Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 37

Republisher’s Note: Michelle is in the Witness Protection Program for killing Mick. She is living in Texas under the name Melanie Branson and she’s building a new relationship with Danny who has his own demons he’s hiding from you.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 37

Ben watched Carmen as she watched the men exit the ornate room. He wasn’t sure exactly what he had just agreed to, but his gut told him that it wasn’t good.
All the legwork he had done, wasn’t nearly enough preparation for the scene that had unfolded before him. Up until this point he had thought Danny’s refusal to accept his rightful position would be but a bump in the road for his mother, yet now after the ire he had seen he wasn’t so sure.

“Close the door on your way out,” she instructed Dietz.

“But…….” he said knowing full well that he wasn’t about to stop the powerful machine in his boss’s mind. He only wished that he could. This plan of hers what ever it may have been to involve Ben Warren was going to blow up in her face. Ben wasn’t the answer to the problem. Danny was the only answer Bernardo and the others would accept.

“No buts Dietz, close the door and leave us!” she said her voice straining to keep her composure.

Ben watched as Dietz complied with Carmen’s order but he could clearly see that Mr. Dietz wasn’t going willingly.

“That was quite a show,” Ben finally said as Carmen paced about the room thoughts running rampant through her head, “So just exactly where is your son, Carmen? I am certain of the fact that he is not out expanding the business.”

Ben’s knowledge picked at her already exposed nerves. Things were falling apart around her. She had known that this day would come but without Danny there to play his part, even if it was only that of figurehead, things were getting a bit too dicey even for her.
“I wish I knew,” she said quietly despising the fact that there was something irrevocably out of her control. Danny’s disappearance had made her vulnerable.

“So my first observation that you son has run away from home wasn’t that far from the mark then I would have to say,” Ben gained a bit of the upper hand in the room suddenly. From the displayed he had witnessed he surmised that Carmen’s back was against the wall on this. No matter what she had envisioned for the two of them it wasn’t about to happen without Danny.

“I have to find him,” she said more to herself then to him.

“And that is a problem for you why?” Ben wasn’t understanding.

“Daniel has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want to be found. And discovery of him will not be good for all concerned.”

“Exactly what are you trying to say here?”

“Daniel knows things. Things that could be devastating to all involved. He made it clear that should anything happen to him that he made arrangements for the ultimate downfall of the families.”

“Am I to understand that Danny isn’t interested in the family business and the band of merry men doesn’t know this yet?” Ben was amused by the fact that Carmen had let herself be put in such a precarious situation.

“YES!” Carmen spat having grown tired of Ben’s comedic look at things.

She slumped down in her chair at the head of the table. She had worked so hard to get there she wasn’t about to lose her position now. No matter the threats she still had the control and the power. Carmen could only imagine the things Bernardo and the others were discussing upon their departure.

“Dietz,” she shouted into the intercom.

“Yes, boss,” the man’s voice filled the air.

“I want you to step up security around the house. No one is to enter without my knowledge. Not so much as a delivery is to make it past the gate without your personal inspection! Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, boss.”

“A bit on edge, aren’t we, Carmen?” Ben questioned.

“I haven’t stayed alive in this business this long by throwing caution to the wind. We have to find Daniel.”

“We?” Ben echoed.

“Yes we! You signed on for the job and now you know too many of the players to think you can just walk away.”

“So are you the one now issuing the threats?”
“Not threats, Ben. I see them more as the facts at hand. These men aren’t playing games. Bernardo has his own agenda here and it by far doesn’t include me remaining at the head of this table. Even though it is MY rightful place.”

“But you just said that Danny doesn’t want anything to do with the business,” Ben was getting lost in the maze of things that he by far didn’t understand. He was ruthless by his own right however this game had an entirely different set of rules to it.

“He doesn’t need to want the business. He just needs to be the one sitting in this chair. I will still ultimately be the one in charge. It’s just an optical illusion for the archaic men that occupy the other seats.”

“Then exactly what is it you needed me for again? Since private investigation isn’t my style.”

“I need you for what I told you. Private counsel and to be my right hand man. I know all about your misdeeds, Mr. Warren. And just because they weren’t appreciated by those in that sector of the business world doesn’t mean that those talents couldn’t be put to good use in mine,” the Carmen finally reemerging.

“Yes I have bent a few rules along the way but that by far doesn’t qualify me for the credit that you are doling out.”

“You let me worry about who I do and do not give credit to. First things first we need to find Daniel.”

“Like I said private investigation isn’t my cup of tea.”

“But I’m sure you know someone who’s forte that might be?” she said more in statement then question form.


“Then might I suggest you start making some calls.”

“And tell them what exactly? I am still in the dark a bit here.”

“Go see Dietz. He will give you access to all the files necessary on Daniel. Things he was working on, people he might have been in contact with. Anything remotely connected to him in the months before he left.”

