Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 49

Republisher’s Note: Michelle’s secret is about to come on.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 49

Carmen couldn’t process the words she had just heard. It was though a bomb had exploded in the room and all those standing among the rubble were silenced by the devastation.

“Is this true, Carmen?” Bernardo finally spoke, “You have a lead on Mick’s killer?”

“Yes,” Carmen answered playing along with Ben’s brilliant setup.

“Why didn’t you just tell us, instead of playing these absurd games all this time?”


“This was a sensitive matter,” Ben interjected.

The look that Bernardo shot in Ben’s direction was pure death, “Sensitive matter? Are you trying to elude that we can’t be trusted with such information?” Bernardo was barely able to say the words without spitting.

“No….Bernardo,” Carmen spoke up thankful that Ben had given them an out for the moment but knowing he was in way over his head with these men.

“Then what?!?!”

“I didn’t know if this would lead us anywhere. All of the other avenues came up dead ends……..”

“So what you thought this suit was better qualified to handle it rather then those who have been like family to you?”

“No…….” Carmen struggled for the words to handle damage control here.

“Please then do explain.”

“No explanation really. I saw Mr. Warren and his abilities as an asset to my organization. Both Daniel and I did. Then when the information about Mick’s killer came out Daniel acted on it.”

“Why all the secrets?” Manuel inquired.

“That’s how Danny wanted it,” Ben added. Carmen turned looking at him as if to say keep your damned mouth shut.

“Oh really?” Bernardo was quick to raise a brow at Ben’s remark his suspicions satisfactorily raised.

“So you see, Bernardo, the information you received about my not knowing where my son was…..well it was a plant on my part.” Carmen looked at Dietz who was doing his best to disappear into the woodwork, “It was never my intention to dupe any of you. I just want the justice my son deserves.”

“I see.”

“Now that we have gotten this straightened out,” Carmen said making her way to the sliding panel that would allow her guests to exit.

“Not quite, Carmen,” Bernardo countered.

“Now what?!?!?” she huffed.

“There is still the little matter of Danny’s taking his place at this table. I want it on record that your days in that chair,” he pointed to the seat she just vacated, “are numbered.”

Bernardo wasn’t buying any of this story, but he would give Carmen enough time to hang herself further. That way disposing of her would be all the easier.

“Not to worry, Bernardo, Daniel will be exactly where he belongs,” Carmen said cunningly.

“We will be in touch.”

Dietz turned away as Bernardo tried to make eye contact as he walked through the doorway. He felt the beads of sweat collecting on his brow knowing that either way he was doomed. Carmen knew what he had done and she had made certain that Bernardo thought his squealing had been her set up all along.

“Might I suggest that you make yourself scarce?” she instructed to the man who had been her husband’s right hand.

“What?” Dietz said hoarsely totally taken aback that she was just letting him walk.

“You heard me.”


“Dietz,” she growled, “Be gone before I change my mind and take care of you before Bernardo has the chance.”

He exited the room without a moments hesitation knowing full well that it wouldn’t take long before Bernardo came calling. He didn’t even bother to pack a bag, time was of the essence. That was if he valued his life any.

Carmen walked back to the table where Ben was still seated looking like the cat that had just swallowed the proverbial mouse. She surely had to give the man credit for thinking fast on his feet.

“Might I congratulate you on a job well done?”

“Thank you.”

“I hate to admit this but your fast thinking came in very handy.”

“I saw that.”

“What on earth made you think up such a believable tale?”

“And what makes you think it was a ‘tale’? he countered.

“It must be.”

“Don’t be so sure about that,” Ben said pulling a large brown envelope from his briefcase.

“What’s this?” she asked as he handed it over.

“The person who killed your son.”


“All you need to know about who killed Mick is in there.”

At the moment Carmen could have been bowled over by a feather. Her brain wasn’t able to make sense out of Ben’s words. As she opened the envelope it was as if she was standing outside of her body watching the scene unfold before her. Inside was a folder, her hands trembled as she laid it’s contains on the table in front of her.
The two pockets of the blue folder neatly held all the things about Mick’s killer that Danny hadn’t been able to locate. Suddenly it dawned on Carmen why. The block print read WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM.

