I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 23

Republisher’s Note: Manny are engaged.

I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 23

“Can you believe I’m getting married in two days?”

“Yeah I can. Why else are we out shopping for lingerie? And why did I have my final fitting for that horrid dress if you aren’t?”

“Very funny. I just can’t believe that in two days I’m marrying Danny Santos. I can still remember when I never thought he’d look twice at me–now I’m marrying him in two days.”

“I still don’t see what’s so great about my brother, but I’m glad he makes you happy.”

From behind them Michelle heard a high pitched squeal and turned to see an extremely leggy and curvaceous brunette making her way towards them. “Pilar, is that you? It’s been forever. Probably since I dropped your lech of a brother on his butt. How is The Rake? How many girlfriends is it this week–10? Or is it one with a few indiscretions on the side?” As the brunette droned on Michelle felt her body go numb and doubtful thoughts coursed through her head. What am I thinking marrying Danny Santos? He could never be faithful. How am I going to keep him happy? I have next to no experience. Michelle snap out of it this is the man who wants to wait til your wedding night. Who’s to say he isn’t keeping himself happy elsewhere? He could have anyone he wants–just look at this girl. STOP IT he loves you!! He’s MARRYING you! He’s no longer the man who treated women like toys.

Somewhere in the distance she heard Pilar speaking. “Well, I’d like you to meet The Rake’s fiance. They are getting married Saturday. Michelle, I’d like you to meet Liz. Her and Danny used to date years ago.”

“Nice to meet you,” Michelle replied, extending her hand.

The brunette gave her a long cool once over and then extended her freshly manicured hand and coldly said, “Same here. You guys must be shopping for the honeymoon then if the wedding’s Saturday. Can I offer you a tip?”

“Sure,” Michelle replied, puzzled.

“Buy black. Danny goes absolutely wild for black.” Liz replied with an evil grin. “Well I spose I’d better be going–busy social calendar and all. Enjoy being the first Mrs Santos.” She tossed over her shoulder and without another word the brunette disappeared into the throngs of mall shoppers.

Noticing the look of devastation and shock on her friends face Pilar said “Ignore her ‘Chelle; it’s just sour grapes.”

“I’m sure,” she responded unconvincingly, before turning back to the racks of negligees.


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