Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 65

Republisher’s Note: Manny fight their way back after the Mick reveal.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 65

Michelle rested her hands on Danny’s door as her eyes wandered to the thin strip of glass that gave sight to Danny’s frame laying in that hospital bed. She didn’t know what to do next. If she dared to enter the room, she opened herself up to possibility that he could drop her like a stone no matter what Albert had said, yet if she stayed away she could be missing out on the best thing that had ever come into her life. For the moment she stood frozen not sure which prospect would have been worse.

“Michelle,” Albert’s voice sank into her ear.

“I’m not sure about this,” she said meekly.

“You need to do this.”

“But does he need it?” she countered knowing full well that Danny’s condition was far from stable. Even from the fair distance she was standing she could see how pale he was and she had to imagine very weak as well.

“Yes,” Albert returned forcefully.

Michelle bit at her lower lip as Albert pushed her through the swinging door. She felt her chest tighten as Danny’s eyes met hers for the first time since they both realized who the other was.

“Michelle, dear come sit please,” Jenny said offering her chair to the frightened girl staring wide eyed at all those in the room.

“Jenny,” Albert said above the loud silence that engulfed the room, “I think it’s time for us to go. There is someone we need to meet.”

“Someone to meet?” she looked at him quizzically hoping that he was finally letting her in on his plan.

“Yes, besides I think they would be better served talking without an audience.”

Jenny looked at her husband and suddenly was so unsure of everything again. The hard cold mask that he had once worn was so ever present again and she was on the outside looking in. It frightened her how everything in a matter of forty-eight hours had dramatically changed, for both of them. Albert was a man of long ago and she was now the mafia wife she had never wanted to be.

She eyed Michelle, who had yet to move from her original spot, carefully. Every mothering instinct in her told Jenny to stay but again she found herself heeding Albert’s words.

“We won’t be far,” Jenny touched Michelle’s arm gently as she headed for the door that Albert held open for her.

The swoosh of the swinging door was the only noise in the room. Michelle still hadn’t been able to bring herself to move forward. All she could do was stare at Danny but she didn’t really see him. The only visions that were there were those of his anger, the only sounds were that of his irate words. They sent chills down her spine causing her to shiver.

“You can sit down you know,” Michelle heard the caustic edge to his tone. He was anything but subtle about it. The stabbing pain that filled her made it difficult to move. She had serious doubts that Albert’s version of how this was about to go were true, yet she complied with his request.

Again she was faced with what to say. She had gone through all of this over and over again. She had to laugh at how futile I’m sorry sounded.

“Tell me about the night my brother died,” Danny said solemnly.

Reliving that night again was the very last thing Michelle wanted to do. She had finally just now been able to fall asleep without a light on, or without Mick’s sneering face haunting her. Danny had been the one responsible for those things happening. How bizarre it was that he and Mick were so vastly different. Knowing Danny as she did now she would have never imagined that could have ever been related in any way.

Danny was caring, loving….so human. Mick was none of those things.

“Michelle,” Danny prodded her.

“What do you want me to say?” she finally spat angry for his need to make her say things he already knew.

“I want you to tell me about the night my brother died,” he said again.

“And if I can’t?”

“You have to.”


“I need to know everything.”

“And you don’t already?” she countered, “You seemed to know all you needed to know not so long ago.”

“I know what I read on paper, but I need to hear it from you.”

“Why? So that it can reinforce what a horrible person you already think I am?” her voice cracked.


“Fine, you want to hear this fine I will tell you about your brother, Danny! He was an alcoholic and a drug user. He preyed on anything in a skirt and when I didn’t give him the time of day he decided that he would take what he wanted!” Michelle hid behind her rage fearing that if she let herself truly think about that night she would never fully recover from it.

“Mick raped you?” With that sentence Danny strained to keep his composure. He was doing a balancing act at the moment between the loyalty he felt for a member of his family and the love that undeniably filled his heart.

Michelle choked back the tears as she remembered how he tore at her blouse revealing her breasts; she remembered how much she felt like an animal’s prey at the moment he pinned her body against the wet sand with his own; she remembered kneeing him hard in the groan and his rolling off of her in sheer agony. Vividly she could still see herself crawling across the sand in an attempt to free herself from him. Mick’s pain had metamorphosed into unbridled rage as his long arm came and grabbed her by ankle pulling her body through the wet sand at the water’s edge. What actually happened after that was very much a blur to Michelle even now. How she had actually gotten the rock in her hand she didn’t know. All that she did know was that it was there and she willed it against his skull with such force that Mick fell to the ground.

“Michelle, I have to know did Mick rape you?”

“He may as well have.”

“That really doesn’t answer my question.”

“Why are you doing this?” she cried, “Why are you making me relive that night. Don’t you think that I have done it enough already?”

“I need to understand.”

“Understand this Danny….your brother was a monster. A monster who would have raped me that night on the beach and god only knows what else if I hadn’t defended myself. I am certainly not proud of what I did. If I could go back and change it I would but if you think that I am going to say I am sorry for being alive….well I just can’t do that.”

“There is no need for you to apologize for being alive,” Danny said softly.

