Bauer BBQ 2003

I had previously posted a very patchwork version of Bauer BBQ 2003, but I’d stitched together highlight clips as best as possible to recreate it. Thanks to Kuuipo018 who added whole episodes in conjunction with her uploading Marony highlights. So I’m reposting with her new uploads, with a little of what I had before added. With these almost full episodes we now have almost as much BBQ as we do for Bauer BBQ 1997, so enjoy from prep to tragic end with a short detour to Shayne’s graduation.

The most important thing about the Bauer BBQ 2003 is that, following in the tradition of Fletcher and Mauve, Danny and Michelle get married for wedding number five this year at the Bauer BBQ. I pointed out the tensions between Manny at Bauer BBQ 2002, well a year later, they’ve divorced, realized they couldn’t live without each other, and are at the point of remarriage.

We almost didn’t get a Bauer BBQ 2003 because Ed came up with the idea to skip the Bauer BBQ. In a fairly stupid storyline Manny are together, but Michelle didn’t want to get married, basically so that they could have drama over them getting married. The upside is that Marony (Marah and Tony) decide to throw them a surprise wedding, which leads to all sorts of great Marony stuff.

Bauer BBQ 2003 is another really good year. Much is like it should be in Springfield, Ed is back, Phillip and Beth are cordial and Olivia and Phillip are split which is good because they were awful together, Cadmund are together (only pairing I liked both of them in) and Manny are getting married! Alan Spaulding has once again shown up despite his protests he won’t. Harley hadn’t decided Phillip was evil incarnate yet, even though they split up. Gus and Alan discovered they are father and son and they are doing fairly well at this point. Gus and Rick have made peace. Rick had recently taken over the job of coroner. We haven’t yet learned the awful history rewrite that will make Ben Reade a serial killer, although it’s coming soon. (He will be gone by the end of the month and then Fletcher doesn’t even come back to bury him!, but I digress.) Gus has taken advantage of what he complained about with Danny when he first arrived and has become a part of the community despite everything. Alan and Phillip are at loggerheads because Phillip slept with and got Olivia pregnant with Emma. It split up Alan and Olivia’s marriage and Alan had faked heart problems to keep them apart. Phillip had learned of the deceit and not taken it well. Just as an aside I love Lillian’s top. I’m including this even though it’s a repeat because the quality of the footage that is here looks clearer.

July 1, 2003

Rick and Michelle are with Ed at Company. They are working on plans for throwing the BBQ (which is why I still say having Rick act like he didn’t know he’d have to do any prep in 2009 was stupid, Rick was the GENERAL of the BBQ). Ed throws a wet blanket over the whole thing proposing that they cancel the BBQ and instead go up to the Bauer Cabin Ed, Michelle, and Rick plus spouses and children. Ed having been away (being held captive in Africa until Danny saved him) has got him reconstructing the BBQ again as something he didn’t ever like. Ed has a tendency to rewrite history to match his current mood. Ed just doesn’t get how important the BBQ is to Rick and Michelle who kept the tradition going in his absence and the town and US! Marah has the wonderful idea to throw Manny a surprise wedding at the BBQ and convinces them they need to throw it after all. However, Marah’s offer to do all the work with Tony is soon voted down and they end up just doing the wedding part.

My Comments: Thank God for Marah and her great idea. The town needs the Bauer BBQ and so do we. Rick and Michelle understand it’s importance. If MIKE were in town he’d never mealy mouth about cancelling the BBQ. I miss Mike. 😦

Mel comes in and they talk about Mel being both a doctor and an actor. “It’s a colorful phrase that’s being bandied about town.” Rick after Ed quotes him to Mel. Mel is about to start a new job with Jeffery O’Neill and they talk about how everyone is doing multiple things. Rick is being a doctor and an ME, Ed is doing the clinic and the hospital wants him back, Mel is being a lawyer and a doctor, and Michelle is a student and mom. Danny shows up for a family dinner and when he finds out that Ed’s clinic needs money he steps up to donate at least $20,000 Ed demurs for some reason, but Danny calls and orders the check cut anyway. Danny checks in with Tony and Marah and wonders what they are up to and is encouraging that Eden isn’t around.

