Bauer’s Fourth of July BBQ – Part 2 by SJ

Republisher’s Note: This fanfic is actually from 1999 and is set in an alternative version of the Bauer BBQ that year. The author, SJ, has a rather distinctive sense of humor she writes into her stories, if you enjoy it check out the Benny Dietz stories section for more. Also look for more MarySue style name dropping from that group of friends who were active fanfic writers at the time. Note in both this and the last part Michelle says she’s wearing a tankini. This was a style of swimsuit that was invented and really took off for awhile in the late 1990s, early 2000s. It was a two piece swimsuit with a tank top made out of swimsuit material for the top and a separate bikini bottom. They are no longer “in” so you may not have seen one. I’m linking to an image suitable for the Bauer BBQ below.

Tankini in Fourth of July Colors

Bauer’s Fourth of July BBQ – Part 2 by SJ

Dear Journal: As I mentioned in my last post, Danny and I had gone to my room after his playful jealousy over my modest tankini swimsuit. He had demanded that I take the suit off and change. Being quite bold, not to mention desirous of my spouse, I did as he bade and removed the suit’s top.

Danny then stepped towards me and said that he loved me, but felt we just could not be together in this house right now while there was still danger lurking everywhere. I went and put my arms around his neck. It must have been the feel of my bare skin against his shirt that made him reach for me and give me a very sensuous kiss. It is a shame that the video cameras were not operating because I bet Holly Jo could do some great animation work with our kissing scene. I digress. The kiss was long and languid. I melted further into his arms and pulled the back of his shirt from his linen slacks.

I ran my hands over his muscled back. Doing this was extremely exciting and I breathed out his name through our kiss. He broke from the kiss to remove my pareo (I was thinking now we are getting somewhere) and I at the same time began unbuttoning his shirt.

All of a sudden, we both heard a loud thump, thumping noise. Well, Danny got all skittish and got that killer rabbit look in his eyes and he ran out of my balcony door. I sighed and put my suit top back on and also added a denim shirt and tied it off at the waist. I was pretty sure what the thump thumping was anyway. I went up to the garage apartment and saw Selena doing her Jazzercise video tape. I interrupted her and asked her how she was doing. She said everything was great down at Company and that she had come home and spent some quality time with the folks downstairs. She said she was exercising now because she had eaten about 30 bar cookies, “they were so good Michelle,” she said. I said, “I know. Selena, I made the cookies. I named them Dannys. They are similar to the cookies that Danny’s first girlfriend, Carla, used to make for him.”

Selena told me that she needed to be frank with me. She said that she had met a woman in prison whose name was Karla. This woman had poisoned her lovers with arsenic laden brownies. Once we figured out that the two Carla/Karla’s could not be the same person we had a good laugh.

She then advised me that even though the cookies were good, it was good that I had changed the recipe somewhat, I would not want Danny pining away for Carla. She also told me about a book she had read in prison. This book reported that people always remember the foods from their childhood as better tasting. This was because a person’s taste buds are less sharp as they age. I did not really hear everything she was saying here. I was instead wondering why Selena always seemed to turn every conversation into gabfests about her prison or streetwalker experiences.

I thanked Selena for her sage advice and said that I needed to go find Danny. She resumed her exercise tape (thud thump). Selena was an attractive person and had a charming figure. But she tended to knock into people or knock them down when she went past you. One time she almost knocked Carmen down, not something you want to do if you want to live a long life. After that incident, I was going to talk to her, but Abby told me that Selena did this to protect herself. She had learned in prison, that if you were aggressive, other people would step back, to avoid being stepped on if nothing else. I wondered at the time why a lot of Abby’s stories had to do with prison life too.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Danny and I are going to talk over Honeymoon locations tomorrow with a travel agent. One of the agents we have called is really pushing this place called San Cristobel. She says that everyone who is anyone in Springfield is going. She also said we could get a great charter flight down with everyone. Frankly, I am not sure I want to honeymoon with all of those people. I would really like for us to be alone and not be part of someone else’s trip. I mean I really like Reva and Cassie. They are fun and even call themselves the positive vibe girls. They rev people up and get them to play games and dance. But Reva usually goes off with Josh which always leaves Cassie the odd person. But this doesn’t last for long as she always finds another couple to hang with. I don’t want it to be us. Danny is mine now, I am not sharing.

I know this sounds mean especially since, she is sad and lonely because Hart died. I feel for her. I just do not want her knocking on my suite door at 7 AM. All the while saying “rise and shine sleepyheads, it is time for our morning jog!” No, on my honeymoon all I want to do is lay with my spouse on a bed or a hammock or a big chair or anything that is horizontal.

