I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 16

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Michelle are both students at Springfield University and just started dating.

I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 16

Securing the final button, Danny checked his reflection in the mirror. Tonight would be another first. The first time he would attend a formal with Michelle.

The past month had been filled with firsts.

The first time he saw her coming out of the Sciences building surrounded by her friends, talking and laughing. She spotted him almost immediately. The smile that filled her eyes was different than the one that had been there just moments before. That’s when he, for the first time, realized that special Michelle smile was meant only for him.

Each first was significant in its own way.

The first time they had studied together holding hands and turning pages, with random kisses thrown in for good measure.

The first time he got of Senior Finance and found Michelle waiting for him at the bottom of the steps because Biochem got out early that day.

The first time they went to an SU football game together. He loved watching her cheer the team on, even though he knew she had no idea what was really happening on the field; she was just cheering when everyone else did. She excitedly asked him questions and he was more than happy to patiently explain things to her.

The first time they had dinner with their parents. There was no awkwardness; it was so natural.

The first time they had revisited the dunes. Bundled up to ward off the cold, Michelle reluctantly obeyed (after much coaxing on his part) and “conquered” the hill that had been her nemesis, albeit at a much slower pace than years before. They had celebrated by toasting hot chocolate, cuddled up in a blanket.

The first time Michelle picked the movie for their date and she picked a “chick flick”. They held hands, shared popcorn, and he gently kissed her tears away in the sad parts (and in the happy parts).

The first time she took him to the lighthouse and over a picnic lunch she had prepared for them, told him how much the Springfield landmark meant to her.

A lifetime of special moments in only a month, he mused, as he dialed her number.


“Hey.” I just needed to hear your voice.

“Danny! What’s wrong? You’re supposed to be here in less than an hour.”

“I know. I was just thinking about you.”

Silent sighs. No words were needed between them at times like these.

Clad in only a wraparound towel, her face freshly made up for the evening ahead, Michelle sat down and leisurely leaned back across her bed. Across town, already dressed in his formal pants and crisp white shirt, Danny did the same.

“You were?” She breathed.

“Uh huh. What are you doing?” Were you thinking of me like I was of you?

“Nothing much.”

“What are you wearing?” I can picture how beautiful you are.

She let out a soft giggle. “Nothing much.”

“Hmm.” Can you hear my smile?


“Hmm?” Only you can say my name like that.

“I’ve got to finish getting ready.”

“Okay.” I wish I was there with you right now.


“Hmm?” I don’t want to say goodbye just yet.

“Are you alright?”

“Uh huh.” I can’t wait to see you in a few minutes.


“Hmmm?” When exactly did you steal my heart?

“I’ve got to go, now…OK.?”

“Okay.” I’m counting the minutes.


“Bye.” I love you, Michelle.

As he took the black jacket off of its wooden hanger, he knew he would be early, but he didn’t care.

Closing the door behind him and making his way to his car, he knew with certainty that tonight would be another first, with his Michelle, the first and only woman he would ever love.


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