Passing Down the Hat by Its Only Soaps Part 1

Publisher’s Note: And I do mean publisher, this is an original fanfic that appears here for the first time. Its Only Soaps has a different take on who Robbie should end up with and I’m thrilled. I love the idea that we’ve got an honest to goodness triangle developing complete with competing fan groups. I asked the author to provide some background on a scorecard, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard. I’ve added images of what the main characters looked like when they last appeared on screen.

Author’s Note: When it comes to where people are living (back in the 90s it was established that there were four bedrooms – Ed/Mo, the guest room – Lillian was camped out there when her house was being remodeled, Michelle’s room and Bridget’s room.) So I have it set up in the following way:

  • Danny and Michelle have a bedroom (they also do have their Laurel Falls home, but don’t live there full time due to school district issues. They wouldn’t hurt their kids education just to live in their dream house.)
  • Rick and Mindy have a bedroom (they also have Mindy’s fashion studio which has an apartment they use from time to time though Mindy is away for a month or two out of the year to go to fashion events outside of Springfield. Sometimes Rick is able to go sometimes he cannot.)
  • Robbie has as bedroom (when Jude is visiting Rick and Mindy he stays in Robbie’s room)
  • Hope has a bedroom (when Leah is visiting Rick and Mindy she stays in Hope’s room)
  • Ed lives in the garage apartment when in Springfield though he does spend some nights with Holly who has a place of her own. (If Danny and Michelle are away or Rick and Mindy are away, but any of the kids are home he stays in the main house.)

Passing Down the Hat by Its Only Soaps – Part 1

Robbie Santos was looking forward to this year’s barbecue as finally his family was allowing him to man the grill. It had taken his father Danny years to get the honor due to some unfortunate incidents involving fire, but now it was his turn even if he was still in high school. He’d get to wear the hat and cook the famous Bauer Burgers that everyone in Springfield raved about for decades.
Robbie was getting ready for the big day checking his list for everything he needed to have on hand for the BBQ including the rolls and the meat. He wanted everyone to see that he was a responsible and that his grandfather Ed’s faith in him was warranted. Robbie’s younger sister Hope was sitting on the other side of the kitchen table doing her nails and didn’t understand what the big deal was about the BBQ. Hope just thought it was a day where everyone run around like crazy taking care of everyone else and not enjoying themselves. She never wanted to be in charge, because she wanted to spend time with her friends at the pool and now she started to look at boys. The doorbell rang at the front door.

Bloss Family at Ross' Funeral

Bloss Family at Ross’ Funeral

“Robbie, get the door…”
“I’m busy Hope…you get it.”
“My nails are wet, they’ll go away if we ignore them long enough.”
“That’s true, everyone knows to go to the backdoor at the kitchen.”
Hope and Robbie go back to what they are doing and about five minutes later they hear knocking.
“Aren’t your nails dry by now?”
“Should we really answer the door, we’re all alone in the house? When I’m by myself I’m not allowed to answer it.”
“Hope, you are looking for any excuse not to answer, but since I’m in charge you have to go… I’m starting my senior year in the fall.”
“But Robbie…”

