Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 62

Republisher’s Note: Danny is fighting for his life. Chapter 61 and 62 are identical.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 62

Joe swallowed hard around the lump in his throat and did his best not to let his mind wander to the images of his wife and son that jumped out at him. All of fragmented information that he had been fed so far pointed to the fact that he was stepping into the middle of a Mob war and he had watched enough of those types of movies to know that real life would be far worse.
Aligning the pieces of this puzzle proved to be a difficult task. Yet the only think Joe could focus on were the facts. The number one of them being he had bonded with Danny and Albert in the past months in a way that even his present fears couldn’t shake. Joe raised his eyes as he said a silent pray for not only himself but also the others as well to emerge from this unscathed.
Joe picked up the coffee, which were now cold, from the counter and made his deliberate entrance into the waiting area. “Follow Jenny’s lead,” he repeated to himself as he drew closer to the group.
“Thank you,” Jenny said reaching for the cardboard container holding the drinks, “Bernardo, Nino, I would like you to meet Joe. He is the manager of the club and a close friend of the family;” Jenny stressed knowing full well given the circumstances it was necessary for the men to know that Joe was no threat to them.
“Nice to meet you, Joe,” Bernardo said bringing forth his hand to meet Joe’s.
“And you,” he returned hearing his own voice shake.
Joe moved away from the group towards Michelle, as Jenny continued to make small talk.
“Are you okay?” he asked softly.
Her only response was to shrug her shoulders fearing any speech on her part would only bring a new flood of tears. This was all too much for her. Killing Mick; being forced into the witness protection program; falling in love with Danny Sampson; finding out that Danny was Mick’s brother; watching Jeremy Lucas shoot Danny; knowing that Danny could die too; standing up to the federal agents; telling those people now the most dear to her she wasn’t who they thought she was and now having more Mob men descend upon her; Michelle couldn’t fathom anything anymore.
“Do they know anything?” he questioned eyes darting to Jenny and the men only mere feet away from them.
“I don’t think so,” she mustered, “Jenny told them I was Melanie Branson and Danny’s girlfriend. What a joke,” she giggled. The whole twisted situation getting the better of her.
“That’s good. I spoke with Albert and he said no matter what to follow Jenny’s lead.”
“Whatever,” she said harshly, “Like anything matters anymore anyway. My life is over!” angst filling her voice as she spoke.
“It’s far from over,” he countered, “and Danny is going to pull through this surgery. I know it. He loves you too much not to.”
“You are kidding right?” she gasped.
“I KILLED HIS BROTHER!!” Michelle’s words were louder then need be.
“Michelle,” Joe said through clenched teeth.
“It’s the truth. How can he ever forgive me let alone love me?!?!?!”
Jenny’s ears perked up at the conversation that was taking place in the background, “Excuse me, Bernardo. Melanie is quite up set by all of this. I really do need to see to her.”
“By all means. Nino and I will go get some coffee and wait for Albert to arrive.”
“Thank you.”
Jenny watched Nino and his father departed the room, “What do you two think you are doing over here?!?!” the fever ant tone of her voice showed her anger, “We can’t afford to let The Sandoval’s in on our family secrets!”
“I killed Mick!!” Michelle forced again, “AND IF DANNY DIES I AM JUST AS RESPONSIBLE!!!” the cries that filled her throat covered any further words.
As angry as Jenny was the only thing she could find herself doing was reaching for Michelle, pulling her close against her chest while the frightened young woman cried. Gently stroking her mass of blonde curls, Jenny couldn’t begin to imagine the turmoil that was taking place within Michelle. So many things that once had been true turned into falsehoods for not just her but all of them.
“Listen to me,” Jenny began as she wiped the tears from Michelle’s face, “Yes, you are responsible for Mick’s death. There isn’t anything we can do to change that. I have to believe somewhere deep inside you; you understand that you did what was necessary to ensure your survival. It doesn’t make it any easier to deal with and I understand that. But you must stop punishing yourself for an act that ultimately you had no control over.”
“NO CONTROL!?!?!?!” Michelle couldn’t believe her ears, “I picked up a rock and bashed his skull in! I was very much in control.”
“No!” Jenny stressed, “You were reacting to a situation that Mick was in control of. You have to see that.”
“I wish it were that simple,” she sighed.
“It is……….”
“Sarah,” Joe said as the girl entered the room, “I thought Albert told you to get as far away from here as possible?”
“I couldn’t,” she replied.
“Where’s Matt?” he asked.
“I don’t know and I don’t really care.”
“What?!?!?” Confusion again reigned supreme.
“He didn’t understand, did he?” Jenny asked knowing full well that what Matt had heard would have been hard for most people to digest.
“No he didn’t,” Sarah’s words were soft as she spoke.
“I’m sorry,” Michelle said watching the tears silently slid down her friends face, “This…..all of this is my fault. If I had just stayed out of everyone’s lives none of this would be happening,” she cried.
“How is it your fault that Matt chose to think the worst of you all?” Sarah countered coming to stand alongside of Michelle. “He was the one who chose to hear only the words and not see the truth that was starring him in the face. You are my friend. I don’t give a damn what you did to get here. All I care about is that you helped me when I didn’t think it was possible and I want to do that for you now. Damn the consequences!”
“But……I can’t……..” Michelle began.
“No buts,” Sarah said cutting her short, “I want to be here. And no one is going to change my mind.”
“Thank you,” Michelle reached out to her friend squeezing her hand.
“Albert isn’t going to be happy about this though,” Joe interjected still trying to follow Albert’s orders.
“We are in this together now, “ Jenny said, “Albert knows that. We are family and family to us means everything!” Jenny heard the words as they escaped her lips and couldn’t believe she had said them.
Suddenly she was everything that she had never been. In the midst of this crisis she had turned herself into the Mafia wife she had never been. Rather then it terrifying her the way she thought that it would, it gave her a calm that she had never experienced before.

