We Love Soaps Greatest As The World Turns Couples

I’ve already posted the Greatest couples as chosen by We Love Soaps for Guiding Light, now I’ll post those from As the World Turns. Unbelievably ATWT didn’t even crack the top ten, starting with an admittedly wonderful couple, one of my personal favorites at number 12. ATWT does have more couples overall than Guiding Light.

We Love Soaps rubric for judging:

12. Tom and Margo – ToMargo

16. Carly and Jack – CarJack

22. Lily and Holden – Linden

27. Steve and Betsy – Steve and Betsy (I’ve never heard of a couple code for them, have you?)

31. Bob and Kim – Bob and Kim (no couple code here either)

33. John and Lucinda – John and Lucinda (would think there would be one for them)

42. Jeff and Penny – the genre’s first supercouple, they stand alone

49. Luke and Noah – Nuke

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2 Responses to “We Love Soaps Greatest As The World Turns Couples”

  1. Gina D Says:

    Luke and Noah do not belong on this list. Actually, over half of the couples that this website listed, do not belong on this list, but I know of plenty that should be on this list. The editors must have all been drinking beers and tossing out names and just picked their favorites. Also, limiting the list to 50 names for all the soaps over all of the years is like asking Hanes to only sell one type of underwear and only one color—–impossible. This is why I do not pay attention to websites like these and their so called “lists” or polls that can be rigged.
    Rant over. I used a lot of rant on my post below this one for the GL couples, LOL. So, my energy is drained.
    Nuke? What a boring couple. Manny or Malah should have been on this list over Nuke, any day, month or year.

  2. glmanny Says:

    Reblogged this on Glmanny's Blog and commented:

    Revisiting some of the best couples of Oakdale.

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