Robbie Santos

Robbie Santos

“I’m still your older brother, so go answer the door.”
Hope goes to the door, looks through the peephole and sees a teenage girl with curly red hair standing outside. Hope starts to go back to Robbie, but now he is in the living room checking to see why he hasn’t heard another voice.
“You didn’t answer the door. I said you were allowed, why didn’t you?”
“I looked through the peephole. I don’t know who is there and we aren’t allowed to have friends over without permission. There’s a teenage girl at the door. Did you invite a girl over to help you with the BBQ? You are going to get in so much trouble, you aren’t allowed to have girls at the house if we’re home alone.”
“If I had a girlfriend, Sis, I think you’d know all about it.”
There is yet another knock at a door and a yell. “I know someone is in there, I saw someone look at me. Please open the door.”
Hope goes to the door, and Robbie stays back at the couch.
“Hello, I’m looking for Dr. Edward Bauer. He’s my grandfather and he invited me to the BBQ. I’m starting college in the fall at Northwestern and I came to Springfield to visit.”
“Grandpa Ed only has two granddaughters. Who are you?”
“I’m a surprise for my grandmother Holly. I’m guessing you’re Hope, as I recognize your brother Robbie sitting on the couch. You look like your Dad.” Hope still is looking at Clarissa with confusion.
“Hope, that’s Clarissa Marler, Holly’s granddaughter who Grandpa Ed considers another grandchild just like Grandma Holly sees us as hers.”
“Nice to see you Hope. I can understand why you don’t remember me, as you moved back to Springfield less than two years after we moved away.”
“Okay, but why didn’t we know you were coming?”
“I think Grandpa Ed didn’t want anyone to tell Holly that I was coming so he didn’t say anything.”
A cellphone goes off, Hope runs out of the room to get it wondering why she doesn’t really know much of anything about Clarissa as she knew Holly had grandchildren of her own, but never saw Holly with anyone other than her and her cousins. Clarissa and Robbie continue catching up with their lives.
“That makes sense, Clarissa, Uncle Rick can’t keep a secret and Hope inherited the same gene. Most likely my parents knew and Aunt Mindy will tell Rick today once you’re with Grandma Holly, but they didn’t want me to have to lie to Hope. I never really understood why you moved, just that you did. I remember Grandpa Ed being sad.”
“We went on a trip to look at colleges for my brothers. They liked it in California, and Mom decided to stay. Your Mom shipped us a few things, and other than coming back for a few days to say goodbye I haven’t been in Springfield in forever.”
“And now you’re back…”
“Yes, I’m back after spending most of high school living in Tahiti. I got a great tan and learned French.”
“Your Mom moved you there?”
“She didn’t want to come back here or crowd my brothers, and had always wanted to go to Tahiti. It was on her list of places…” Clarissa then looks away for a second and pauses. “I went to high school online. And Mom was able to write again…”
Robbie looks at Clarissa with concern as he knows the look on her face. It is the same one he’s seen on his grandparents whenever they talk about the Marler family. He decides to change the subject.
“Since you’re in Springfield a day before the Bauer BBQ, I’m deputizing you for duty.”
“Glad to help you Robbie, but I need your help bringing in my bags. And shouldn’t we call Grandpa Ed so he doesn’t go to the airport to look for me as I arrived on an earlier flight.”
Sarah Randall

