Guiding Light Trivia 11

This post is based on the Guiding Light questions from:

Genovese, John Kelly, Mark Guncheon, Ellen Howard, and Frank Lovece. Soap Opera Trivia. New York: Beekman House, 1985.

The answers are at the end, but don’t peek. It’s not a Manny thing to do. Find more questions by searching for Trivia in the search box.

1. Which of these women was NEVER married to Ed Bauer?

a. Janet Mason
b. Rita Stapleton
c. Holly Norris
d. Leslie Jackson

2. How did Ed incur the hand injury, which until he had an experimental treatment, prevented him from performing surgery?

a. Ed broke it hitting his brother Mike for stealing his wife Leslie.
b. Roger Thorpe poisoned his surgical soap.
c. Ed cut it on a broken glass while drinking.
d. Ken Norris shot Ed because he was jealous over Ken’s wife Janet.

3. Who are Phillip Spaulding’s biological parents?

a. Alan and Elizabeth Spaulding
b. Justin and Jackie Marler
c. Alan Spaulding and Hope Bauer
d. Bradley and Lillian Raines

4. Who was Dr. Claire Ramsey involved with when she first came to Springfield?

a. Fletcher Reade
b. Ed Bauer
c. Dr. Kelly Nelson
d. Alan Spaulding

5. Which of the following towns was NOT used as a setting for Guiding Light before Springfield?

a. Five Points
b. Cedars Rapids
c. Selby Flats
d. None of the above

6. Which of the following is the maiden name of Rick Bauer’s mother?

a. Rita Stapleton
b. Leslie Jackson
c. Janet Mason
d. Holly Norris

7. Which of the following was never married to Mike Bauer?

a. Leslie Jackson
b. Elizabeth Spaulding
c. Julie Conrad
d. Charlotte Waring

8. Alexandra’s son, Nick McHenry’s twin went by the name of Lujack. What was his real name?

a. Brandon Luvonecjek
b. Louis Jackson
c. Jack McHenry
d. Jack Spaulding

9. Which of these famous actors never appeared on Guiding Light?

a. Billy Dee Williams
b. Christopher Walken
c. James Earl Jones
d. Christopher Reeve

10. Which of these famous actresses once starred on Guiding Light?

a. Jobeth Williams
b. Susan Sarandon
c. Lee Grant
d. Jill Clayburgh

Answers: 1.a Janet Mason, who had a torrid affair with Ed, but never married him. 2.d Janet’s husband Ken Norris, mistakenly believed that Janet had resumed her affair with Ed which she had broken off before she married Ken and he shot Ed in anger. 3.b A complicated plot twist had Jackie Marler give birth to son who she was willing to give up in the same hospital where Elizabeth had given birth to a stillborn son. Alan arranged a switch. Elizabeth didn’t know and Alan didn’t know who the biological parents were. 4.c Although she was involved with the other 3 at other times. 5.b 6.b 7.b 8.a  9.d Reeve was on Love of Life. Williams and Jones both played Dr. Jim Frazier. Walken played Mike Bauer as a child when he was credited as Glenn Walken. 10. Jobeth Williams starred as Brandy Sheeloe. The other three appeared on Search for Tomorrow.

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