Bauer BBQ on DVD

Those of you who have been following along with our #GLParty will be aware that we’ve been counting down the Bauer BBQ episodes that are available on DVD. Most years the Bauer BBQ would stretch over a couple of days. For example in 1998 there were two days of preparations and three days of actual BBQ.  Some years didn’t get that much time devoted. Most of the episodes listed below are a single episode out of the stretch. The one exception in 1987 which saw the show celebrating the 50th year of its existence with a special week of classic episodes. So far two episodes of that week have been released on video so we have two back to back episodes of the Bauer BBQ that year.

Unexpected Arrival (Alan-Michael Spaulding parachutes into Bauer BBQ during 50th Anniversary Week) Bauer Family 4.2.1 July 2, 1987 Thursday X
50th Anniversary Show, The (Charita Bauer Tribute) Springfield Through The Years
1.3.2 July 3, 1987 Friday X
Dueling Barbecues (Roger Thorpe throws his own bbq) Bauer Family 4.2.2 July 4, 1994 Monday
Party Crasher (Annie Dutton shows up at BBQ drunk after Reva cleared of killing baby) Bauer Family 4.2.3 July 4, 1997 Friday
America The Beautiful (Everyone says what they love about the US post 9/11) Bauer Family 4.2.4 July 4, 2002 Thursday
One Last Time (last Bauer BBQ, with Rick’s toast to Bert) Bauer Family 4.2.5 July 3, 2009 Friday

Find the DVD set on or on Amazon. Find links to sample scenes from most of these episodes


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