Guiding Light Trivia Roundup 1

Occasionally over the years I do a post of Guiding Light Trivia. This time I’m going to round up all 10 so you can find them easily. Hope you enjoy the trivia and considering I wrote most of them over 3 years and didn’t double check each time I only reused 2 questions out of a hundred. Can you spot them?

Guiding Light Trivia 1 – A collection edited from questions that originally appeared in CBS Soaps in Depth.

Guiding Light Trivia 2 – Questions that range from which couples have married on Valentine’s Day to what happened to Roxie Shayne.

Guiding Light Trivia 3 – Questions that range from my favorite Manny trivia question to what H.B. stood for.

Guiding Light Trivia 4 – Felt a tad grumpy about some stupid on screen happenings, watch me lance them with clever trivia questions.

Guiding Light Trivia 5 – These questions tend to center around the diner and Company.

Guiding Light Trivia 6 – These questions were all mentioned in my blog shortly before this batch came out.

Guiding Light Trivia 7 – Politics and recasts are the focus of these trivia questions.

Guiding Light Trivia 8 – What’s in a name? A lot of cool trivia questions.

Guiding Light Trivia 9 – A couple of sparking questions inspired a Bizzy theme, questions about Bill Lewis and Lizzie Spaulding.

Guiding Light Trivia 10 – A mishmash of questions.

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