“Then what?”

“Michelle, hear me out. I know what a bastard my brother was. I knew what he was into. I know what a volatile temper he had when he didn’t get what he wanted or what he thought he deserved.”

“So are you saying that you understand?” Michelle wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“I don’t know.” Her hopes suddenly dashed by those words, “I know that Mick was my brother. Good or evil he was my blood. That’s not an easy thing to get past.”

“I’m sorry,” she gasped, “Those words are so meaningless. Sorry isn’t enough but…..”

“Michelle wait,” he cut her off, “let me finish. There was no love lost between Mick and I. To Mick I was just another person in his life that had taken things from him. I was the chosen one. What I saw as a curse he saw as a gift.”

“What are you saying, Danny?”

“I am saying that I came here looking for a fresh start. I thought that I had found that with you but it turned out just to be an extension of what I left behind.”

“And you think it was any different for me?” she said angry again, “I wasn’t supposed to come to Texas and fall in love with the brother of the man whose death I was responsible for. Talk about a major reality check.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth Michelle regretted them.

“I know,” she was surprised by Danny’s sudden softness. She fully expected to have another angry exchange.

“Excuse me?”

“I know. Believe me we both got more then we bargained for.” Danny reached for her hand that was tentatively resting on the edge of his bed.

“Are you saying that there is still a chance for us?” She held her breath not daring to hope.

“I can’t imagine my life without you in it,” the tears pooled in his black eyes.

“But Danny…..I kill……”

“Shhhh, I know. But I can’t continue to let the past rule my future. I am sorry that Mick is dead. I am more sorry that he tried to hurt you.”

Michelle exhaled deeply as though she had been holding her breath under water. She had never once thought that she would hear those words from him.

“Michelle, I fell in love with you the minute you walked into The Two Step with Sarah.”

“Yeah but you fell in love with Melanie….not Michelle.”

“Was there really ever any difference?” he smiled knowing that even though he had changed his name deep down he was still Danny Santos.

“There was supposed to be. Melanie never was responsible for another person’s demise.”

“Michelle, you said it yourself it was you or him that night right?”


“Then let’s leave it at that.”

“Can we really do that? Danny I killed your brother. Self defense or not I am the person who did it.”

“Listen to me, Michelle, I know what you did. You know what you did, but we also both know what kind of man my brother was. He was on the path to self destruction long before he ever brought you in for the ride.”

“That still doesn’t wipe away the fact that I cost your family one of its members.”

“Michelle, I don’t blame you for Mick’s death. I love you.”

Danny reached out and lightly stroked her face, “In some strange way I am thankful to Mick.”


“Yes. His path of destruction led to my salvation.”

“Danny, I want to believe that.”

“Then believe it because it’s true. For once in my life I have everything that I ever dreamed of having.”

“But you were so angry and rightfully so. I lied to you.”

“No I was the one who lied. You were only following along with what you were supposed to. I was the one who decided to be a Sampson not a Santos and now more than ever I am glad that I did. If I hadn’t, you would have run. And I would have never gotten to experience what love is really supposed to be.”

Danny did his best to pull her body close to his own. Even though their lips barely brushed one another’s both felt the electricity pulse through their bodies.

“I love you too,” she said as she laid her head on his shoulder as tears of sheer joy streamed down her face. Out of a horrific nightmare something magical had emerged.
Both looked up at the sound of the swinging door, Danny tensed at the pair of eyes that met his.

“Just who are we meeting and more importantly don’t you think we should have stayed with them? Michelle could have used us you know,” Jenny said as she walked along side of Albert.

“We are meeting an attorney from Springfield named Ross Marler and as for Danny and Michelle they need to work this out alone.”

“Springfield…..attorney? What are you talking about?”

“Apparently Danny retained his services before he headed here. That’s all I really know at the moment.”

“That doesn’t make much sense does it?”

“No. Unless Danny really did have something to hold over Carmen’s head.”

There was that name again. For a brief moment Jenny had lulled herself into believing that the women didn’t exist, unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

“Albert, about Carmen…….” she started.

“There he is,” Albert said ignoring the beginnings of her remark.

“Mr. Marler, this is my wife Jenny.”

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Santo….Sampson,” Ross was quick to correct himself.

“And you,” she said politely.

“Could I please see that envelope that you were holding for my nephew?” Albert said pulling no punches.

“I’m afraid that I am unable to do that.”


“I am Danny’s attorney and by law am bound by the client privilege. I can only return this to Danny that is if he wants it back.”

“I don’t think my nephew will be up to making any decision of such magnitude at this time. I will be in charge of his affairs for the time being.”

“Until such time that Danny tells me that himself I am afraid that I can’t release any information in my possession.”

“Mr. Marler!” Albert’s voice grew louder stirring the few others in the coffee shop.

“Albert,” Jenny said tugging at his tense arm, “Let the man do the job Danny is paying him for. It’s quite apparent that Danny has picked a qualified attorney for a reason.”

“You just don’t understand,” Albert began as Ross dropped his coffee cup against the counter. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a man that too closely resembled his brother breeze through the hospital entrance.


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