Sarah Randall

Cedars Hospital was getting prepared for the 4th of July Holiday. The ER was busier than normal as some people had decided to have their own fireworks display the night before that had gone horribly wrong. Ed was pulling extra duty so he’d have the time off to celebrate with his family.
The loudspeaker called out “Paging Dr. Ed Bauer, Ed Bauer pick up extension 2132”
“Hello, Dr. Bauer speaking.”
“Grandpa, your package is here. She’s sitting right next to me and can hear everything you say.”
“Hi Sweetie, I should be done in about an hour. Then I’ll need your help to pull off the surprise. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you she was coming Robbie, but I didn’t want Holly to know.”
“Hi Grandpa. I can’t wait to see you, but you know Holly doesn’t like surprises.”
“I know, I know, but I think she’ll make an exception for you Clarissa. I should get going, make sure she doesn’t cause a flood Robbie. Can you move her stuff into the garage apartment? She’s going to be staying there, bye.”
“I’m staying in the garage apartment. What did Ed mean by flooding?”
“I have no idea. You’re staying in the garage apartment…”
Clarissa and Robbie share a look as the scene ends.
Robbie is back in the kitchen with Hope.
“That girl was so weird Robbie.”
“Hope, why do you think she is weird? I don’t think she was weird.”
“You wouldn’t because you were too busy looking at her. She seemed sad, who is sad when they come to the BBQ.”
 “Sad? She was just tired after traveling on so many planes from Tahiti. I need to go to the supermarket and get more supplies. You are coming with me, right?”
“Yes, I need some more nail polish. I decided to paint my toes red white and blue for the 4th.”
“And you need to get you’re nails done before Mom and Dad get home, so they have no idea what you did.”
“You know me so well Robbie. You’re a great big brother, who won’t tell our parents what I’m doing.”
“I won’t, but remember that they’ll be home in three hours.”
“Yes so we need to go now, get the food and come home.”
Ed comes into the Bauer house and finds Clarissa on the phone leaving a voicemail as she didn’t want to sit alone in the garage apartment.
“I’m here in Springfield, Mom. I was able to get an earlier flight and am sitting in the Bauer living room. Ed’s here, I’ve got to go. Love you, bye.”
Ed walks over to Clarissa and she stands up. They hug and he kisses the top of her head.
“Let me take a look at you. It has been too long honey. I’m so glad you’re here, and I know Holly will be thrilled to see you. We’re going to have an extremely late lunch at the patio at the country club.”
Holly arrives to the country club early and she is lead to a table with three chairs. She’s surprised, but doesn’t say anything to the waiter. Ed walks in and sees her alone.
“You’re early…you ruined my surprise.”
“My reporter sense told me that you were keeping something from me. I hope it was a good one Dr. Bauer.”
“I know you’ll love your surprise even more than I do. Turn around, Holly.”
Holly turns around and sees Clarissa waving at her from across the room. She whispers a “thank you” and gets up to greet her granddaughter. She puts her arm around Clarissa’s shoulders and leads her to the table. Holly, Ed and Clarissa have a good time catching up on life. As part of the grand tour, Holly shows Clarissa some infamous places in the family lore, like where her Grandfather Roger was shot, the ladies room where her Mom got into a fight with Harley and Josh Lewis ended up with a black eye and the pool where Holly and Blake tussled which left Blake wet and Holly victorious. Ed enjoyed sharing the story of the bachelor party, which ended abruptly with her father’s arrest.
Back at the Bauer house, Michelle and Danny returned to catch up with their kids. Michelle enjoys her work at the hospital, while Danny works as a land developer. They enter the kitchen to find it deserted.
“I thought this place would be busy with BBQ preparations, not that I’m complaining Mr. Santos.”
“Our kids are around here somewhere, Robbie’s car was in the driveway. Rick and Mindy are out for the night. Your father is nowhere to be found, so we should enjoy it while we still can. He must be entertaining his guest.”
Danny and Michelle spend the next 10 minutes enjoying the privacy of the kitchen with no one around to interrupt them.
“Danny, we need to eat. And if you don’t stop, we’ll give our kids or some other relative a show they don’t want to see.”
Danny, Michelle, Robbie and Hope are sitting at the kitchen table eating pizza as that is one thing they won’t have at the BBQ. This meal is the first the family has had alone together in weeks. They all have different schedules or others join them.
“Robbie are you doing our family proud getting ready for the BBQ? Have you started on any of my mother’s recipes?”
“Yes, Mom. That’s why the light is on in the garage apartment. I’m using that kitchen to prepare some of the side dishes.”
Danny looks to Hope and asks, “How was your day? Did you help your brother?”
“I went shopping with him and made sure he got everything on the list. Today was so boring.”
“I don’t think it was boring, Dad.”
“You wouldn’t Robbie as we had a girl over, oops.”
“While we didn’t know Clarissa was coming, Grandpa Ed told you that she was visiting. She got an early connection and took a taxi to our house, so he didn’t have to get her at the airport.”
Danny and Michelle both nod in Robbie’s direction as he continues, “She agreed to help me with the BBQ.”
Hope interrupts with, “And Robbie likes her…”
Danny and Michelle look at each other, and Michelle begins, “You know we have rules about people in the house…”
“Mom, nothing happened, nothing will happen. You and Bill weren’t banned from being in the same room together once you hit puberty. That’s how I see her, like you see Bill. I swear… I really need to get the food out of the garage apartment before Ed and Clarissa return from visiting Holly.”

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