I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 17

Republisher’s Note: Danny is a fraternity man and Michelle is a sorority girl at Springfield University.

I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 17

Sitting down at her vanity and easing up her thigh high stockings, Michelle wondered what the phone call had been about.

Not that she was complaining, she loved hearing his voice, but so many things he did were puzzling to her.

Snapping the second thigh high into her garter she turned and appraised her make-up in the mirror. Her face had turned out better than ever before. She hoped it would be a good hair night as well. She wanted to be perfect for Danny.

Danny. Just thinking of him made her feel alive.

Toweling her hair dry she started to apply her gel and her mind began to wander to last Saturday’s picnic.

“Danny it’s almost winter…Don’t you think a picnic is an odd idea”

“That’s why I had you bundle up and brought lots of hot chocolate.” He replied placing the blanket on the freshly fallen snow.

After finishing the wonderful lunch he had brought he surprised her by saying.

“How bout we play a game?”

“Danny, I’m not up for a snow ball fight”

“Not that kind of a game.” He chuckled and gave her a sly grin.”This is a game where we share our deepest secrets,” he said pulling a baseball cap filled with scraps of paper from behind his back.

“I’m not sure about this….”

“Michelle, I want share all of myself with you and I want you to feel you can share all of you with me.”

“OK, what do I do?”

“Reach into the hat and grab a piece of paper there are questions on each scrap of paper. Answer as honestly as you can.”

Grimacing she reached for the top piece of paper and read,

How old were you the first time you had sex?

Laughing nervously she said, “Danny, I can’t answer this question.”

“You can’t chicken out already.”

“No. I’m not chickening out. I can’t answer because it doesn’t apply to me.”

“Huh? That can’t be possible, I made them very general.”

“Well, I’m telling you I can’t answer.”

Grabbing the piece of paper he said “Let me read what it says.”

She watched him as his face changed from a look of shock to one of wonderment she could swear her cheeks must’ve turned three shades of red as she waited for him to say something.

“Michelle… Michelle!” a shrill voice ripped her from the haze she was in just as she was starting to remember his tender response. She truly was lucky.

“Yes,” she replied turning to find Carol – one of the newer pledges.

“That man of yours is downstairs, you’d better hurry and get ready before the other girls devour him. He’s looking awfully yummy.”

“When you put it that way I guess I’d better can’t wait to feast my eyes on him in that tux,” she replied giggling before heading to her closet to retrieve her dress.

Smoothing the tea-length red dress and making sure the spaghetti straps were firmly in place she decided to take one last glance in the full length mirror

She was sure the clingy dress and plunging neckline would definitely be a hit and was glad she had maxed out her credit card after all. Danny was constantly telling her she’d look stunning in a burlap sack, but she had a feeling that he’d find this dress infinitely more appealing. Grabbing her purse she practically raced to the steps that would lead her to Danny. Descending the stairs carefully in her 4 inch heels, she finally came face to face with the beautiful brown pools of his eyes that always made her feel as if she could get lost in them and she judged by the way they lit up and the way he licked those oh so sexy lips… the dress was definitely a hit and tonight would be a night she would never forget.


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