Bauer BBQ 1990

Bauer BBQ 1990

Bauer BBQ 1990

I think there was probably a prep day before this, but this is what I have. The numbers don’t add up to an entire day’s worth and surely there was a scene where Rick and Mindy convince Beth to come to the BBQ before they just show up. I’ll keep looking.

From what we have. It’s the day of the Bauer BBQ and things are in a better place for pretty much everybody this year. Most notably Beth Raines who we thought dead last year, who was really living as a mute amnesiac who’d snapped over thinking she’d killed her stepfather Bradley when she was attacked (she didn’t) has been brought back from the dead and reunited with Phillip. Chelsea is about the only one in a darker place than last year having gone through a terrible stalker storyline where she was almost killed more than once. We get some really nice stuff showing that Ed and Ross are best friends and that Ross and Holly really did once have a good romance, as much as they like to ignore that fact later. My favorite part though is that Rick came in and scooped up Michelle to watch the fireworks in his lap. They really always did have such a strong relationship, you see why the Santos stuff upset him and why Michelle eventually forgave him despite the awful things he did. I am also glad that both Phillip and Beth relented and attended the BBQ since they’d both missed the year before and they will be off the canvas before Bauer BBQ 1991.

Holly and Ross (Hoss) have a nice romantic talk referencing Ed and Maureen reunion, but Ed and Mo are having a fight today. Isn’t that the same dress Holly wore last year? It’s very close if it isn’t. Phillip has discovered Beth is alive and they have reunited, but Beth doesn’t want to go. Then Rick and Mindy show up reuniting the Four Musketeers and insist they all go to the party. (Part 1)

Chelsea has cut off all her beautiful hair. She has gone through a murderous stalker storyline. Maureen and Holly are much closer and seem friendly

this year. Ed specifically asks for regular ketchup, not the gourmet stuff. Holly announces she’s moved in with Ross. Really glad Ross and Ed get a great friendship bit. They are having regular potato salad made from Bea Reardon’s recipe. (Part 2)

I think Ed has a point, it’s sometimes hard to tell clean dishes from dirty dishes in a dishwasher. Maureen says Ed starts planning for the Bauer BBQ in early June including looking for new recipes to serve, which Maureen usually ignores. Michelle and Ben run through near end of clip. (Part 3)

The bad recast of Justin is there talking with a much more mature than the previous year Samantha. Rick and Mindy drug Phillip and Beth to the Bauer BBQ. Samantha and Dylan were an item and apparently Justin (who was a real cad himself at that age) has made a deal with Dylan to keep them apart. (Part 4)\

Everyone sings “This Land is Your Land.” Holly accepts Ross’ proposal. Michelle watches the fireworks on Rick’s lap. (Part 5)

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