I went to look for Danny, the love of my life. It feels so good to write that. Now if I could just get the nerve up to tell him, all would be well. Lord knows everyone else in Springfield knows this by now. I find him in the kitchen. He had a big glass of milk and was eating the Dannys I had made for him. At first he did not believe I had made them. Aunt Meta verified this for him. She was still in the kitchen with the smelling salts. Now she was administering them to Holly, who was just out of the mental hospital. She was mumbling that seeing sights like Jesse in a teeny black Speedo was one reason she had stayed in the hospital for such a long time. Well, Danny had about 10 of the cookies in his hands and at least 5 in his mouth. This was surprising to me as I had never ever see Danny eat a food product. Note to self get easy to cook recipes from Aunt Meta. Remember Michelle, cooking is just like a chemistry experiment but without the sulfur.

I went up to him and he waved me away while he finished his treat. I told him that I was not trying to take the cookies away and he got less defensive. I stood very close to him and let him chew. Finally, he noticed that I had not changed yet and told me to go back to the room pronto. He followed me with still another wad of cookies in his hands.

My goal in getting Danny back to my room was to tell Danny that I loved him, wanted to be with him and show him physical proof of this. Being apart from him made me want him more. I was happier to see him each time we happened to run into each other. Although dear journal, I still do not understand why every time that I surprise him, he seems to be reaching into his coat pocket and then quickly withdraws his hand. I told Aunt Meta about this and she suggested that he might be “packing heat.” I told her he was probably just reaching for his breath spray (he really likes Binaca). Maybe it is both?

Anyway, I am rambling and it is late. Danny did not leave here until a bit before 12. Given our track record that means we spent almost 8 hours together. That must be some sort of record. Usually we are together for about 70 seconds a day.

I then set out to complete my plan. I asked Danny again if he wanted me to change out of my suit. He said yes and went to the balcony to allow me privacy to change. I ran over and locked the balcony door. Until that moment, I did not know that this door had a lock on it. We never lock doors here at Casa Bauer. Why would we ever need locks for protection? It is not like I will be abducted or anything.

I told Danny to sit on the bed. This relaxed him a bit. I then removed my top and dangled it before him asking him if he’d like to party. Danny, who was now gripping the bedspread said Michele, you know we cannot do this. I sat on the bed so that I was behind him and I leaned in close and started to whisper into his ear. What did I say, well I gave him the speech?

You know “the I am a Man speech.” But, I inserted woman instead of man and tried my best to duplicate his speech. I cannot remember all the words I used but it went like this.

“I lay here night after night thinking of you, wanting you, needing you here beside me, with me, touching me, stroking me. I dream about you and what it would be like to have you with me at all times. To climb into these cold clean sheets and remember what it would be like to be back in our big bed. Our bed with those sheets that never rustled (400 thread Bermuda Cotton sheets are very quiet). Here in this small bed, we would be touching if we even moved an inch. You tell me that you want to wait for us to be together until you settle all of the family business. Danny, it has already taken such a long time. I am young and in love. I have known your body and I want to know it again, now.”

“I am just a woman, Daniel Santos, and I want you with me, right now.” With that statement I leaned in closer and pressed my breasts against his now sweat soaked linen shirt. I heard his sharp intake of breath as he felt me against him. Boldly, I leaned farther forward and wrapped my legs around him.

“God,” he said, “you do not know what you do to me.”

“Yes,” I said, “I think I do because it is the same as what you do to me every time we are close together like this or even when we speak on the telephone. I sense and feel the touch of your lips, your arms stroking mine, your hands and your lips stroking my neck, your hands tangled in my hair, the touches you give me when we kiss. Your soulful kisses that make me feel you have invaded my very soul.”

“I long to have you lean back against me and let me show you how much I love you.”

At this, Danny finally stopped being the noble gangster and followed my wish and lay back against me so that my breasts were closer to him. He shifted down so that they were then directly over his face. Oh my, I thought. Danny then pulled my lips down to meet his and pulling away from the kiss pulled my neck closer to him so that he could kiss first one then the other breast. I was beginning to feel a lot warmer and I intuitively pressed against him even more to which he said, “Michelle you feel as if you are not wearing anything.”

“Danny, I am not wearing much.”


“Yes, Danny,” I replied “what would you like me to do?”

“Thanks, Michelle, I think I can take things from here. But I do have two logistics questions. First, could we turn on some music, it sounds as if Buzz, Jesse, Drew, Max and Selena are upstairs now and they seem to be making a lot of noise?”

“Your wish is my command, sire.” As I got up, I took off my pareo and tankini bottoms. I was standing there just 6 inches away from his body without any clothing on and it was so warm in the room. I reached over and began unbuttoning his shirt and he undid his trousers to reveal his silk boxer shorts. It was really hot now.

“Michelle, I still have one more question.”

“What is it, Daniel?”

“Is your bedroom door locked?”

The End


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