence. Mallet was beat up and Frank being his best friend wants to get the guys who did it. Holly is dating Dr. Daniel St. John who will ultimately be proven to be a crook. (Day1)

Day 2 – Fourth of July Night

Two fireworks shows are prepping as the Fourth of July continues. Some of the town gathers in the park with Dylan and Eleni to watch the real thing and others hang out to watch in the Bauer yard. Others are gathered at Alex’s request as the Lakeland Country Club. I normally love pink walls, but thank God they repainted them. This looks terrible. I think Roger did love Alex as much as he could love a woman who wasn’t Holly. I think this is as curly and fluffy as Alex’s hair ever was. Alex: “It was only immoral, not illegal or so I was convinced.” Then “No charges were filed, Roger how many times has that phrase been linked to your name.” On the other hand I think the country club patio looks the best it has. Sherry Stringfield’s version of Blake liked to swim in the Lakeland Country Club Pool….sometimes naked. At this point Blake and Frank would have made a lot more sense than they did at the end. A.C. Mallet, who was Frank’s best friend and partner at the time (trying to fill the Phillip-Rick relationship hole in the canvas) is in the hospital having taken a terrible beating. One of Dylan’s problems was that he was Dyslexic and had trouble reading. The name Eleni is struggling over is John Phillip Sousa THE most famous musician of the 19th century who singularly invented patriotic marching band music. Eleni was an illegal immigrant from Greece who came over to be Frank’s arranged bride, he objected over the concept, although he later fell for the girl. So Eleni dated Dylan and later Alan-Michael. The actress was actually Greek-American and she heard from many compatriots who insisted she keep things accurate including her accent which was not her real one. Very nice real fireworks film. Alex nailed Roger in front of everybody. Frank and Blake continued to bond. Mindy is wearing a truly beautiful formal pantsuit. Bridget launches her campaign to get Dylan away from Eleni, but things don’t go her way. Nice Lillian in charge scene, but I don’t remember why Mallet is beat up or why Roger is on crutches. Mallet’s PI office was in the same building as Mindy’s fashion design loft. Almost by accident they became good friends and he helped her cover up her affair with Roger. Holly’s hair is really pretty. Daniel St. John: “I am fed up. I’ve had it….You knew it had to do with Roger right….You hoped it would be everything it turned out to be and you’re not even happy with that…..I thought that you hated him that this man had fouled your life up and you wanted him out of it.” No, St. John you shouldn’t have intervened. As twisted as it is, Holly is only really Holly when she’s with Roger and it isn’t like St. John turns out any better in the end with less excuse. Roger always wanted all those “props” and honestly I don’t think Alex did. Alex was willing to walk away from everything to elope and really the only time she really wanted that billy club was when she was extracting what she saw as justified revenge (others might differ) or when she’d gotten herself in a jam. Otherwise I don’t think she cared about the wealth. I think Roger really did like Alan-Michael, just not enough to change his plans for his sake. He would later tell Blake what a great husband Alan-Michael was to her and that he didn’t know if she’d ever find another as good. Maureen and Roger’s friendship was a touchstone on the show and it was a constant source of tension between Ed and Maureen since Ed utterly hated him.  Bridget: “Don’t look a gift girl in the mouth.” Dylan actually accurately predicted the next few years of Bridget’s life with his advice and warning, but the undercurrent of desire and attraction between them was there ,too. The last two minutes are the worst for Roger and really that’s what Maureen should have been upset about, Roger kind of deserved the rest, but you could call the guy on crutches a taxi when you were in the middle of nowhere. (Day 2)

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