Bauer BBQ 1995

This description is from my original post, but we have more from surrounding episodes now, links are at the bottom.

BBQ in 1995, 2 years after Maureen’s death. Ed is still thinking about Maureen as he looks at the tree he and Michelle planted in her honor.

Roger gets an official invite to the Bauer BBQ.

Dinah’s smoking! Love Holly’s action waving away the smoke & Dinah in one action. Dinah had only recently returned to town from living in Europe and it had left her sophisticated, spoiled, and, until her trustfund kicked in, broke. She had staged a kidnapping to get the money with a friend from Europe, who double-crossed her and turned it into a real kidnapping. Soon Dinah’s part in the plot will be discovered. She is sleeping with Roger Thorpe, the beginning of the whole Dinah-Roger debacle, that does eventually lead to true magic with Dart. In this episode, Dinah is dealing with the after affects of the kidnapping and accidentally overhears Blake describe when Vanessa was asked in a kidnap situation whose life she valued more Matt or Dinah’s that Vanessa struggled with it and couldn’t bring herself to say Dinah even though she thought she should.  That’s probably the worst thing Blake ever did to Dinah & for once she didn’t mean to do it. Bridget & Dinah are already at odds & they don’t have any reason to be yet. Soon they will and you just had to cheer everytime they tore into each other.

It’s nice to see Ed & Roger be civil. Alex is still mad at Roger from their marriage.

Frank, Blake, and David’s detective agency is on the rocks and does close. Frank goes on to be a cop and David takes several jobs in related fields. Blake never gets over being a detective and detects again on a regular basis even although she is never an official detective again. Frank really was a better mechanic than detective anyway. In the final week of the show in 2009, Frank and Blake will hook up romantically.

The man who shows up in A-M’s nightmare is Brent Lawrence. Lawrence is the psycho that killed Nadine and terrorized LAM. A-M shot him and thought he killed him, but it was a set up. Alan found out and bribed him to leave town and never come back (he had blackmail information on Alan) instead in another month he returns to town as Marian Crane. LAM think the nightmare is over, but they are wrong. Love the fireworks as LAM watch from the deck of the Spaulding Yacht. Gotta love LAM. I still think A-M belonged with Harley, but Lucy made a great substitute.

It’s the night before Folly’s wedding.  Ultimately it was a disaster for both of them. Fletcher went into the situation knowing full well that a piece of Holly would always belong to Roger and instead of acknowledging that he had to accept that fact when he married her, he spent the whole time they were together whining about it. Holly should have stuck with Roger. Roger deliberately ran into a bridge to keep Holly in his life. Fletcher wouldn’t even put up with a small connection to an ex, even though he himself never completely got over either Mauve or Alex. “Good golly, Miss Holly.”

Nadine needs a Mommy. Unfortunately she’s not long for this world.

Neither Roger nor Dinah are really listening to each other. Which is too bad because they both could use a friend right now. Instead they bring out the worst in each other. Roger’s a little old to be choosing the floor over the bed.

Watch for Hamp to play “Hold onto Love” at the end.

Roger stops by because he got an invitation to the BBQ and wants to see if Holly or Blake will go with him. Ed and Lillian get the Bauer Burgers on. Some nice LAM stuff. Dinah is an attention hog as she tells stories of her kidnapping. (Part 1)

Dinah tells everyone Matt is her hero. I really like their interaction. (Part 2)

Everyone is keeping secrets at the BBQ. Alex raised Ben so separating her from him was really cruel. This is the last real Ben BBQ I think. (Part 3)

Ed talks about his time in Europe after Eve’s death. Alex tells Roger that Fletcher and Holly still intend to get married. (Part 4)

Nadine comes to the Diner to come pick up her stuff. Dinah brags some more. (Part 5)

Holly tries to make up to Blake. Roger reacts badly to the Fletcher-Holly wedding. Roger and Dinah have fun together. Roger and Blake talk. (Part 6)

Alan-Michael sets up watching fireworks on the yacht with Lucy. The fireworks are coming from Roosevelt Park. Dinah is crushed when she learns that Vanessa didn’t chose her over Matt after all. (Part 7)

Dinah is still reeling over learning Vanessa chose Matt over her yet again. Roger classily thanks Ed for inviting him. Frank has decided to shut down the detective agency he’s in with David and Blake. (Part 8)

Hamp is running his club and Roger comes in. Roger and Dinah use each other to get over their mutual pain and betrayal by others. (Part 9)

Frank and Eleni confront each other over closing down the agency. (Part 10)

This is a separate set of uploads. The above links start an episode or 2 before but this is a full episode at the end. There will probably be some overlap, but there is enough unique stuff at the end it’s worth repeating. 1) 2) 3) Features early 1990s diner and Eleni #2 trying to do Eleni #1′s accent, plus some nice stuff for Mattesa fans 4) Hamp plays the theme “Hold onto Love”

My Comments:

I agree with Blake. It really is sad. Folly was folly in every since of the word and dysfunctional as they were Rolly belonged together. Love the Bauer BBQ Express on the grill. 4:57 Bauer Burger Express logo in part 2. While what Dinah did was awful, I really think Vanessa truly failed Dinah as a parent and it was out of self-preservation. Vanessa was afraid to face the fact that she was a wild as Dinah when she was younger and failed as much.

Find the other version with a different set of the links at this post:


One Response to “Bauer BBQ 1995”

  1. Gina D. Says:

    I loathed the character of Hart with a passion, loathed Hart with Dinah, was so happy that character was killed off, just too bad that the bullet wasn’t magic and didn’t hit that slut, Cassie, too, would have saved Reva a lot of grief and Josh wouldn’t have made such an ass of himself. Dinah’s true love and soulmate, where the magic REALLY was, was with Mallet. Malah rules over Dart any day of the week, month, year, millenium. LOL, you see, as passionate as you are about Manny, I am about Malah, LOL.
    Regarding Alan-Michael, he and Harley were o.k. but if the show had gone there with him and Gilly, we would have had a major, major supercouple. The actors chemistry together was undeniable and the show just didn’t have the balls to do it. Too bad. GAM could have been a real front runner and other shows would have had the nerve to have a mixed couple as a supercouple showcase and maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t have died off as they did and are still doing—-daytime serials refused to move with the times. And they died because of it.

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