Passing Down the Hat by Its Only Soaps Part 2

Publisher’s Note: The second part of our brand new Bauer BBQ fanfic. The Sarah-Robbie-Clarissa triangle is heating up!

Passing Down the Hat by Its Only Soaps – Part 2

Robbie was standing by himself in the Bauer kitchen. He had everything he needed for the BBQ, as his father Danny had bought the alcohol for the people who were old enough to drink. Robbie was using his tablet to read off the list of activities planned for the the BBQ including the three-legged race and the egg toss. He’s raised the flag as well. Everything was going to be on a schedule of sorts, to make sure everyone could participate. There was a parade going on early in the day, so all of the games were held in the afternoon. He cleaned the pool and hot tub and was proud of everything he had accomplished.
He saw a light over at the garage apartment and was wondering what was going on, but it was too early to go bother his grandfather and his guest Clarissa.
Meanwhile at the garage apartment…
“Clarissa, you’re spoiling me. You’re the guest, and you make me breakfast.”
“I wanted to thank you. And I’m also making some dessert for the BBQ. Of course, it is more for you than anyone else as it is your mother’s recipe.”
“I don’t want you working too hard. The last thing I want to happen is you fall asleep and miss the BBQ. How did you make all this food?”
“I found the supplies in your pantry. You had everything I needed.”
“You should enjoy yourself today and not work so hard. I know people will be happy to see you.”
“I bet I’ll be the star attraction. Everyone looking at the freak whose mother went crazy and dragged her to the other side of the planet…”
“Clarissa, if anyone treats you that way, they’ll be politely asked to leave. I’ll make sure of it.”
“The worst will be the pity, Edward. I can handle strange looks, the teasing: I had enough of that living in Springfield.”
“You just sounded like your father right now. Oh honey…I didn’t realize…”
“Have some breakfast before it gets cold, we have a lot of work to do. I plan to take a nap before everyone comes to the BBQ.”
“I’ll take care of bringing everything to the main house. Of course, my biggest challenge will be making sure that Rick doesn’t eat everything before the guests arrive as if this tastes as good as it looks they will be gone quickly.”
Once Ed and Clarissa finished eating their breakfast, the dessert in the oven was done. Ed helped frost the cake and cut it in squares. She had made dough ready for cookies last night when she was suffering from jet lag. Ed and Clarissa used cookie cutters to make them into patriotic shapes like flags and stars. While the cookies are in the oven, Clarissa goes into the shower as Ed assured her he would not burn the cookies. Clarissa comes out of the shower in time to help Ed take out the cookies. He then sends her back to bed to see if she can get more rest, while he goes back to the main house.
“Good morning, Grandpa.”
“How are you? Is everyone else still asleep?”
“Yes, why are you here so early?”
“I’m bringing over the desserts we made in the garage apartment. Somehow Clarissa inherited the ability to bake and I had all the ingredients.”
“How many trips will you need to make back and forth?”
“Robbie, I don’t need your help with this, as it is only walking between the house and the apartment. Just make sure that Rick doesn’t wake up and eat everything. This isn’t his breakfast.”
“Okay Grandpa.”
Once Ed brought in the last bunch of goodies, Rick was in the kitchen with Robbie.
“Morning Dad. What is up with the desserts? Robbie won’t let me eat anything.”
“Clarissa made them. She went back to sleep. Robbie and I promised her that you wouldn’t eat everything before the BBQ even started.”
“Dad, I wouldn’t do that as I’d never hear the end of it from Mindy.”
“I do have one thing you can try. Have a piece of cake, Rick.”
Rick took a small sample of the cake that Ed had cut into squares.
“Wow this is Grandma’s recipe. And take this away from me before Mindy…”
Mindy walks in finding Rick and Ed in front of the cake.
“Good morning honey,” Rick says kissing Mindy on the lips. She can taste the cake on him.
“What have you been eating?”
“I swear my Dad gave me permission. Why do I suddenly feel like I’m 10 years old with my hand in the cookie jar?”
