FAQ: How bad a mom was Claire? Plus Baby Michelle

Q: How bad a mom was Claire?

A: Claire was an awful mom by any standard. She didn’t really want anything to do with Michelle. Although I loved Claire when she was with Fletcher, once Fletcher dumped Claire she quickly went to a darker place that she never came back from. At first she decided she wanted to be Mrs. Ed Bauer and when that didn’t work out she had no qualms whatsoever of dumping Michelle on anyone else, mainly Maureen, as much and as soon as possible. Frankly I think she was relieved when she lost custody.

I haven’t found the scene where Claire actually tries to kill Michelle yet (still looking), but this example starting 4:10 (sorry comments disabled so I can’t put a time link in directly) shows her level of expertise.

More Claire-Michelle and Maureen starting at 2:30

4:20 Claire didn’t even hear when Maureen got up in the night with Michelle

UPDATED June 15 2016: I had to fix a typo and sadly remove the happy baby Michelle stuff I had linked as an antidote because the link went dead.

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