I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 5

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Michelle are college students at Springfield University.

I’m Already Taken by Lady in Pink Chapter 5


The shrill ringing of the telephone awakens Michelle from her delicious dream. From the far side of the room Pilars muffled voice says “Make it stop…please make it stop” . As tempting as it is to let Pilar suffer after her exploits last night, Michelle decides to answer it. After all, it could be important.

“Hello,” lilts an incredibly sexy and deep male voice.

“Hi, Patrick, what are you doing up so early?” she replies lazily.

“Sweetie it’s 11 o’clock. We are supposed to leave for the lake in an hour. Or are you gonna cancel on me?” he teases, obviously amused she’s still asleep.

“No. I guess I just overslept–I was up half the night tending to Pilar.”

His deep chuckle is a welcome sound to her ears. She had been certain he’d be upset after Pilar’s exploits from the previous evenings events.

“I’m so sorry about Pilar, Patrick. I can’t believe she did that.”

“It’s OK. We’ve all had nights like she had. My clothes are washable; besides, she threw a much needed wet blanket on me which I’ve been meaning to apologize for.”

“What do you mean Patrick?”

“I forget myself when I’m with you, Michelle. Things got a little heated last night partly because of how sexy you are, partly because you are very special to me, but mostly because I’ve waited almost a year to have you in my arms like that. I really don’t want to rush things between us, and last night we were definitely rushing things. Forgive me?” he responds.

“Patrick there’s nothing to forgive, but I agree we were probably moving to fast.” Looking at the clock and her extremely sluggish roommate she asks, “How soon do we need to be ready?”

“Well, the rest of the gang will be ready in like 45 minutes.”

“Patrick, there’s no way I can get Pilar ready and moving that quickly. Can we meet you there?”

“Sure thing, but hurry–I am looking forward to spending the day with you.”

“I will.”

“See you soon.”

“Bye, Patrick.”

An hour and a half later a very groggy Pilar and Michelle arrive at the lake. Reaching over, Michelle gently wakes Pilar and says “Get up, Sunshine, we’re here!” probably too chipper for Pilar’s liking.

“Ugh…OK let me just fix my face–can’t have my man drooling over you. Especially with that new bikini your wearing; it’s very un- Michelle.”

“Do you think its too much?” she asks, seriously considering heading all the way home to change.

“Definitely not too much! Maybe too little,” Pilar replies through her giggles. Turning and looking at the look of horror on Michelle’s face she says “Relax, Michelle, I’m only teasing. You look great in it! You will definitely turn some heads, and if you’re uncomfortable, just keep your t-shirt on. Now lets go find the guys.”

The guys were easy enough to spot– heavily involved in a volleyball game, both giving the pair a slight nod. “I think I’m gonna see if I can join them how about you,” Pilar said.

“No, I think I’ll go situate the blanket over there and watch the game.”

“Suit yourself,” Pilar said before prancing off to join the guys.

From what Michelle could tell from watching the game, Patrick and Bill’s team were trouncing their opponents, despite Pilar’s ineptness after joining them. Watching Patrick without him knowing it, she was able to notice much she never had before–the childlike joy that crossed his face when his team scored a point, the confidence with which he held himself, the consideration he showed his teammates, and the patience he showed with Pilar and her lack of skill at the game.

I really am lucky–he really is a catch. What was I thinking, letting thoughts of Danny Santos intrude on how I feel about this wonderful man? Danny is just someone you fantasized about in your youth (and boy did you fantasize) Patrick is your reality, and what a wonderful reality it is.

Jolted from her thoughts by a deep sexy voice in her ear she practically jumps.

“Hey you!”

“Oh, hi, Patrick.”

“Didn’t mean to scare you, sweetie.”

“You didn’t, I guess I just let my mind wander.”

“Oh, really, what were you thinking about?” he replies, situating himself behind her on the blanket and wrapping his arms around her bare midriff.


“Now that’s what I like to hear,” he whispers breathlessly, “how bout a congratulatory kiss?” Turning in his arms, she obliges. After the kiss is over, she looks over his shoulder and notices two people on the blanket behind them. One is Nikki Sterling an extremely attractive and friendly brunette from her sorority.

