Daddy’s Girl by Mere Chapter 2

Republisher’s Note: We continue with a great AU next generation story.

Daddy’s Girl by Mere Chapter 2

Sitting on the beach blanket she took her moment of solitude to take in her surroundings. She saw Rissa chatting it up with a group of girls about their age, Kenzie heading into the water for a swim, a group of hot guys playing a game of volleyball, another group of guys attentively watching the group Kenzie was with, and several other sunbathers. Kenzie was right, the spot they’d chosen was the prime spot to see everything and be seen. She decided to settle her gaze on the volleyball game, it was certainly more interesting than anything else and it had been a long time since she’d had a chance to watch boys her own age in action. The last time she’d had a chance had been a year ago on a trip to California with her parents, Kenzie, and Kenzie’s parents and it had ended disastrously……..
We’d been on the trip about two weeks when we finally made it to the hotel in San Diego. After being dragged to museums , vineyards, and 2 amusement parks Kenzie and I were ready for a break from our parents. We knew Dad would have the most opposition to us venturing out by ourselves so that first night at dinner we decided to ask while our greatest allies were around (Mom and Aunt Pilar).
“Dad, Kenzie and I were wondering if instead of hanging around with you guys tonight we could go to the hotel game room.”
“No. You’re much too young to be out by yourselves.”
“C’mon Danny. You are as bad as mom was with me.”
“Really honey we could use a couple hours out just the two of us and they’d be right downstairs so we could check on them.”
“If I let you, do you promise to be back in the suite in 2 hours and to call me on my cell before you go anywhere else?”
” I promise Daddy.”
“Well, since I seem to be out numbered.. OK but, 2 hours not one second longer.”
“Thank you Daddy you’re the best!”
“Yeah yeah. N
ow get going the clocks ticking.” We made our way down the two flights to the hotel game room and soon found out the game room consisted of two outdated games (one that didn’t work) and a foosball game with no ball. We were about to give up our search for fun when we heard deep laughter coming from the balcony outside. We made our way out to the deck and noticed an attractive group of guys sitting at a table about 50 feet away from us, we took a seat at the nearest table and decided to enjoy the warm night air and observe them.
I let my gaze settle on an extremely hot guy in the center of the group he was very tall, with rippling muscles , blonde cropped hair that was a little to long in front he kept pushing it off his forehead with his hand, and the most amazing blue eyes I’d ever seen.
“Kenzie, look but don’t make it to obvious.”
“Look at what?”
“That gorgeous guy over there”
“Which one?”
The tall blonde one with the amazing eyes.”
“Oh you mean the one walking this way?”Kenzie didn’t get a chance to answer me though because before she could he was standing directly in front of us.
” Hi! I’m Chad and my friends and I were wondering if you’d like to join us.” I was too dumbfounded to speak, but Kenzie who was never flustered answered for me.“We’d love too! By the way I’m Kenzie and this is my cousin Piper.”
“Shall we ladies.” He replied taking my hand and leading us to the table.

The conversation was filled with humorous stories of Chad and his friends. I was only half paying attention though my mind was centered on Chad’s arm around the back of my chair his fingers tracing lazy circles on my back and how heavenly he smelled. I was so preoccupied in his friend John’s latest tale and my thoughts I barely noticed when Chad leaned in and asked.

“Do you wanna go for a walk on the beach?”
” I suppose I could but we really have to be back to the suite soon.”
“We won’t be gone long I wanna get a chance to talk to you. I’ve heard these stories a million times.”
“Well that would be nice as long as we aren’t gone to long.”

We made our way down the beach holding hands and enjoying the oceans beauty and each others company. I found out that Chad would be a senior in the fall, played football, and loved horses. I told him about boarding school, my parents, and my love for music. We eventually realized we needed to head back but before we made it all the way back Chad turned me to face him and said.

” You are a really beautiful and special girl. I had a lot of fun.”
Then he leaned down and gave me an amazing albeit too short kiss he was about to kiss me again when we heard shouting coming from up the beach I turned to look at the approaching figures and realized it was Kenzie, hotel security, and my very irate father.
“Don’t Daddy me young lady I just have one question for you; which you will answer in depth when I get you back to the hotel; What the Hell were you thinking? and one question for him. What are you doing with your hands all over my 14 year old daughter?”
“Sir I had no idea. I’d better get back to my friends.” Chad replied shooting me a glare. I hadn’t told him I was only 14.
“Come near her again and the police will be involved.”
“Trust me sir that won’t be a problem.” he replied shooting me one last glare and storming off.
“You don’t say anything right now I’m too angry to even listen, but we will talk, and your grounded until further notice, in case your curious how long that’ll be, in my current state of mind I’d cancel any plans til you’re sixty.”

Needless to say I spent the rest of the trip and the rest of the summer in the constant company of my parents.

She is so lost in her thoughts she almost doesn’t notice the volleyball heading straight for her head. She barely averts it and quickly stands to retrieve it. She is oblivious to the lustful eyes of the volleyball players watching her and her tiny red bikini. She makes her way over to the group and says.

“Did somebody lose something?”

“Yes. We did thank you. And who would this gorgeous angel that rescued our ball be?” Asked a gorgeous muscular blonde with the richest brown eyes she’d ever seen.

“Piper Santos and you would be.”

“Zack Spaulding.”

“Nice to meet you, Zack.”

“Pleasures all mine, Piper.”


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