“How?” was the only word Carmen was able to sputter.

“I did some checking. I still have a few people who are loyal,” Ben smiled thinking how loyal he was to himself. He most certainly ensured his place in the grander scheme of things.


“It’s all in there.”

Carmen felt her nausea fill her as she fingered the papers, the details of her son’s death. She swallowed hard as she read the recount of events that lead up Mick lying on the beach with his skull bashed in.

“I can’t……WON’T believe this. IT’S A LIE!!! ALL OF IT IS A BALL FACED LIE!!!!”

“Well the authorities believed the story enough to grant protection.”

“NOT FOR LONG!!!” Carmen continued to read through all of the information. It was only when she got to the name and photo of who was truly responsible that she gasped. The face of Michelle Bauer, the daughter of the good doctor stared back at her.

“What are you thinking, Carmen?”

“That it’s time that Daniel lived up to his original responsibilities. So Ms. Bauer is lurking around Galveston, Texas, is she? And thinking that she is in the clear for cutting my son’s life short. Well we will just have to remedy that,” Carmen smiled sinisterly.

This was far better then she had ever expected things to turn out. Until now she had been so caught up in keeping her rightful place that she didn’t have time to be overly concerned with the job Danny had left unfinished.

“Heading to Texas are we?” Ben questioned glad that Carmen was far too caught up in the information rather then exactly how he obtained it. Looked like for all intents and purposes he was in the clear on all accounts. He finally could breath a needed sigh of relief.

“Not just yet. I can’t walk away from here quite yet. If I know Bernardo he didn’t exactly buy this little concoction of yours.”

“You think?”

“I know. Hell until minutes ago I thought it was a story, myself.”

“Sorry to disappoint,” Ben joked.


“So what’s your plan then, if it’s not going to Texas?”

“Not to worry. What needs to be done will be. I will most definitely see to that.”

Albert poured his wife a glass of white wine and watched as the flames from the fire fanned her beautiful face. He felt that they had come full circle. In the days since Richard’s name was now allowed life in their home once again, an amazing transformation between the two of them had taken place. They had found each other again. All those feelings that had first drawn them together all those years ago were now at the forefront enabling them to love again.

“Melanie is a very special girl. Danny is lucky to have her,” Jenny said taking the goblet from Albert’s hand, “The thought that went into all she did tonight was just amazing.”

“Yes it was.”

“You know Albert this is the first time that I can remember enjoying myself during the holidays.”

“Me too.”

“Thank you.”

“For what?” he questioned.

“Helping me remember our son. Remembering that it was our love that made him. A love that didn’t have to be lost to us just because he was,” Jenny breathed deeply as to hold back the tears that threatened to fall.

“Jenny, I always loved you,” Albert said kneeling along side his wife.

“I didn’t. There was a time, Albert, that I hated you with everything I had in me.”

Those were words that Albert had always known, none the less hearing them aloud was still difficult. “No more then I hated myself.” Gently Jenny reached out and stroked his face for the first time truly seeing the pain in her husband’s eyes.

“Why did we wait so long to do this?” she asked.

“Anger and pain, they do funny things to a person.”


“I just think we took the easy way out. If we didn’t speak it then we could pretend it didn’t exist.”

“How foolish.”

“That it was. I thought immersing us in a different place with a different business that it would somehow make it all disappear.”

“The only thing we succeeded in making disappear was ourselves,” Jenny remarked.

“Why did it take Danny to make us see that?” Albert questioned.

“I know why for me. What about you?” she countered.

“Watching your reaction and hearing your revelations. That’s what really woke me up. I had no idea the anger you had buried inside of you.”

“I lost my only child, Albert. And not by some freak accident, but by a rival family’s gun. I had a right to be angry.”

“I know. I just didn’t know how much.”

“I’m still angry.”

“Do you think that you can ever forgive me?” he questioned, “Forgive me for not knowing any other way to live; forgive me for drawing Richard in the way I was?”

“The more important question Albert, is can you forgive yourself?”

“I wish I knew the answer to that one myself.”

“Then I say we work on it together. The way we should have done many many years ago?” Jenny leaned in and kissed Albert. Kissed him for the first time truly loving him again.