“Mindy, it is true. I let him have a piece.”
“Yes Aunt Mindy, it isn’t Rick’s fault…”
“Rick, Mindy, when is Jude getting here?”
“He’s with Buzz right now. He’ll be coming with the Coopers to the BBQ after they go to the parade.”
Michelle and Danny walk in finding their son, her father, brother and sister-in-law in the kitchen. While the kitchen being busy is normal, usually everyone isn’t in casual clothing. They look to Robbie and say…
“Reporting for Bauer BBQ duty…”
Everyone else laughs as Robbie says “Mom, Dad…I used to say that to you.”
“That’s why its funny, because I trained you to say that Robbie.” shares Rick.
“Hope get down here. What is taking you so long?”
“Mom, I’m coming…”
Hope comes down wearing sandals. “Is everybody ready for the BBQ?”
Mindy looks at Hope’s outfit from head to toe and says “Hope I really love your pedicure.”
“Thanks Aunt Mindy…”
“Your Mom and I will discuss that with you later.”
“I think it looks good, but you shouldn’t have gotten the nail polish without our permission. It is technically makeup and your Mom or Mindy have to approve it just like with your manicure.”
“Am I being punished?”
“Yes, you’re Mom and I will discuss it, but you are on dish duty for the rest of the week.”
Everyone in the kitchen hears noise outside and realize the guests are arriving. So they go outside and start saying hello.
It is later in the afternoon and the Bauer BBQ is in full swing. Rick, Danny and Ed are chatting in the kitchen.
Rick has a chef’s hat in his hands. “I think it is time to pass this down to Robbie.”
“Right, Rick, if my son is in charge of the grill he needs the hat.”
“I’m just glad I don’t have to wear it this year. I can’t stand that hat it always falls over my eyes so it is hard to cook.”
“Dad you just have the wrong sized head.”
Ed shoots Rick a look “I’m still you’re father, and I could force you to wear the hat.”
“And then I’d make my brother-in-law Danny wear it.”
“I don’t mind wearing the hat, and not because it fits on my head either. It was an honor that means I’m a part of this family, and you can’t kick me out of it.”
“Yes I don’t think Michelle would forgive us if we did that Dad. So we let you spend time with us, Danny.”
“Let’s go outside and give my grandson the hat.”
Robbie and Jude are at the grill with their backs to Ed, Rick and Danny when they come out with the hat.
Ed and Rick get everyone’s attention as they have an announcement.
“Hi everyone. While my grandson Robbie has been serving everyone. He was doing it unofficially.”
“Yes my little nephew Robbie has been helping every year at the BBQ, but today’s he’s the grill master.”
Danny had it in his hands. “You’ve done a great job we have something to give you, son.” Danny helps put the hat on his son’s head.
“Thanks Dad.” He then looks to Ed and Rick, “Thanks Grandpa and Uncle Rick. I wish Leah was here to see this.”
Jude looks at his older cousin, “Someday that hat will be mine.”
A lot of people came up to Robbie just to take pictures of him in the hat and to thank him for the great day. Everyone has liked the food, and the games would be beginning soon. Hope was spending time with her best friends Sarah and Emma. Jude helped him for awhile, but then he couldn’t take Emma staring at him, so he went where he couldn’t be easily watched. The younger kids were watched closely as they hung out by a shallow pool like Collin and Francesca. The adults were pretty much allowing the older kids and teens to do what they will knowing they won’t go wild with some many adults on the premises. Lillian and Buzz had their annual romp, though now everyone knew about it and took bets on how long they would be at the BBQ before they disappeared. This year Josh won the pool as he said 2 hours and 3 minutes.
Ed went to check up on Robbie to see how he was making out and allow him to take a break.
“Why don’t you sit down and enjoy yourself? You’ve been standing here for three hours, you should take a break.”
“I’m not sure, I don’t want the BBQ to get out of control.”
“You don’t trust me to take care of this grill…”
“I do of course, but I don’t want to let everyone down.”
“Robbie, no matter what as long as you try you won’t be letting me down.”
