I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 19

Republisher’s Note: Danny is a fraternity brother and Michelle is a sorority sister at Springfield University. This chapter is heavy in their rituals, see a note from the author at the end for clarification.

I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 19

Finals week was an extremely hectic time at the House. In just one more week, the results would be in for the past four months of hard work, and each Kappa would venture home to spend a much needed break with their families. Their Christmas party had been a huge success and the Secret Santa gifts had been exchanged in front of the roaring fire. However, much to the surprise of all gathered in the massive, tastefully decorated living room, the lights were suddenly dimmed signifying a Candlelight.
Silence engulfed the room and an overwhelming sense of excitement filled the air. Michelle and Pilar took their places in the circle, both caught up in the excitement of the moment, watching as the candle was lighted by Susan Jacobs, Kappa president. As Michelle focused on the flickering flame, passing through the hands of the first sister, she allowed her mind to wander.

“Michelle, I wanted to tell you,” he took a deep breath, feeling childish at his nervousness, “that I have fallen in love with you. I love you, Michelle Bauer. And I know I’ll never stop loving you.”

“You do?” she breathlessly inquired.
Danny smiled and reached for her, joining their lips in a deep and urgent kiss.

“Yes, but I don’t want you to say anything, OK? I do love you… but I want you to take your time until you’re sure you feel the same.”

The first pass of the candle was completed. No one had become lavaliered which meant one of two things…either a pinning or an engagement had taken place.

The next week Danny and Michelle practically spent ever waking moment together. Late nights studying, meeting friends at the coffee house, watching TV, doing laundry….they were inseparable.

Accompanying her to the other side of campus to turn in her World Lit paper, which was right under the wire, something was different between them.

“He seems so nervous,” she thought to herself. ” I wonder what’s going on?”

Danny was totally lost in thought. “I wonder what she’ll say.” With his hands in his pockets, his finger touched the object.

Michelle grew more and more unsettled by their silence. As soon as they reached their destination, she gave a quick, “I’ll be right back,” and took off up the steps. Her mission accomplished, she leaned against the wall and closed her eyes.

She had been more than a little surprised by his admission, wanting with all of her heart to believe what he was telling her, but there had still been that nagging doubt. Everything was happening so fast. He seemed to be fine with the fact that she did not immediately return his sentiment, but now…. was that what he seemed so focused on and preoccupied with?

The energy in the room increased ten-fold with inquiring eyes flying from one to the other in order in hopes of gaining a clue as to who the lucky girl was. The candle began its journey again, in and out of the hands of each sister.

Coming out of the building, she observed him with his back to her. “I do love you Danny Santos, with all of my heart.” She wanted to shout it out. Had she waited too long to be certain of her own feelings? Her nerves felt completely raw and out of control. On instinct, she picked up a clump of snow, made a nice, firm snowball, and hurled it at him, hitting him squarely in the back.

He quickly turned around and faced his attacker. A huge grin played on his lips as he also went for some snow and declared, “Oh baby, you asked for it.”

The quad was deserted in that early evening hour… as they played, releasing the obvious tension which had been consuming them. Danny’s latest bombardment caused Michelle to fall backwards and he soon joined her on the ground.

“Do you surrender?” Holding a HUGE snowball in his hand he threatened to completely smear it over her face.

“NEVER!” she laughed riotously.

“Never?” he teased, as his hand with the giant snowball drew closer.

“I love you, Danny.”

His breathing stopped. “Michelle?”

Her reassuring smile and love emanating from her eyes told him more than the words ever could have. The teasing and “fighting” was immediately forgotten as they lay facing each other. “Danny, I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

The candle slowly continued around the circle.

Why was he surprised. This was just like Michelle to completely catch him off guard.

“You’re sure?”

Leaning into him, she brushed some flakes off of his eyelashes. “Danny, I’ve been sure for a while now…”

For some strange reason they both started laughing uncontrollably. But the laughter soon stopped as she tenderly kissed the remainder of the snow off his face. He was mesmerized with her warm lips on his skin as she continued her ministrations. Slowly lifting himself, his arms went to engulf her small body and his lips claimed hers, as the two entered their own little world that allowed no intruders.

When the kiss ended they were both breathless and wanted more, much more. Danny reached into his pocket and pulled out the shiny object he had been toying with earlier.

Pilar received the candle from Susan and solemnly passed it on to Michelle. Taking the candle securely in her hand, her eyes quickly darted toward her friend. Pilar was confused when she saw the tiny tear escape the side of Michelle’s eye and slide down her cheek. Confusion changed to astonishment as Michelle very slowly brought the flame close to her lips and gently blew it out.

Michelle Bauer was officially pinned.

The house erupted in shrieks and screams of excitement closely followed by hugs of congratulations. It was so noisy inside, that they almost didn’t hear the sounds coming from outside the House. Each girl made their way quickly out the double doors and onto the huge porch. The Nus, lined up at least three deep, were standing on the lawn. The traditional serenade had begun. As custom had it, Michelle was the last the leave the House. Standing behind her sisters, her arms locked with Pilar’s, she listened as the men of the Sigma Nu fraternity offered their very loud and somewhat off-key rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.”

Danny opened his hand which held the pin. Michelle was completely taken by surprise and looked into his somewhat nervous eyes. Her focus again went to the pin as her fingers delicately touched the symbol of their commitment. Before he could even get the question out, she leaned in to him once more and said the one word he was most hoping to hear, “Yes.”

Sitting in the snow in the middle of the quad, as the sun slowly set on the horizon, the journey toward the rest of their lives had begun.

Having completed their tune, silence came over the two groups facing each other. Michelle slowly made her way through the throng of sisters, receiving small hugs and pats as she went. Finally seeing Danny, for the first time, standing in front of his brothers, she slowly descended the brick steps as he also made his way toward her, with a long-stemmed rose in hand.

They met at the base of the steps as he offered her the rose. She accepted it with tears streaming down her face. Taking her gently into his arms, their eyes held each other, locked in a trance. As they kissed in front of the Kappa House that night, with both Houses offering their cheers of congratulations, Michelle and Danny were only aware of each other and did not hear a sound.

The CandleLight

The Candlelight Ceremony in any sorority is one of the most time-honored traditions. Even though there are differences between Houses, the basic premise is the same. If a sister receives a lavaliere, pin, or engagement ring, she anonymously sends a rose (or whatever the flower of the sorority is) to the social or ritual chairman requesting a candle lighting. At the next meeting, the sisters form a circle and the lights are turned off. A candle is lighted by the president and passed around the circle; once for being lavaliered, twice for a pinning, and three times for engagement. When the candle reaches the girl on the appropriate circle, she blows it out, thus announcing her event.

Lavalier – or Drop (usually a charm of the guys fraternity on a necklace).

Pin – A pinning is a big deal because the official Frat pin, given at initiation, is a sacred symbol, not to be shared, not to be given away (sort of like the secret handshakes, etc…but on a much bigger scale). When a guy gives his pin, it is like a pre-engagement, very significant (the guy actually go through some sort of hazing for doing this.

Engagement – No explanation needed. 🙂


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