Mimi Interviews Maureen Garrett and Michael Zaslow 1994

The Thorpe Family 1979 - Roger, Chrissy (Blake), Holly

The Thorpe Family 1979 – Roger, Chrissy (Blake), Holly

This is a behind the scenes interview. “A rare interview with one of the most beloved couples in soap opera: Holly and Roger from Guiding Light. (Soap Opera Weekly on Video, 1994).”

This was around the time Roger Thorpe was shot by Billy Lewis to protect Billy’s adopted son Peter by keeping him away from Roger (his biological grandson). This was the highpoint of Rolly and I’m sorry they messed it up again. I agree with their takes on their characters and the Rolly couple is remarkably close to my own take. Garrett is right, them riding through the rough times and dealing with issues would have been a far more interesting story than what they actually had to play. Garrett: “The lessons of commitment, how you keep that growing….It can’t be another time of last straw and turn away, she’s already had all the last straws we need to do something else.”

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do.

UPDATED January 14 2017: I added my signature block and made a couple of minor edits. I also double checked the link worked.

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2 Responses to “Mimi Interviews Maureen Garrett and Michael Zaslow 1994”

  1. Ali Black Says:

    Seeing the MG/MZ interview clip again makes me bones ache with sadness. I started watching GUIDING LIGHT in late 1981/early 1982 so I never saw Michael Zaslow’s first 1971-80 Roger run but I do recall when Michael returned to GL in 1989 and; was summarily fired in 1996 due to his “mystery illness” which was revealed to be amytrophic lateral sclerosis [ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease] when he started having trouble at the GL studio with Roger’s lines. How I wish his suggestion that the GL producers/writers incorporated Michael’s condition into Roger’s storyline as he had requested. When his ideas were dismissed and he was denied the opportunity to educate viewers by having Roger contract ALS, he went to ABC and was eventually able to act as classical pianist/master spy David Renaldi when he was warmly welcomed by the ONE LIFE TO LIVE cast as his David was able to use a wheelchair and a computer [by this time Michael had lost his voice] to speak his lines. Though I never met him personally, I was honored to email and correspond with Michael while he was on OLTL and I also was able to see him in person at Yankee Stadium for a softball game [ALL MY CHILDREN vs. OLTL] to benefit ZazAngels, an organization started to aid research and reach a cure for ALS by 2000. MZ died on Dec 6, 1998 and there is still no cure for ALS as of October 2014. Sadly, Michael’s daughter Helena was killed in a car accident a few years after her father died and his wife Susan Hufford died after a long battle with cancer. Michael is survived by his daughter, Marika, as well as her husband.

    • glmanny Says:

      Thank you for sharing your memories. I agree GL should have written the illness in, it would have been a powerful and fitting end for Roger, much so than what they actually did show. I’ve been trying to find out if ZazAngels is still in existence, would you happen to know?

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