“Grandpa, look at Uncle Rick and Phillip, what are they doing now? They cannot wreck this BBQ.”
“Let’s see what happens, and then you will take a break from the grill.”
Rick and Phillip were getting into a contest to see who was the better at horseshoes as they were playing in teams with their wives Mindy and Beth. Michelle and Danny were also playing, but neither really cared who won.
“You cheated Rick Bauer…”
“No you did Phillip Spaulding.”
Mindy and Beth look at each other and then burst into laughter.
“Sometimes, I don’t know what we were thinking marrying them, Mindy.”
“We fell in love young, and that’s why we put up with it Beth even after all these years.”
Mindy and Beth stop the arguing by pulling each man away and into a kiss. Danny went and kissed Michelle as he realized that would be more fun than horseshoes. At this point, their collective children and/or grandchildren were a bit horrified. Robbie was glad the women handled it, as he didn’t want to come between the two older men.
Robbie goes up to his sister Hope and Sarah, who are sitting together on chairs. Emma had gone into the kitchen to help her moms out with the food they brought for the BBQ.
“Hi Hope and Sarah. How are you enjoying the BBQ?”
“We’re having fun Robbie. Will you do the egg toss with me? Hope doesn’t want to ruin her pedicure so she won’t be my teammate.”
“Sure Sarah, that will be fun. I need to remind everyone what is coming up next so I’ll talk to you later.”
Robbie goes in a place and tries to get everyone’s attention. Eventually he puts a loud sound on his tablet, which quiets the crowd.
“We’re going to be starting the contests soon. If you visited the Bauer BBQ online page, you should have seen the list of events along with the song sheet. If you weren’t able to see it, please visit the kitchen to get a hard copy. Thanks for your cooperation and let’s have some fun.”
Danny and Michelle watch the speech and wonder when things will get interesting as the only excitement was Phillip and Rick’s argument.  If Robbie wasn’t hosting the BBQ, they would have ducked out already and taken a few hours at the Laurel Falls house.
After finishing his speech, Robbie went up to Clarissa who has been trying to avoid people most of the day. Holly has been a great gatekeeper as no one wants to mess with her. Everyone has been really polite and Clarissa will have a lot of people to visit in the coming weeks. Natalia and Olivia offered her a free spa day at the Beacon including lunch and dinner. Buzz said hello, and Holly tried to keep it casual. Clarissa agreed to stop by to have a vanilla milkshake when she got a chance and Buzz told her it would be on him. Lizzie and Bill came over and she got an invite to their house. Josh and Billy came by to say hello and share that they had spoken to Kevin and Jason as they were consulting on a project for Lewis. Since Clarissa is planning on becoming an attorney, Doris invited her to her office to discuss the law.
Robbie was the first person who wasn’t a parent or grandparent who went up to Clarissa, as their peers were pretty much ignoring her.
“I thought you were going to help me today.”
“I did, the cake, the cookies…”
“You never learned to grill did you?”
“No I know how to, but I didn’t want to deal with you having to defend me to everyone. Why did you really come by?”
“Will you be my partner in the 3-legged race?”
“Yes, I’ll do that to make it up to you.”
Before the competitions started, Vanessa came up to Holly and Clarissa.
“Hi ladies. I finally got a moment away from Billy and my grandchildren and wanted to say hello. Holly do you mind if Clarissa and I have a private conversation?”
“Hi Vanessa. No I don’t mind talking to you. I saw Ed looking at you, I bet he wants to spend some time with you.”
Holly walks away and Vanessa and Clarissa continue talking.
“We have a lot to talk about Clarissa.”
“We do?”
“Why wouldn’t we? I’m the person at this BBQ that had the longest relationship with your father.”
“You want to talk about Dad. I think everyone wants to act like he didn’t exist and my entire family is invisible.”
“It isn’t like that. People don’t want to upset you, and I’m not speaking just for myself either.”
“Who are you talking about?”
“I was elected by the Lewis clan to come up to have a little talk. After Josh, Billy, Lizzie and Bill all couldn’t get anything out of you more than a “yes, no or thank you.”