As Albert brought his car to rest in the parking lot of the hospital, he still wasn’t able to shake the rage that consumed him. His eyes traveled to the folder that lay on the seat beside him. In the short period of time that he had acquired this knowledge the words on those pages were burned into his memory. He vaguely wondered if this was how Danny felt coming to the realization that Michelle had been responsible for his brother’s death no matter what the circumstances that were behind it. It was easy for him to understand the fury that must have coursed through his nephew. Ultimately Albert knew it had been different. Danny loved Michelle so that made it all the more difficult for him. Albert on the other hand had no restrictions on his thoughts; nothing to stop him from enacting the wrath that welled from a part of his soul he long thought had been walled off.
Albert picked up the folder that in a second had changed his whole perception of life, as he had known it. He dropped it as quickly as he reached for it almost like it seared his skin like a branding iron. The rationalization of the facts coming again to hit him squarely in the face. Albert forced back the tears that he had suppressed until now but the effort proved a fruitless one. The rage and anger now dissolved into disbelief and pain at all that was now lost to him because of some vain power struggle that should have never come to pass. The images of his fallen son and brother danced vividly along the dark canvas of his closed eyes. Albert beat his fists on the steering wheel doing anything to release the pent up rage the threatened to swallow him whole.
“I SWEAR TO GOD YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WILL PAY!!!!!” he seethed forcing composure to return.
Albert ran his hands over his face breathing in the cool air hoping that would quench the fire that wasn’t about to be extinguished. He stepped off the elevator on the surgical floor and his eyes met Bernardo’s, a man he hadn’t seen in nearly ten years. A funny sensation of relief and apprehension washed over him. He could feel himself being easily sucked back into the ways of a world that was no longer his.
“Albert,” Bernardo’s voice conveyed true feelings for a man who had once been part of a circle of friends.
Albert reached to shake his hand and upon doing so Bernardo pulled him into a full embrace, “I am sorry about Daniel. This was never meant to happen to him.”
“No it wasn’t,” Albert confirmed.
“What happened? Did Daniel find Mick’s killer? Is that person responsible for this as well?” Bernardo fired his questions in rapid seccessation.
“Mick’s killer??” Albert feigned ignorance, “What are you talking about?” Michelle was part of their family now. He wasn’t about to feed her to the wolves he knew these men to be.
“Carmen told us that Daniel had come here to avenge Mick’s murder,” Bernardo said giving Albert a questioning look.
“Since when have you given credence to Carmen’s words?” Albert forced the words from his mouth.
“Are you trying to say that it all was a ruse on her part?” Bernardo’s face grew flushed as his own anger at being duped again by Carmen pushed its way to the surface.
“It has come to my attention that many things about Carmen Santos have been a ruse.”
“Excuse me?” Bernardo asked arching his brow.
“I think you heard me. It appears that Carmen is the master of illusion.”
“ALBERT!” he was tired of the guessing game that his old friend was playing, “What is it you are trying to tell me?”
Albert brought forth the folder that hung in his hand. “I think this will explain it better then I ever could.”
“WHERE DID YOU GET THIS!?!?!?!” Bernardo’s booming voice caused Jenny to move closer to the open doorway.
“And you believe this?!?!”
“Don’t you? It makes perfect sense from where I sit.”
“Dietz is a rat! He proved that to me in spades. He is only looking out for number one.”
“That may be, but there is no denying what’s on those pages. All the things that were muddy to me in the past, suddenly became crystal clear. So what are we going to do about it?!?!” Albert barked.
Jenny continued standing at the door. As she listened to the exchange of words between her husband and Bernardo, nausea filled the cavity of her stomach. The words she was hearing bounced around in her head like sounds of a record being played at the wrong speed. Distorted in such a way that she could almost believe that it wasn’t how it sounded. The longer she remained there the more the horrific the tale became. Her mouth went dry and the warm blood that had coursed through her veins was now frozen.
She couldn’t even remove herself from the doorway as Albert, Bernardo, Nino and Dr. Hacker entered the room.


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