I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 24

Republisher’s Note: Manny are getting married, they don’t want to wait for Michelle to graduate from Springfield University.

I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 24

“Danny Man, I can’t believe you are getting married in two days. You sure about this?”

“Most definitely Bill. Michelle is everything I could ask for and so much more.”

“You gotta quit being so whipped. You’re gonna ruin your rep.”

“My rep is tarnished forever and I frankly couldn’t care less….So when you gonna make an honest woman of my sister?”

“Woah! I think we need to switch the convo back to you. So when are Michelle and Pilar gonna be back from shopping? I thought they’d be back a while ago. If they don’t hurry, we’ll be late.”

“Let’s quit the game of hoops man and call their place–see what’s taking so long.” He headed into the bedroom to try Michelle’s cell while Bill said he’d try the sorority house on his cell. After getting no answer he returned to the living room to see if Bill had fared any better.”Any luck , Bill?””No, they haven’t been back to the sorority house. I take it Michelle didn’t answer her cell?”

Danny lets out an exasperated sigh, “No, dammit, they should have been here by now, I hope everything is all right.”

“Danny, man, you’ve got to relax. I’m sure everything is fine, this is Pilar & Michelle out shopping, the only thing you need to worry about is how much damage they’ve done to your platinum card in the time they’ve been gone.”

Running his hand through his hair, “You’re probably right, I just can’t shake this feeling.”

“Hey, stop it, you’re getting married in two days. All is well unless the girls get here and see us looking like this. Go back to your bathroom and get in the shower, I’ll clean up in the bathroom out here.”

“Man, thanks for reminding me, I smell like a locker room.”

Danny stepped into a steamy shower, his mind still worrying about what could be taking Michelle so long.

As he stands under the hot water his mind begins to drift back to a time the previous week when he and Michelle enjoyed his hot tub.

They had both been so busy with the final wedding plans they barely had time to breathe, let alone spend any time alone, so they decided to take an afternoon and evening for just them, no families, no friends, no phones. They went to the beach and had a picnic, then that evening Danny had arranged a wonderful candle light dinner in his apartment. After dinner Michelle convinced him they needed a soak in the hot tub.

Danny was in the hot tub uncorking a bottle of champagne when Michelle came through the patio doors wearing a hot pink barely-there bathing suit. Danny almost dumped the champagne in the hot tub.

Michelle slid into the water next to Danny and purred in his ear, “What’s the matter, sweetie? You look like you tried to swallow your tongue.”

Danny cut off her words with a searing kiss, his tongue making love to her mouth the way he wanted his manhood to make love to her body. Their limbs tangled, Danny’s hands moving over her hot pink covered breasts, the material so thin he could feel the peaks rising. She straddled his lap, his erection growing at the feel of her femininity pressing against him.

Their kiss broken out of a need for air, Michelle began running her tongue over Danny’s firm chest, while he continued his worship of her breasts.

When he was able to find his voice, Danny murmured in her ear, “Baby, I love you so much, you feel so good.”

“Mmmm, Danny, I want you,” Michelle responded with desire filled eyes.

Just when he was about to lose his last shred of control, he pulled back. He drew a steadying breath, “Michelle, I can’t, we can’t. Baby, I want to make love to you more than anything, but not now, not yet. We’ve made it this long, I’m not going to ruin it now.”

Michelle looked at him with eyes of confusion and desire.

“Michelle, I made a promise that I was not going to make love to you until you were my wife, and I meant it.”

They spent the rest of the night curled up in each other’s arms on Danny’s couch.

Danny’s body was reacting to the memory of Michelle in the hot tub. His mind took him to the plans he had for that hot tub on their honeymoon. Michelle would have on the scrap of a bathing suit but not for long, he would pull the tiny strings that held it in place. Then he would love her body with no restrictions.

He would drink from her lips; worship her breasts; taste the honey that flowed from her. Once he had taken her over the edge with his loving mouth, hands and fingers; he would allow himself the pure pleasure of sinking himself into her tight warmth. He would be home.

The jolt of cold water brought him out of his fantasy. In two more days every dream and fantasy he ever had would come true.

Danny emerged from his bedroom and saw that the girls had arrived. When Michelle didn’t turn to greet him, he felt something was wrong. He was certain of it when he wrapped his arms around her and she tensed at his touch.

“Bill and Pilar, why don’t you go ahead, we’ll catch up with you.”

“Sure Danny, Pilar and I will get us a table.”

As they walked out the door, Danny tightened his grip around Michelle’s waist. Resting his chin on her shoulder he whispers, “Baby, what’s wrong?”


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