My Comments:
This is so much artificial drama. Of course Manny will be married again and of course they will have the BBQ. Danny had Eden’s number right from the beginning. I wish Tony and Marah would have listened to them. You’d have thought after Romeo and Catalina they would know NOT to be so trusting of strangers.  I think Danny’s check cutting phone call is a nice example of how he works, he’s a combination of the shark and the good guy. He is totally willing to use the donation to get good publicity, but if they find out it isn’t enough he’ll cover that anonymously. 

July 3, 2003

It’s Shayne and Marina’s graduation day. Reva talks about Shayne’s decision to go to Standford scholarship or to enter the draft for the major leagues. If Shayne enters the draft he will forfeit the opportunity to go to school. Reva holds that it’s important that Shayne makes his decision himself, Josh looks guilty because he already submitted Shayne for the draft without talking to him about it. The young group who live in the old museum meet for breakfast and they are talking about whether Ben should get to continue to live there. Reva meets her psychic researcher who has been helping her with her “gift” unknown to her on Jeffery’s orders.

My Comments: 
I actually liked Ben and Marina and what they did to them is almost as bad as what they did to Ben individually. I still don’t know where Shayne and baseball came from. He was always a lacrosse player for some odd reason. I don’t know why Josh is obsessed with this either, particularly without calling in Billy who had been a near professional athlete and could have chosen to pursue it. Plus, who cares about the Standford scholarship. Shayne should have college money coming out of his ears.

Shayne reams Josh out for taking the decision out of his hands, but eventually decides he’s happy to be heading to the pros. Marina runs into Ben in an otherwise empty house and is scared. Everyone else shows up and tells him he isn’t being voted out of the house. Reva is very accepting of Shayne’s decision to turn pro, although she wishes he’d chosen Standford. Reva is NOT so accepting of Josh’s high handed behavior. (Part 2)

My Comments: 
I hate when arrogant side of Josh comes out. I really don’t know why he’s so excited about this baseball thing, but I like that it’s a problem between Josh and Reva. It’s a very realistic problem, especially for them. So if there was a narrow window to sign up why didn’t Shayne know that and make the decision in time?  Is Shayne naked under that gown? Where is his dress shirt? It’s especially hard knowing that Shayne’s bright future didn’t happen.

July 4, 2003

Josh thinks he should be able to sweet talk Reva into forgiving him quickly, but she’s holding on to her righteous anger. Shayne is excited about playing ball and tell Marina about the signing. Ed, Rick, and Mel are setting up the BBQ when Marah and Tony show up with their extras. Ed thanks Ross for standing in for him while he was gone in Africa and sets him up as the grillmaster this year. Mel gets a call from Jeffery and has to rush off when he officially hires her as his assistant.Ross is showing off his grilling skills. Rick to Harley about her engagement: “Why did I have to hear it on the BLAKEvine?”  Phillip calls Olivia to try and win her back. Olivia refuses to attend the BBQ.

My Comments: 
So in their opening salvo Jeva seem to prove that they don’t know each other very well after all. What’s with Reva suddenly being a constant pie baker? This Mel being both a doctor and a lawyer at the same time just made me hate her more and makes NO sense. I’ve done kitchen prep for a concession stand. It’s a lot of work. Having Harley there on call makes total sense. Lizzie reveals her crush. Shayne tells Marah about playing pro ball. 

Reva tries to get Marah to tell her about the surprise. Josh takes a drink just as Reva says, “she’s not pregnant” and almost chokes. Alan suggests to Beth that Lizzie come work for Spaulding as an intern. Phillip seems very happy that Harley is engaged to Gus and she seems good with Phillip. Lizzie stops to check in with Olivia and makes nice. I’m glad they showed the flag raising and that Robbie was there to help Ed. Ed: “Here is to our Springfield family, our American family, and our human family, may we please have peace this year. ” (Part 2)

My Comments:
I really wish that Marony had gotten married. That really was a good plan for Lizzie to get the structure of being an intern. Too bad they mixed it into the Joey crush and it ended so badly destroying the Tammy-Lizzie friendship which was an important note in that generation. This Phillip-Olivia deviation wasn’t good it poured acid over a lot of relationships and connections. Even Lizzie-Olivia had come to an important understanding as step-grandmother-granddaughter and that was lost. 

