Daddy’s Girl by Mere Chapter 1

Republisher’s Note: Another incomplete fic, but I love how they brought on the next generation so I wanted to share it anyway.

Author’s Note: Hi All! This is my first real venture into the writing side of fic so be gentle. Before I post the fic I’m gonna give you some background. This is a next generation story centering around Manny’s daughter and the trials of being a teen, dating despite her over protective father, being a Santos, and dealing with her parent embarrassingly amorous marriage.

I change history a little for this story so I’ll give you the heads up on the changes. Ready? Everything after the Towers party never happened. Piper is Danny and Michelle’s daughter from the first pregnancy, Bill and Pilar took a trip to Europe a week after the party quickly got married and Pilar became pregnant with Mackenzie, Carmen’s in prison, Rick and Abby never divorced after her stint in Washington which Rick joined her for (she conceived their son there) they moved back to Springfield where she opened an education and activity center for the hearing impaired she still does speaking engagements. Piper has been away at boarding school. She’s just returned two days ago for the summer and has talked her parents into letting her attend Springfield High despite her father’s reservations. There is a fairly large Cast of characters in this fic but I’ll just post the ones who appear in this ch.

Piper Alicia Santos- 15 year old daughter of Danny and Michelle Santos. Just returned from boarding school in Spain at the end of the summer will be starting as a sophomore at Springfield high.

Clarissa Marler- 16 year old daughter of Blake and Ross Marler, friend of Piper, after the summer will be a junior at Springfield High

Mackenzie Vanessa Lewis- 15 year old Daughter of Pilar and Bill Lewis, best friend of Piper, after summer will also be a sophomore at Springfield high

OK I’ve rambled enough here’s the first chapter enjoy and be gentle.


Daddy’s Girl by Mere Chapter 1

“How in the world did you get your dad to let you out of the house? Let alone out of the house in that outfit?”

“Yeah how did you? I love Uncle Danny and all but he has to be the most overprotective parent on the planet!”

“He’s not that bad guys,” she retorted with more confidence than she felt.

Rissa and Kenzie were right. Her dad was very over protective and never would of let her go to the beach in a bikini. He probably wouldn’t have let her go to the beach at all. His first objection would’ve been Rissa’s newly acquired license and his second objection, she could almost hear his voice in her head, “you have a pool of your own in the backyard. What do you and your friends need to go to the beach for?” Of course she hadn’t had to worry about her father at all he’d been called out of town on business this morning and she’d only had to contend with her mom. Mom said yes to anything as long as she knew who was going and where they’d be.

“Well…” the voices in the front seat echoed.


“How’d you get your dad to agree to that suit? Even my dad, the world’s biggest pushover, wouldn’t let me show off my assets like that.”

Glancing at her friend, Clarissa Marler, she could understand why. She was extremely tall, curvaceous, and the world’s biggest flirt. Her Auburn hair and porcelain skin caught every male’s eye that they came across.

“Well, if I had your assets I wouldn’t wear a suit like this. Actually luck got me out of the house, Dad got called out of town on business and Mom, well, she’s a pushover.”

“Give me a break, Piper, you’re gorgeous and you definitely blossomed this past year. Every guy will have his eyes all over you. Especially in that suit,” Kenzie said.

Glancing in her cousin’s direction she took in her beauty. She was the spitting image of her mother right down to her long raven locks. Her personality is what made her beauty shine though she had a wicked sense of humor and an attitude that could only be described as sassy.

“OK it’s official you both have gone completely nuts? Do I need to call the men in little white coats?”

Glancing at herself she had to admit the suit did make her petite frame look very good and the suits top accentuated her growing bosom, her face wasn’t bad to look at. Her father always said she was the spitting image of her mother. She supposed he was right from her heart shaped face, to her big brown eyes, to her unruly long blonde curls there was a definite resemblance.

” I spose I look presentable. I just hope there’s a lot of cute guys at the beach. At boarding school the closest we got to anything male was when we’d make treks to the village and I think there was one guy not over 30 or under 12 and he was 13, a little young for me.”

“Well, Piper, if that’s any example,” Rissa said while pointing to a car load of gorgeous specimens “this should be a very good day!”

“Rissa I believe you are a genius! What do you say ladies? Should we hit the beach?”



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  1. Joe Pettengill Says:

    hi,is this old stuff,or new stuff?

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