I Am A Man Speech Again

I Am a ManI’ve been terribly slow with the episode guide stuff lately because bad things are coming to Manny and while I know there is hope and happiness on the other side it’s still hard to watch. It’s kind of like visiting a dentist and I admit I’ve been putting it off, but if we’re ever going to make any progress I’ve got to buckle down and start again. But the next post has a lot of stuff in it, once I plunge in I intend to go as quick as I can with big chunks and ignoring my own watch twice again before posting rule. In short I didn’t get all of the next chronological post watched yet and since that means I haven’t been able to match up the clips with the written episode guide it really isn’t ready to post, so I decided to go ahead tonight and post a reminder of what we love about Manny so much before the bad stuff begins. Here is one of the all time best speeches in all of soapdom, “I Am A Man.”

“I Am A Man” is considered the top Danny Santos speech, equaled by Michelle’s “Thousand Gun” Speech.

Find the entire episode guide post with the surrounding footage:

See Michelle’s “Thousand Gun Speech”:

Wed., Feb. 10, 1999 – Danny takes the opportunity of being alone in their bedroom to have a conversation with Michelle over their future. He struggles to find the right words saying he doesn’t want to sound like a pig and kneeling close to her chair he tells her: 

“I know I am not the man of your dreams, I know that, but I am — I’m a man and when we, when you and I go into our room at night, I know, I can’t just turn myself into some sort of automaton with no feelings and no desires. I just — I can’t do that. You know, when you — you take a shower and you comb your hair, you — you rub lotion into your arms, into your shoulders and you slip into a nightgown and I’m — I’m sitting in bed, pretending to read or listen to music or whatever, but that’s not what I’m doing. I — I’m watching you. I’m trying not to, but I am. I do. I am a man and when you climb into bed with me, beside me, never touching, never touching, I lie there awake, staring into the dark, aware of everything that you’re doing, of how you breathe, of the rustle of the sheets and it takes every ounce of my being to not want to reach out to you. I care about you. I desire you. I want to reach out to you.”

She asks if he means, she doesn’t have a choice and he says no, he won’t force her, but he needs to feel married to her in every way and hopes she’s keep an open mind. He suggests the religious ceremony might make a difference, she might be surprised and with a strange look on her face she agrees that surprised is just what she might be. He announces he won’t sleep in their room until after the ceremony to give her some space and she seems surprised and almost disappointed. On the way out they find Jesse talking to Aunt Meta in the kitchen and discover he has brought a box of Michelle’s things over to the house. Danny stakes his claim and degrades the Romeo and Juliet that Michelle and Jesse used to read together as having a stupid plot where two kids too young to know what true love is, throw their lives away for what they only thought was true love.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjrTDzzuS54&feature=related (conversation leading up to speech starts at 3:30, find hotlink directly to it in comments on video)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oydCtK1SSyc&feature=related (quoted speech starts at beginning of this clip)

Last Updated January 17, 2016: I added the signature block, a screen capture, and altered the spacing just a bit.

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