Dylan Lewis and Bridget Reardon

Another one of my favorite couples was Dylan Lewis and Bridget Reardon Lewis. They came back for the finale, so the people who just watched at the end might also appreciate a little bit of a background who they are because its been a REAL long time. First, a little background. When Harley Cooper Davidson was first introduced she was pregnant. She had the baby who she named Daisy (after the daisies the baby’s father used to bring her) and gave her up for adoption, eventually the baby was adopted by the LeMays. The baby’s father had abandoned her and she took older brother Frank’s advice to pretend her baby never existed. She got into a foursome with Dinah Marler (version 1.0), Alan-Michael Spaulding, and Cameron. It was a lite version trying to recapture some of the Four Musketeer magic. Alan-Michael and Harley married. They said it was to get access to his trust fund, but there were real feelings there they were afraid to admit. They had finally admitted the feelings to each other and were in a good place when Dylan showed up.

It turned out that Dylan hadn’t abandoned Harley. He had been arrested and convicted of armed robbery and had been in jail. At the time he wasn’t literate (he suffered from dyslexia) so he couldn’t write. So now armed with this new piece of information Dylan and Harley start out to find their daughter and pursue getting custody returned to them. The LeMays had renamed her Susan (when she later shows up at Harley’s house as teenager, this is what she calls herself, they only reverted to Daisy with yet another recast and her second coming to Springfield where she played out pretty much the exact same story as she did the first time with nastier people). Alan-Michael is threatened by this new closeness between Harley and Dylan and with reason. His reaction is out of proportion though and he ends up kidnapping Daisy in order to give her back to Harley. This creates a huge mess and ends up creating the situation he feared most and Harley divorces him. Dylan and Alan-Michael both had to do community service as firemen from the fallout (which actually resulted in some pretty good scenes and was very lucky during the Great 5th Street fire when both men volunteered). Eventually the Lemays move out of state and take Susan/Daisy with them where there is no further contact until she is a teenager.

Dylan’s next surprise comes in the form of half an old baby blanket Reva finds in her things during one of her many moves. She remembers a baby. It starts to come out and she tries to lie about it and say her secret involved being raped, but really the baby was Billy’s and she had sought comfort from him in Josh’s absence sooner than anyone else had realized. She had hidden the baby and Sarah, probably with all her practice from giving away Cassie herself, got the baby placed for adoption. Dylan’s adoptive mother had died and the way he found out left him with severe claustrophobia. His adoptive father reacted poorly to the mother’s death and he became abusive. Dylan started to bond with Reva and then she found his birthmark and discovered he was her son.


Dylan had romances with Phillip’s biological sister Samantha Marler and Mallet’s sister Julie. All the while he was a strong friend to Bridget Reardon.  Bridget was Matt’s little sister and the niece of Maureen, Nola, Jim, Tony, etc. Matt and Bridget were two of the kids of  Bea Reardon’s oldest son. Bridget Reardon was by turns obnoxious and a spunky heroine. She was known for causing the Springfield Blackout that trapped Jenna and Michelle in the elevator by turning on every electrical device she owned including her hair dryer during brown out conditions. She wanted Hart, but Hart was in love with Mallet’s younger sister Julie. One night Bridget got Hart drunk and took him to a haystack. They had sex and she conceived Peter. When her plan to get Hart away from Julie didn’t work (yes, Hart was stupid enough to get into the same exact set up TWICE), Bridget made a deal with Nadine. Billy had married Nadine while drunk and stayed with her because Nadine encouraged him to keep drinking. (She really didn’t care that much about Billy, she viewed him as a meal ticket.) When Nadine realized Billy was getting ready to make a break from her, she faked a pregnancy to keep him. Then she had to produce a baby so she made her deal with Bridget who she hid in the attic for the remainder of her pregnancy. Nadine passed off little Peter as her and Billy’s child, but the truth came out. This broke up Billy and Nadine and eventually led to Billy shooting Roger Thorpe to try to keep him away from Peter which led to Billy serving time in jail (a couple years he was off the show– Man, that was a return episode when he came back, he threw himself a party at the country club and you didn’t know it was him until he made his grand entrance, the current scribes should have watched it and taken notes, grumble, grumble). It also led to a nasty custody fight. It ended up in a complicated shared custody arrangement with Vanessa being giving the honorary title of “Peter’s Second Mother.” They all were actively involved in Peter’s rearing, until Bridget took him and left town to marry Dylan and move away from Springfield. Dylan returned to town for family functions a few times over the years, but neither Bridget nor Peter ever returned after leaving. An unpopular Dylan recast returned in 2007 saying that he and Bridget had divorced, but he never caught on with viewers and after Harley left the show, he gradually faded from sight.


Dylan and Bridget were great together. I never really cared for any of their other pairings, but during all of them they supported and helped each other. They always turned them to each other in times of trouble. Together they were a strong team and I was so glad when they finally got together and left with a supportive, positive relationship with someone who really understood them. Dylan’s original portrayer once said in an interview that Dylan wasn’t a real guy, he was every woman’s ideal of what a guy should be which really depressed me at the time. I wanted a guy as understanding, considerate, and romantic as Dylan. Clearly he was wrong (that ideal would be Danny Santos), but I have to admit Dylan would be a second, not a close second, but a second. ;-) I was very disappointed that they’d broken them up over that stupid recast and was very glad they at least seemed to be moving towards reconciliation at the Vanilly wedding.

UPDATED April 23 2016: I didn’t really change this at all except to add the signature block.

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2 Responses to “Dylan Lewis and Bridget Reardon”

  1. Gina D Says:

    I also liked Dylan and Bridget. I never liked him with Sam and really didn’t care for him and Julie (I always wanted Julie and Hart to work out). I never cared for Bridget until she became pregnant and the actress really stole hearts through her acting. It was sad in the finale to see that they were good friends, but not together. That was another stupid move on TPTB for recasting Dylan with a bad recast who had absolutely no chemistry with anyone and giving him back story that he and Bridget divorced! I hated that and wished that, like Quint and Nola, their back story included a reconciliation, but it didn’t. Which is why we should both be thankful for our faves (Manny and Malah). Both of our couples were together, forever, in the end and I was grateful that I was able to see a two part Malah reunion, on Sept 8th, when they were fated to reunite and on Sept 18th, that showed them happy together reunited. When couples belong together, TPTB should keep them together. Circumstances and evil people may keep beloved couples apart, but they should never fall in love with other people while apart and should always, always reunite. At least Bridget and Dylan were still friends, in the end.

  2. glmanny Says:

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    Looking back at Dylan Lewis and Bridget Reardon Lewis.

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