In Honor of Hurricane Sandy Oct 29 2012

In honor of what everyone is going through on the East Coast, enjoy a “safe” blackout and storm with our friends from Springfield. Here’s the repeat from a post from 2010.

Importance of the Great Blackout

The Great Springfield Blackout of 1992 made soap magazine covers and still had fans talking decades later. It’s an important story for all of Guiding Light history, but is especially important to understanding Michelle and as increased understanding of Michelle improves your understanding of Manny, Mannyacs please read.

The Town Goes Dark

Incredible heat has put too much stress on the Springfield electric system and when Bridget turns on every electric appliance she owns (the final straw is her hairdryer) the entire town goes dark forcing everyone to deal with blackout. It is especially bad because much of the town was attending Mindy Lewis’s wedding to Nick McHenry and they are all trapped in one of the tallest buildings in town without lights, air conditioning, or working elevators. Plus the Towers doors have magnet locks on the stairwells that automatically engage when the power is cut, so even the stairs are not an option. People are trapped together who normally wouldn’t be and situations are set up that will be unreeling in individual stories for years. GL Classic’s version starts about 2 episodes before the actual blackout.

Fall Out

The Springfield Blackout was a major event. It not only trapped people together, it did the unexpected. The typical thing in this type of situation would have been to trap Rolly together. Instead Roger shows his true friendship for Maureen (at the very time Ed betrays her) and then makes a connection that starts off his relationship with Jenna. It kicked off tons of story and was still sometimes mentioned on the show over a decade later.

Michelle and Jenna

The part of the sequence with Jenna and Michelle is crucial to understanding Michelle’s history. So many parts of her character, having incredible pieces of luck both good and bad, being attracted to danger, trusting people that other people wouldn’t, are demonstrated here. They will show up time and time again over the years. They are what draws her to Danny and why she needs someone like him in her life. Sadly Jenna’s life was cut tragically short barely a month after Manny met (she would have been a wonderful and natural person for Michelle to talk to about Danny with and they really should have a had at least one scene during that month when she did that). Jenna does have connections to two crucial Manny scenes. She’s the one who was watching the girls when they go missing and Michelle blames Danny during Thanksgiving 1998. Right before Manny leaves the show, Marina (Jenna’s step-granddaughter) get trapped together in an elevator and before Michelle gives Marina the telling off she so richly deserves she references this time in the elevator with Jenna. Once again Michelle tries to be generous and this could have been a chance to come to an understanding and start to repair their friendship, but Marina seems to self-absorbed to even remember the woman who lavished her with attention and love when she was young. Finally totally fed up with Marina’s attitude Michelle tears into Marina. However, while Marina doesn’t recognize the terrible things she has done, what does hit home is when Michelle describes what it feels like to be loved by Danny and Marina realizes that what they have is nothing close and bows out thinking only of herself, but that’s a story for another day.