Sarah’s eyes traveled to the beautifully framed photo of her and her mother and did her best attempt not to cry. The effort was a fruitless one.

“Hey,” Matt reached for her hand as the car came to a stop.

“I’m sorry,” she wiped away the tears, “I just can’t believe that Melanie did all of this for me.”

“Yeah she did a lot of nice things for us all tonight.”

“It’s like having my mom with me.”

“That’s what she was hoping for.”

“Too bad my own father couldn’t have done the same,” Sarah’s disappointment was evident.

“Don’t let him ruin the night. Forget about him. From all that you have told me about him, he’s certainly not worth the time it takes to think about him.”

“He’s still my dad,” she whispered.

Somewhere in the back of her mind Sarah still clung to the fantasy she held of him she had as a child. That one day he would appear and all those things she had missed he would somehow make up for. Unfortunately the harsh reality of the man she had met months ago was sobering.

His arrogance and ego were still the driving forces behind all that was Carl Beck. Sarah had deluded herself in thinking that all that her mother had told her could have possibly been warped by her mother’s own perception. Yet that hadn’t been the case. Carl Beck proved his inadequacies as a father in spades.

“Biology doesn’t make you a father,” Matt said softly.

“I know.”

“Sarah, I don’t know your dad. I don’t want to make judgments about him, but from where I am standing he doesn’t deserve one ounce of your anguish.”

“Then why do I care?”

“I don’t know. I see you as a bright wonderful person. You father should be damn proud to say that you are his daughter. And if he doesn’t have the good sense to be then I say to hell with him!”

“It was a lot easier when I never saw him.”

“I bet.”

Sarah flipped through the pages of her scrapbook as Matt leaned in to get a glimpse of what Melanie’s hard work actually looked like.

“You were a cute kid.”

“Thank you. But I was a tomboy at heart.”

“Tomboy huh? You certainly don’t look like on now.”

“Thankfully I grew out of it,” she laughed.

“Sarah,” Matt began, “I’m really sorry that things aren’t so good with your dad but I’m glad you ended up here.”

“You know what?” she pulled back and looked at his handsome face, “So am I.”

Danny inched off the bed wrapping himself in the fleece throw that lay on its end. The only light in the apartment was the faint glow of the Christmas tree lights. Danny stood there in awe of the beauty that had long been lost to him.

It wasn’t until right now that he came to realize just how much he missed it all. If he thought hard, he was able to remember a time when this holiday had meant everything to him. The span between then and now was wider and deeper then even the Grand Canyon.

Danny picked up his present. The flood of emotions came rushing back as Melanie’s words of thanks rang in his ears. In all honesty he owed her his own gratitude. He never fully expected to ever feel the emotions she set a stir in him. He had only felt this deep of love for one other person in his life and that being his father. When Miguel was gunned down, that was the day that Danny walled his heart off.

“Penny for your thoughts,” a voice came up from behind him.

“Just this is the best Christmas I can remember in a long time,” he turned to face her, “Do you know what a special person you are and more importantly how lucky I am to have found you?”

“Well that luck runs on a two way street,” she smiled brightly at him.

Danny looked away unable to meet her eyes. No matter who tried to convince him or how much he did it himself, he couldn’t believe that he deserved any of this. More importantly Danny knew that this incredible person before him didn’t deserve the danger that came along with him.

“What?” she questioned watching the dark mask again befall his features, “What’s wrong, Danny?”


“You what?”

“I can’t believe that I deserve you. You are the kindest most genuine person I have ever come across. I don’t think that you understand just how wonderful you are.”

“I’m no Saint, Danny,” Michelle said this being her turn to look away. It was difficult to hear all the kind things said about her with the secret she carried within.

“Closest thing to one I’ve ever seen,” he countered, “I just expect to wake up one morning and this all be a dream.”

“Does this feel like a dream?” she asked using his own words as she kissed him fully on the lips.


“Then I say we stop waiting for this to vanish. I love you, Danny. For the first time in my life I can actually say those words and know what they truly mean. What I feel for you is so strong that I barely know how to breathe when you aren’t with me.”

“I love you too, Melanie,” he said resting his chin within the curls of her hair. He couldn’t help but wonder exactly what price that love would have.


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