Thanksgiving 1986

Thanksgiving Dinner 1986

Thanksgiving Dinner 1986 at the Bauer House

It’s Thanksgiving 1986 in Springfield and it’s mostly about the Lewis-Shayne clan. There was a big action/adventure story about the corruption going on in Venezuela, this story would continue unfold for decades playing into Bill Lewis’s issues when he returned for the second time in the person of Dan Cosgrove, kicking off the Bizzie romance. At this point there is active sabotage going on. Recently Mindy’s fairytale marriage to Kurt ended, when angered over their different attitudes towards money, he took a job in Venezuela to help pay back some of the money Mindy had borrowed from her family. While there he was killed mistakenly during a failed attempt to kill Josh. Although I never was a big believer in Kyle and Reva or that Reva would ever pick any other man over Josh longterm, but I did like Kyle and especially his evolving relationship with Billy and his determination to do the right thing by Ben. As you can see in these scenes they’ve totally thrown all of that away in order to excuse Maeve’s inexcusable behavior towards Kyle, explain Ben’s continued presence on screen when Kyle left town, and to facilitate a Jeva reunion, just in time for one of Josh’s previous wives to come back from the dead at an inconvenient time (actually Reva could have bonded with both Annie Dutton and Cleva over that one, but she doesn’t).

The other big story in town was the show’s first real attempt to duplicate the success of the Four Musketeers (they would try this several times over the years with the most successful being this attempt with Alan-Michael, Harley, Dinah, and Cameron filling the four slots).  Towards that end, the girl with the mysterious past has shown up in town and will soon be revealed that she, Dinah, is in fact Ross and Vanessa’s daughter via a long ago relationship. Dinah would be played by two very similar actresses in this first run on the show when her main attributes were being nice and sweet. A trip to Europe would bring out more of the hard struggle side of Dinah and she comes back to town a few years later as a vixen following closely in her mother’s mis-steps. Vanessa had given Baby Dinah up for adoption without ever telling Ross until recently basically because she felt a baby would tie her down and I think to punish Ross (pre-the revelation Billy would bring about in Vanessa, she wasn’t always a very nice person). Dinah is shown slowly fitting in at school working with Cameron. Following Four Musketeer tradition they formed couples and then swapped partners.

Lillian is currently dating Reva’s father Hawk. They dated for a long time and I actually think Lillian was most happy in this relationship with Hawk and they balanced each other well. I was sorry to see it end, though if Hawk was ready to show some good behavior, goodness knows Miss Sarah deserved to benefit from it since she put up with so much of the other kind from him. Ross is currently dating Calla who is Lillian Raines’s sister and Jessie’s (of Jessie and Simon fame) mother. Calla was a lot like a version 1.0 of Nadine. Besides both ladies dating Ross, they also were both manipulative schemers with big dreams (Calla had much better hair and was smarter, Nadine had more personality). A group of three cons have stumbled on to the fact that there is a secret involving Dinah and Vanessa. They haven’t figured out what it is, but thing they can make a buck out of it whenever they do. Hence they are duping the woman that Vanessa stayed with during the obviously showing months of her pregnancy to try to get information from her. The lead con is a busy character actor named William Hickey who did lots of roles on soaps as well as primetime. However, he’s best known as Uncle Lewis in the classic holiday movie, National Lampon’s Christmas Vacation.

Elsewhere on canvas there is trouble at the Bauers because Chelsea’s sudden fiance Jon Claude has dropped dead under Rick’s care and for some unfathomable reason Chelsea just assumes there is malpractice and is bringing charges against Rick, which is forcing Maureen as Cedars Administrator to take action against her own step-son and causing a lot of tension between Chelsea and her three main romantic partners on screen, Phillip, Rick, and Johnny. Chelsea is Maureen’s little sister and Bea is their mother and hence while Maureen would expect them both at a family get together she arranged – despite anything else going on. This episode features John Bolger in the role of Phillip and while most people much preferred Grant Aleksander, Bolger did a very serviceable, if understated interpretation of the role. This is a pretty good typical example of how he played Phillip.

Also there at Thanksgiving are Claire and Baby Michelle.


These scenes are from two episodes. The day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving itself. It seems like we might be missing a scene or two, but I’m not sure if we are are not. I think these two episodes together do a pretty good set up of what’s going on, but if you want to watch more the same channel has a few days worth of previous episodes. If you want to see Maeve stop the Reva-Kyle wedding the previous year which Maeve references doing and regretting, find the post here:

November 25, 1986

Part 1

Jessie wants to visit her dad. Calla is upset about both that and Ross and Vanessa working together to find Dinah who they haven’t met yet. Dinah and Carmen are working together on school paper. Lewis Oil trouble in Venezuela. (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

November 26, 1986 

(Part 1)  (Part 2) (Part 3)

UPDATED Nov 13 2016: I added the two photos and made some brief alterations to the text.

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  1. jenusingword Says:

    I remember most of this and I was only 6 years old! Wow. Can’t believe I was so young then and watching with my mum!

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