July 7, 2003

Josh and Reva both find clues that there is going to be a surprise wedding and jump to the conclusion that it’s Marony getting married. So far Ed and Rick are the only adult Bauers there. Ed complains, but Rick points out what a great time he’s been having. Phillip and Alan are having another confrontation over Philip stealing and impregnating Alan’s then wife Olivia.  The conversation turns to the egg toss. Pretty much everybody is talking trash to each other over who will win. Reva: “Alan and Phillip are TALKING in the kitchen. There are knives in there.” Mel gets used to working for Jeffery. They get in an argument with Jeffery over his beard. Marina has served as Shayne’s baseball coach. They are sort of almost dating right now. Beth and Lillian are talking about if there is something wrong with Lizzie. Cadmund arrive with Tammy. Edmund: “No actually this is my first foray into the cut throat world of American lawn games.”

My Comments:
Right at the beginning Josh walks by Ross, Ed, and Rick at the BBQ that they use for a lot of publicity for the BBQ. Lizzie is in a bad way. Really with her back story I’m not surprised she has psychotic issues. Edmund was the one man I loved Cassie with. I hate they destroyed it for worthless Jeffery. Edmund looks a bit more like the carefree playboy prince he was at the beginning.

Lots more fun about the egg toss. Actually Marah and Cleva won the egg toss. Reva got out early in 1998. Eden climbs all over Bill. Despite being angry with each other, Josh and Reva team up to try and find out if Marah is planning on marrying Tony today. (Part 2)

My comments:
The only thing worse than seeing Eden and Bill is seeing Eden with Tony. We get both today. Oh joy! I just adore Rick arguing everyone around. Do you suppose Gus purposely dropped the egg? .~Yep, Felicia did a bang up job treating Lizzie.

July 8, 2003

Marony announce that they were throwing a surprise wedding for Manny and ask for help to find them. There was lots of great Marony stuff as they worked on throwing this wedding together. Meanwhile Manny had decided to take matters into their own hands and an ad in the newspaper for a drive thru wedding chapel (Shady Tree) send them there to make it legal, but it doesn’t feel right. After Frank caught Eden and Darcy talking, Darcy admits that she used to be prostitute and met Frank on Eden’s orders. Danny: “Honey, I always want to be married to you.” Really they are seeing this as an undivorce more than a wedding. “A Jack Benny Special” I never caught that reference before.  That was funny. Jeffery: “The beard is a mark of individual freedom.” Reva: “You’ve got some corn caught in your freedom.” Gus is upset because Eden really is a prostitute and he’s a cop. She’s not guilty of the killing she’s currently being accused of though. The Harley/Blake stuff is super fun as they play private investigators.

My comments:
The wedding chapel stuff is super cheesy and I think it’s just to create drama. We don’t need drama just get to the part where they get married. Give the people what they want! I really like their wedding clothes, especially Michelle’s outfit which I think is fitting for a remarriage. Frank and Darcy made a nice couple, although Frank really never achieved another true romance after Eleni. I really like Reva’s top for the BBQ. I don’t like Jeffery O”Neil being the one to preform their wedding service, especially considering what Jeffery was always planning on doing to them. Ray could have done the ceremony even if they were still married in the eyes of the church.

Darcy pleas with Frank to forgive her. Frank sees Ben and freaks out. Includes the bad fake video camera footage. Bill urges Ben to leave although Bill believes that Ben is innocent. Holly tries to help her former step-son, a little late for that sadly. After realizing that the quickie wedding chapel wasn’t what they wanted, Manny finally get the message and show up at the BBQ after everyone went down to watch the fireworks. Manny find Marony and talk about weddings and they gather everyone together for the surprise wedding. The actual ceremony is in this part. (Part 2)

My Comments:
Actually Frank I’d say Ben has more right at the BAUER BBQ than you do. He practically grew up in that house. The Coopers always seem to think it’s their party. It isn’t. Holly and Ed really aren’t a great romance, but they do love each other and really give a good example of best friends with benefits type of marriage, even if they aren’t legally married. I think with Maureen and Roger gone they belong together. I really like Manny sharing with Marony. It really shows them as equals and friends which is how they should be written. Oh, little Robbie at the BBQ is just as darling as little Michelle was at the 1987 one. So glad Ed was finally there for one of their weddings to give Michelle away.

