Bauer BBQ Memories

Tonight instead of fanfic, I have a special comment bait episode. Please respond.

What’s your favorite Bauer BBQ memory? Is it Alan-Michael parachuting in? Drew Jacobs donating naked drawings of Michelle to the fund raiser auction? The Manny wedding thrown by Marony? The prop volcano from one early year? Roger Thorpe’s dueling BBQ? Gus eating the chili that Billy doctored, intending for Buzz to be the victim? Rick’s tribute to Bert, followed by the Four Musketeers tribute to Springfield? Or is it a tradition? Raising the flag? The speech? Bert’s Apple Pie? Please share your favorite Bauer BBQ memory in the comments below.


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One Response to “Bauer BBQ Memories”

  1. Megan Laplante Says:

    Egg toss 2001,Sam and Marah making Tony jealous in 2001,Rick’s speech in 2009. Manny wedding in 2003 and the whole younger crew that year with Tammy,Lizzie,Shayne and Marina. I always love the fireworks at the end and them watching it. I love the traditions with the food and decorations and that they always wear red white and blue clothes. These are just off the top of my head. I laughed at the Gus eating the hot chili,so great. Watching old ones I loved when Bridget came in in her swimsuit in 1991 and gets caught by Kat’s dad and zips her suit back up,haha.

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