Bauer BBQ 1989

Ed Michelle Rick Maureen Fletcher 1989

Ed Michelle Rick Maureen Fletcher 1989

The BlueRose channel recordings are full episodes, but they do have commercials. They are from the original 1980s airings. Also, look for great really little girl Michelle bits in the July 4th and 5th episodes with close ups and an actual lines, etc. I’m including the episodes from July 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The channel continues with the episodes and you find them there.

Among the biggest stories are Dylan returning to town causing problems for a otherwise happily married Alan-Michael Spaulding and Harley Cooper, Maureen and Ed Bauer being separated with part of the problem being caused by Holly on his side and Fletcher on hers, Alan is about to go prison for accidentally shooting Phillip at his wedding, etc. bringing to an end the first awful Alan recast, Roger has been revealed and he has gotten a literal get out of free card courtesy of the CIA, “Sonni” has been partially exposed and Josh is divorcing her having already reconciled with Reva, Rusty is still obsessed with getting Will who is currently married to Mindy although they are divorcing, Billy and Vanessa are estranged, Johnny and Chelsea are about to start his TV show, Frank is looking out for Sam as a favor to Ross, and Rick and Meredith have just separated.

July 3, 1989

Sam Marler is working at the Wheels and Meals Diner where she talks to Frank who claims her as kin because they are brother and sister in law once removed because her biological brother Phillip’s adopted brother Alan-Michael was currently married to Frank’s sister Harley. Sam is still being a romantic. Frank hasn’t yet fallen in love.  This episode is a great episode showing the original Wheels and Meals Diner set. Sam is the child that Justin and Jackie Marler had when they reunited for the last time. Jackie died in a plane crash when Sam was still a baby. Justin took her out of the country to be raised.

Ed claims that the Bauer BBQ has been going on every July 4th since he was a little kid and questions having it this year, but comes around. Ed and Maureen were separated at the time and Ed had moved Holly into the house. I really liked Holly’s hair in this. Ed hadn’t yet had an affair with Lillian so she really isn’t a hot button at this point. Rick announces Meredith Reade (Rick’s wife) has left him. Meredith found out that she wasn’t able to have kids and already having felt self-conscious about the fact she was older than Rick, she left feeling that she’d only trap him by staying. Rick didn’t want her to go, but even in her sacrifice Meredith showed how selfish she always was. When Meredith and Rick thought they’d broke up forever, Meredith had a one night stand with Phillip and she got pregnant. Rick didn’t find out until after Rick was given the choice to save either save Meredith’s life or her baby’s. Phillip still advised Rick to save Meredith. Nice shout out that Rick used to be called Freddie and a nice speech by Rick with both his trademark humor and an insightful analysis of his own character.

At this point Alan-Michael and Harley are happily married, but Dylan is intent on wining back his old flame and she cooperates enough that she pushes Alan-Michael into a panic that ultimately causes them to divorce. Dylan has brought something by to give to Harley and A-M doesn’t give him a very warm welcome. Actually A-M and Harley originally moved back to 5th Street because A-M didn’t get his trustfund, but they slowly came to love each other and buckled down and made things work and eventually A-M got his money back. Dylan hadn’t written because he was illiterate.

Meanwhile Sonni and Josh are getting a divorce. He’d married Sonni when he went down to Venezuela and thought she died there. She returned from the dead just about the time he and Reva were getting back together in Springfield and although Josh messed with Sonni by trying to save their marriage, ultimately Jeva reunited and Sonni was left even more of a mental wreck than before. Sonni runs into Roger Thorpe and they have a great conversation. (8:39 is a commercial on The Young and the Restless showing the guy who DID rape Cricket, Michael only intended too)

July 4, 1989

We find the last touches being put out for the Bauer BBQ. A shout out to one of Bert’s recipe. Michelle comes in with Maureen and Fletcher. Maureen was pretty classy in introducing Michelle to Holly. Roger had gotten a pardon for all charges pending when he “died” in return for acting as an agent for the CIA. Meredith is Flether’s sister. Alan-Michael’s mother Hope was Rick’s first cousin. Frank still believes Nadine’s cover story that Buzz was dead. Johnny Bauer is descended from Papa Bauer’s brother Otto and his wife Myra Bauer and apparently they live in Brice Lake, Wisconsin. Johnny is Ed’s third cousin. I don’t really remember his parents whose names are Jack and Lanie Bauer. Johnny, having recovered from the “terminal” cancer that he faith healed himself from and that robbed Roxie of her sanity without a glance backward, Johnny has moved on to Chelsea and they will both star on his new television show, “One on One” at WSPR-TV . That’s a pretty horrible fight in Ed’s flashback. Maureen’s friendship with Roger really was an important drama point in the series. Hating Roger did rule Ed’s life for awhile. Maureen is right, Ed looks much better when he’s happy.

Will Jefferies came in as Josh’s good friend, but he eventually recovered his memory and his evilness came out especially wanting to get Josh. It was his fault that Reva and Josh broke up because he faked Marah’s paternity test to make it seem like she was Kyle Sampson’s child, which really wasn’t true. By the time Will married Mindy his evilness was out to himself, but he was still doing his best to hide it and truly thought he could be saved through Mindy’s love. It didn’t work out. Rusty resigned over this Will Jefferies mess. Honestly I don’t know why Rusty is so upset, even though Will did kill his wife Rose aka Rosie, I don’t think it was any loss and Rusty belonged with Mindy. I just don’t understand the fuss over Rose, she was SO annoying. Fletcher had married Maeve Stoddard a year ago at the Bauer BBQ and she died in an helicopter crash soon after.

I’m glad Wanda, the Lewis secretary was there, I love her, I don’t know why she’s with someone other than her husband Lowell. Wanda brought Three Bean Salad made with 5 beans, Green, Wax, Pinto, Kidney, and Lima, she also used Tabasco sauce and hot peppers.

A flashback from the day before at the end of an episode? (Just after 23:00 is a commercial for Paradise aka Guns of Paradise which was a terrific western that sadly didn’t do very well in the ratings, check it out if you ever get a chance, my favorite toast comes from it.)

July 5, 1989

We start watching the fireworks at the Bauer BBQ and Michelle not liking Ed ignoring Maureen for Holly. The sparkler going out does sound like omen. More flashbacks from the last couple of days. Holly decides to move out and tells Ed.

Sonni and Roger are on a date. Nothing good can come of this, although I love her outfit. I also really love the decor here, I wonder if it’s the Springfield Inn? (I found another clip from later that month, it is definitely the Springfield Inn) Sonni gives a summary of her current backstory around the 30 minute mark. Roger really either needs a tie or to unbutton his top button. He’s looking too Adrian Monk like here.

Frank Cooper continues to look out for Sam Marler at Uncle Ross’ request.

The Spaulding Mansion is next door, so it makes sense if Dylan was mowing there, he’d hear the BBQ. Henry visits Phillip and talks about how Alan has confessed to everything and is prepared to take his punishment. Blake is gone because they are switching Blakes. It had still been the first blonde “Blake” up to this point, but it will be Sherry Stringfield when she returns.

Nice Billip tribute from Lillian and Phillip (13:00)

Johnny and Chelsea stumble on the homeless family that Frank fed for free earlier.  They are living in a tarp down by the river. They for seem reason just answer all of Johnny and Chelsea’s rude questions. Johnny intends to put them on his new show, while there are several people Johnny knows who could offer the guy a job or a place to stay he decides to just put him on his new TV show.

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