July 9, 2003

Danny arranges a last minute mini-honeymoon at the Beacon and Michelle throws the bouquet. Marah caught the bouquet and Tony is ready to marry her at any time. More Manny-Marony bonding. Josh tries to make up with Reva. Daniel Beddingfield (who frankly I never heard of in any other setting, but apparently is a minor player in the music industry and really does do concerts) shows up. Beddingfield signs a beautiful song “If I’m not made for you” that really fits their backstory to serenade the newlyweds. NOTE: A protest over the use of this song has caused the sound to be turned off on other versions of this bit so listen while you can. Dr. Christopher Langham has been helping Reva find out more about her sudden psychic abilities. Josh objects to this work. Josh and Reva are also fighting over how they are handling Shayne and his sudden big league baseball aspirations. Marony discuss marriage. Danny and Michelle run out while all their friends gather around and throw birdseed as the ecstatic couple leave. Sadly Ben is still skulking around like a stalker. Ed to Marah: “You throw a wonderful wedding!” Some nice normal couple Bloss stuff before Holly finds an injured Ben.

My Comments:
I really like the choice of song even though this Beddingfield guy seems to think that he’s a bigger deal than we think he is even if the song really fit. I really like the Manny interaction with Ed at this wedding too. It’s really the only one of their weddings that he’s a part of and I like how that plays into their larger family connections. Wedding #1 was about survival. Wedding #2 was really the wedding Danny always expected to have. Wedding #3 was about them. Wedding #4 was a hurry. But Wedding #5 was really the one where they entire town came together to welcome them as part of the community as they restarted their lives together. This was about the Bauers and Danny and Michelle’s place in the community and so in some ways it was the most important of their weddings. Josh is being a total jerk with this Shayne think and they really never explain why. It’s really like he has regressed to early Josh trampling on everyone else to get what he wants. However, it is relationship troubles caused by a genuine disagreement over an importnat issue and that’s something we should see more of on soaps and less of third party triangles. This kind of angst is certainly more interesting. I really wish Marony would have gotten married.

NOTE: Throwing Birdseed at weddings. I just have to break in here to explain. Tests have shown that birds that ingest rice do NOT explode. Actually the whole idea that they would is ridiculous. In areas where rice is grown (which isn’t most of the US so that’s the only excuse for ignorance on this point) wild birds of all kinds eat it all the time without issue. However, this urban myth has grown so persuasive most people now thrown birdseed instead and funding had to be taken away from serious projects to test whether eating rice really could make a bird explode or sick or anything – it couldn’t. However, it’s up to you. You can throw rice (which is a centuries long tradition tracing back to symbolizing wishes for future prosperity) or you can throw birdseed (which symbolizes the American public’s lack of information literacy skills and propensity to believe anything however wacky if the story is good enough), it’s up to you.

Holly finds Ben stabbed and in the hot tub. Her scream brings everyone running. Marah tries to talk sense to her parents and they try to convince her things are fine when really they aren’t. Manny are enjoying their mini-honeymoon back at the Beacon. Being the traditional sort of guy he is, Danny tries at least for a version of the wedding traditions. He and Michelle feed each other candy in place of cake and take photos with a disposable camera. They drink a champagne toast and dance together to the radio. They tease about what other “wedding” photos they can take later and that Robbie was at the wedding. Danny: “To another shot at getting it right.” Eden is lurking around and looking like a suspect. Although Josh says he sorry, Reva could tell he would do the same things again. Tony tries to defend Eden when Gus questions her. Holly feels guilty over how she failed Ben as a step-mother which she really did. Danny says this time will be different and it really is. This is some of the best on screen time in their relationship and it takes a major brain injury to part them again. (Part 2)

My Comments:
I really wish they had made Eden the guilty person. She had already killed at least one person and gotten away with it and she was NOTHING but trouble. Again of all the Jeva estrangements, I really like this one the best. It’s the most real. I really love Harley’s hair like this. It’s super cute. Eden was a toxic character all the way around. She certainly was horrible for Gus and this whole Eden-Tony thing is stomach wrenching.

For another version, see my earlier post that I patchworked together:


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