Great Springfield Blackout of 1992 (GL – Part 1) The set up at Mindy’s wedding to Nick McHenry, Sound cuts out 1/2 way through (GL – Part 2) Sound picks up 2 minutes in. Alex & Mindy continue to face off, Harlet figure out part of Jenna’s plan that they’ve been trying to foil as undercover operatives. (GL – Part 3) Blake’s 1st thought is that A-M will be hurt when he finds out Nick is her son. Alex & A-M had always been close. Roger tells Blake his whole plan & tells her he feels “an agony” of love for her. Roger always had two dreams for money & power and Holly& happiness, but tragically he cover never have both or understand that he couldn’t. David Grant is under arrest for Vincent’s murder. (He was later found innocent.) (GL – Part 4) Alex & Mindy continue to fight. Alex tells Roger her time is up. Bridget comes to apologize to Hart. Julie has just found out that Hart got drunk & slept with Bridget, she’s pregnant. I’m with Hart on this one. Roger really did cause Grandpa Jessup to die by stealing his land & I don’t think that he didn’t know he was shirttail related is any excuse. (GL – Part 5) Eve could do everything. She’s a whackadoodle. (GL – Part 6) When Nick is too late, the party heads over to Towers for the reception without the wedding. Mindy is convinced that Nick is never coming back between Roger’s & Alex’s efforts. Mindy is devastated in an empty church. At Towers Ed & Maureen dance while a jealous Lillian looks on. Maureen, still thinking she can trust Ed & that Lillian is her friend, insists Ed dance with Lillian. (GL – Part 7) Jenna arrives. Nadine insists she picked out all the food for the wedding. Still self-centered Nadine insists Billy dance with her. Blake tempts Ross into unfatherly thoughts about his would be step-daughter. Ed & Lillian dance while a pleased Maureen watches her husband cheer up her friend from the distance. Nick finally arrives & is confronted by Alex. (GL Part 8) Blake further tempts Ross. Jenna reveals she knows Harlet are cops. Nick finally arrives to find a church empty except for Alex. Roger keeps Alex from talking to Nick to get her help to find Hart. (GL Part 9) Jenna’s after the jewels she hid in Mindy’s train case. Billy talks with Hamp about owning Towers. Nick finally arrives for his wedding, but Mindy is nowhere to be found. Ed dances too closely with Lillian. (GL Part 10) EAM visit Stavros at the diner. Julie confronts Bridget,  her rival for Hart. Nadine shows that Michelle is WAY smarter than her and Nick tries to track down his missing bride. Meanwhile Alex does everything possible to roll out the red carpet to welcome Eve Guthrie into the family, thinking she’d be a perfect replacement bride for Nick. (GL Part 11) Nadine storms the police station. Stavros talks to Eleni about her decision to marry A-M instead of Frank. Dylan is looking for Mindy. (GL Part 12) Roger & Blake talk. Alex & Eve talk. Vanilly start to think the wedding isn’t going to happen tonight and Billy floats a backup plan. (GL  Part 13) Rolly talk honestly. Michelle spots Jenna taking Mindy’s bag with the jewels. (Part 14) Vanilly decide to postpone the wedding when they can’t find Mindy. We find her at the train station mailing a goodbye letter to Nick. (To where? She thinks he isn’t come back to Springfield.) Michelle follows Jenna. (GL Part 15) We give a final check of everyone and their location before the Blackout hits. (GL Part 16) Bloss end up in her bedroom. Eric Luvonaczek (Lujack’s father) finds Nick in an empty church. The remains of the wedding party realize there is a blackout. (GL Part 17) Ed is with Lillian & Maureen is with Roger. (GL Part 18) Michelle & Jenna in the elevator. This is a pivotal scene in GL history and shows Michelle’s attraction to trouble well before Danny. Great Bill-Ben-H.B. scene. Nadine panics when she learns Vanilly are stuck together. (GL Part 19) Bloss fall into bed. Maureen talks about her new job as Spaulding Enterprises and Roger reflects on his life. (GL Part 20) Lillian & Ed are trapped in the garage. Dylan & Julie are trapped in the elevator. (GL Part 21) Michelle and Jenna in the elevator. Jenna tells a story about a lost love.  Harlet try to locate Jenna. (GL Part 22) Bloss shows heat. Lillian & Ed make the best of a bad situation. Fletcher gives Nick a clue about Mindy. (GL Part 23) Before Ed & Maureen’s vow renewal, Ed’s last affair was with Holly. Ed’s nose was out of joint because Maureen was so taken with her new job at Spaulding and Maureen suspected there was something going on with him. She suspected he was involved with Holly again, but instead he was being drawn to Lillian. (GL Part 24) Bloss, Michelle & Jenna. A-M turns to Frank for help when Eleni disappears. (GL Part 25) Roger & Maureen get into the restaurant and they all reassess the situation. Good Vanessa-Maureen friendship scene. Billy’s anger toward Roger grows. (GL Part 26) Dylan’s claustrophobia kicks into high gear and he tells her the story of his adoptive Mom dying. (GL Part 27) More Jenna and Michelle in the elevator. Including Lady Michelle bit and Jenna predicting Danny will come into Michelle’s life (not by name). Great sibling stuff between Gilly and David. Great sparring between Frank & A-M. They really make even better rivals than A-M & Dylan did. (GL Part 28) Almost any scene with Vanessa, Holly & Maureen was excellent. (GL Part 29) Holly, Maureen & Vanessa deal with the fire. Vanessa & Holly have a nice talk. Bloss have a nice talk. (GL Part 30) Alex confronts Eric. Alex offers Nick a deal. More Gilly & David. (GL Part 31) Michelle escaped the elevator. Roger tries to rescue Jenna. Alex tells Nick about Mindy. (GL Part 32) Jenna is arrested. Lillian & Ed get hotter. Alex continues to argue with Nick about Mindy. Great scene with Little Bill and Fletcher and then Nadine blows in as usual it’s an ill wind that blows no good and she’s it. (GL Part 33) Michelle shows that she and Jenna had bonded. I think Roger is effected by Michelle’s belief in Jenna. Again see how she courts trouble. (GL Part 34) Harley & Dylan were first loves. Nadine tries to force Vanessa to commit to Fletcher to keep her away from Billy. Nadine never really loved Billy at all. She wanted him, but she didn’t love him. Nick discovers Eve as he continues to search for Mindy. (GL Part 35) Harley rescues Dylan and Julie. Jenna makes connections with both Maureen and Roger over her helping Michelle. Bloss continue their night of passion. (GL Part 36) Everyone touches base as the danger winds down. Very nice Vanilly scene. (GL Part 37) Fallout from the Nick is Alex’s son reveal. (GL Part 38) Alex and Fletcher reconnect. Eve takes care of Nick. Hamp & Gilly feel the strain between them. Roger thinks about Holly and Jenna. Billy tenderly watches Vanessa sleep. The lights come back on and Blake decides to follow through on her original plan and use her new found connection with Ross to get revenge against her mother for what she sees as Holly costing her A-M.

Starting at 7:50 an additional later scene with Eve and Nick and then one with Alex and Jenna where Jenna blackmails Alex with her knowledge that Alex used Roger to help break up his wedding to Mindy.

Clearly some scenes (like Eleni being rescued) are missing here. As always, if I find them or a more complete version of the story, I will revisit. Check back for updates.

UPDATED March 19 2016: I double checked the links, I added headings, and my signature block.

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