The other is Danny Santos.

The pair is quite cozy and Nikki is whispering only God knows what in his ear. Her stomach begins to churn and her blood starts to boil at the sight.

Pulling slightly away from Patrick she whispers in his ear “How about a swim? That’s what the beach is for, right?”

“Definitely!” he says pulling her to her feet, “but you’re not going in with your shorts and T-shirt on are you?” he says with a sly grin.

“No,” she responds, slowly removing her midriff top and cut-off shorts to reveal the smallest red Bikini Patrick had ever seen. It accentuated her beautiful body perfectly. Looking around he notices almost every guy in their group is noticing as well. “Just give me a minute, Patrick to put this up and get some lotion on. Why don’t you go ask Bill and Pilar if they want to join us?” After folding and putting up her clothes, she sat back down on the blanket to apply her lotion. Feeling the hair on the back of her neck stand up she looked over her shoulder and noticed Danny Santos was staring right at her. Their eyes locked and in the deep brown pools of his eyes she was transported back to the summer she turned 12 and Pilar’s birthday party, where it all really began….

The Santos Backyard was decorated to the nines for Pilar’s 12th birthday. Preteens and teens alike were running, splashing in the pool, and a few were already gorging themselves on the mountains of food. Easing her way through the crowd self-consciously, in her first Juniors dept. purchase ever–a hot pink one piece that she felt showed off her developing chest nicely–Michelle looked around hoping to spot Pilar or at least Bill Lewis. No such luck.. The only faces she recognized so far were Danny Santos and Peggy Wilson, who were so caught up in fawning over each other to even notice her.

She spied Mrs. Santos exiting the kitchen directly behind the twosome with even more food. Motioning for Michelle, she hollered, “Michelle dear, do you suppose you could give me a hand with these?”

“Sure thing, Mrs. Santos.” Once they’d made their way to the food table Michelle decided to inquire about Pilar. “Where’s the birthday girl, Mrs. Santos?”

“Last I saw her, she was over there with some boys from your class,” she said, pointing to a group on the far side of the pool. Once ensconced in her classmates Michelle started to have a really good time until the group decided they wanted to go play chicken in the pool. Michelle graciously declined and was enjoying laughing at the game till she heard a sugary voice from behind her.

“Don’t you look cute? New swimsuit? It’s really a very nice suit, Michelle– too bad you don’t have the chest for it. Next time you should stick to the children’s department.” Turning abruptly at the sound of the voice Michelle was immediately in Peggy’s face.

“Don’t you have better things to do than bother me?” she said with such ferocity it caused Peggy to step back a few feet towards the pool.

“Like what?” Peggy shot back snidely.

“Oh, I don’t know. Hang on your boyfriend, gossip with your friends, or perhaps” Michelle paused, and smiling as she looked over Peggy’s shoulder said, “take a swim!” and with that she pushed her in the pool and ran off.

Filled with tears of anger and humiliation she decided to stop by the huge oak where Pilar’s tire swing hung and try to calm herself. From behind her, she heard deep and distinctly male laughter. Peering around the tree, she spied Danny and several of his friends whose names escaped her. What do I do now? she thought. The last thing I need is more ribbing.

Wiping the tears from her face and attempting to head back to the party, she was halted abruptly in her tracks by the sound of Danny hollering her name. Forcing a smile from her lips and turning around slowly she said “Danny, I really need to get back, your sister will wonder where I am.” She hoped her nervousness didn’t show.

“Whats the matter kid? You seem upset.” Looking into the endless brown pools of his eyes, the tears she’d held back flowed freely down her face. Without another word he pulled her to him, and she could’ve sworn she had just died and gone to heaven, because nothing had ever felt this good, and she was equally sure nothing ever would.

She was lulled from her memories by the sound of Danny’s voice.

“Michelle, you’re crying. Are you alright?”

“Yes. Just remembering.”

“Remembering what?” he replied, stroking her cheek.

“Nothing,” she said, looking down he pulled her face back up to his and looking into his eyes, she saw recognition swirling in their depths.

Pulling her to her feet, he said, “Michelle, we need to talk.”


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