“I wasn’t trying to be rude…”
“I know that, and the look on your face when sitting with Holly mirrored Dinah.”
“How is my sister?”
“Still out there, still unwilling to come home.”
“It is strange, that my sister and my mom can barely tolerate each other and yet they are so much alike. Though neither one would admit it, when my mom was in the hospital she visited her every day, but Dinah never shared that with her.”
“I think that’s why they don’t get along, though it was getting better before Dinah left Springfield. The only thing they have in common are some of the people they love, like you.”
“Do you think Dinah will ever come back?”
“I’d like to hope so.”
“Maureen also says hello. She is with her Dad, visiting Dylan, Bridget and Peter in Minnesota. I want you to remember if you need anything you can give me a call. You are part of our extended family.”
“Thanks Vanessa. Can we have lunch next week?”
“I’d love that.”
Clarissa goes and gives Vanessa a hug. The hug is interrupted with a loud noise that the games are about to begin.
The egg toss was first up, and teens and adults competed. Holly judged the event, as there was no way Holly would do an egg toss unless forced. Holly though made a face when given a tee-shirt that said “Bauer BBQ Judge”. Danny and Ray won while Sarah and Robbie were second. The tug-of-war was next, though many of the older guests didn’t want to participate. Robbie had no idea why, but Ed told his grandson he’d share that story after the BBQ. There were co-ed teams and it ended up being the Cedars team versus the Company team. Buzz and Lillian ended up on opposite sides and the losers had to provide for the winners lunch at the restaurant of their choice. The Company team won and told the Cedars team that they would have to take them to the Lakeland Country Club for dinner. The three-legged race was next, Robbie and Clarissa ended up winning, and Sarah was jealous as they were presented with matching teeshirts. The winners of the horseshoe tournament earlier in the day were Billy and Bill Lewis. Mindy also had a new fashion competition where she secretly judged the best outfits of the day. Vanessa and Hope were the winners, and Mindy swore she it wasn’t rigged.
Robbie gave a quick speech:
“Thanks everyone for playing the games and spending the day with our family. If you want a tee-shirt like the ones the winners got today, they are available online for purchase. All the profits from the shirts will go to the volunteer program at Cedars Hospital that my great-grandmother was a part of for many years. Now we’re going to bring back something we haven’t done at the BBQ since before I was born the sing-a-long. Don’t worry if you don’t know the words, they are available online or the other side of today’s event schedule. This isn’t about being a great singer, but about the love of our country.”
The music began to play and Robbie with a clear and strong Tenor voice began singing “America the Beautiful”, which made Sarah swoon. Robbie’s relatives looked at him with pride due to what he was doing while Ed was reminded of his older brother Mike who liked to sing at many occasions.
“Before the fireworks begin, I have one last thing to share a video memory of the Bauer BBQ through the years. If you want a copy of this video please let me know.”
The video began with his Great-Great Grandpa Frederick Bauer and the flag, along with other pictures of the family including Great Grandma Bert, Mike and Hillary. We see simple BBQs with just a few people from Springfield, to how they got more elaborate over the years. As the photos flipped and the music changed, the pictures started to move faster and there were even some video clips. As everyone was watching, people would say who was on screen like when Bill and Lizzie’s son exclaimed that’s HB and Henry when his great grandpas appeared on screen. Everyone who could hear the boy laughed that he recognized them, and Billy and Vanessa smiled as they saw their grandson recognize their fathers. Michelle got misty-eyed when she heard her mother’s voice and saw herself as a child holding her hand. Clarissa was stunned to hear her father’s voice, some photos of her family in happier days and she couldn’t stop the tears from falling. The photos continued and we saw everyone with their kids. Robbie even included some from that day that he snapped on his cellphone like the tug of war winners. A flag came up and words appeared on the screen: The 4th of July is about our country, our freedom and our families. Thanks for being part of ours on this special day.  We then see fireworks in the background and everyone at the BBQ watching them as we fade to black.

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