“And this will help me how?”

“Daniel didn’t disappear all on his own. And up until this afternoon I wasn’t all that concerned about where it is he went. But Bernardo is hell bent on getting what he wants and I don’t intend on being a casualty of war, thank you. I have worked far to hard to make this empire what it is. Daniel will be brought back into the fold no matter what I have to do to ensure that.”

“Casualty of war?”

“Let’s get one thing straight, Mr. Warren…if I wanted someone who’s only job was to repeat whatever I say I would have saved myself a great deal of money and bought a parrot! You are a smart man, Ben, and I know you are well aware that Bernardo, or any of the others in this room do not make idle threats. Daniel’s return is a key role in the continuation of The Santos Family. I don’t intend on disappearing from the scene no matter what my son’s intentions are. FIND HIM!!!!!!”

Carmen pressed a button on the intercom again and the panel that she and Ben had walked through earlier again slid open enabling him to exit. He almost turned back to say something, but then thought better of it. He had indeed tangled himself in the black widow’s web and there was no way out of it now, alive that is.

Danny deposited the basket in the trunk and closed it. He looked at the back of Melanie’s head full of massive curls. It still amazed him the feelings that she had conjured up in him in such a short period of time. The more he looked at her the easier it was to buy into his uncle’s explanation of things. His resolve was fading fast.

“You ready?” he asked as he took his position behind the wheel.

“Where are we going?” Michelle asked looking into his mischievous dark eyes. The reservations she had had were gone the minute he returned with a picnic basket in hand. No one could be cruel enough to have such a romantic set-up for a break up of sorts.

“You’ll see,” he returned starting the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.

Danny wound the car through the heart of the city to the outskirts of town. Michelle watched as the scenery passed by. Finally Danny pulled off onto a dirt road that opened up into a clearing. Michelle saw a small pond in the distance.

“It’s beautiful,” she said removing her body from the car.

“I thought you might like it.”

“I do,” she breathed a silent sigh of relief. The fears from this afternoon had vanished into the crisp night air. She was letting Tony Rodgers words enter now. She was glad that she hadn’t doomed Danny like she had originally intended.

Danny took her hand in his and led her to the edge of the water. It was spectacular.

“Would you like to walk for a bit before we eat?” he asked gazing at her gorgeous face.


Michelle was letting herself get lost in the picturesque beauty before her. The pond was illuminated with the approaching moonlight. The water was hues of deep greens and blues almost black in some places yet the moon’s bright light glistened just below the surface. In many ways this place reminded her of the lighthouse and the beach. It had a peacefulness about it that she had only been able to find there.

They strolled around the pond in a comfortable silence that neither chose to break with idle words. Right now words weren’t necessary. The gentle way that Danny draped his arm over her shoulder and the way she brought her hand to meet his was enough for both of them to know what the other was thinking.

“I brought some wine, would you like a glass?” he asked as they sat down on the blanket that Danny had carefully laid out at the shoreline.

“Yes.” Michelle reached for the glass that Danny offered. She looked on as he pulled plate after plate from the basket, “You must have had the men in the kitchen working over time. Look at this feast.”

“Nothing is too good for you. Besides I wasn’t exactly sure what you liked. I just wanted to be prepared.”

“Well that you are.”

“Here try one of these crab cakes. Reggie says they are all the rave.” He brought the sample to her lips.

“He was certainly right. It is delicious.”

They went on tasting and talking for a while before either had the nerve to broach the subject as to exactly why they were there. “You said that we needed to talk,” Michelle finally had enough nerve to ask.

“Yes, yes I did,” Danny drew in a deep breath.


“I just wanted to be sure that you are ready for this. I know that you have been hurt before. I just want you to know that we will go at whatever speed it is you want to go,” Danny said his original plan lost to him.

Sitting there along side of her, he couldn’t risk it. Didn’t want to chance that he could lose her. He was so drawn to this girl that he couldn’t imagine her not being there. And telling his story was certain to ensure that she wouldn’t be.

For the moment he had bought into the words and thoughts that Albert had told him earlier. That he had everything under control. He knew that Carmen wasn’t about to let anything happen to him because his safety was ultimately the only way to ensure that her empire would remain status quo.

He deserved a good life as much as anyone else for that matter. And that life included Melanie Branson.

True relief filled Michelle. It was like she could finally let out the breath that she had been holding in her chest waiting for the other shoe to drop. She stared into his eyes. They looked as deep as the pond before them. There were no words to express the elation that she was feeling. She was getting a true second chance this time. A chance at a complete and fulfilled life. She tried not to concentrate on the fact that someone’s death had brought this chance about. She only fixated her thoughts on the life she could finally start living.

Michelle leaned in closer to him. Close enough for Danny to feel her hot breath against his lips, “What do you think about this speed?” she asked softly bringing her lips to his parting them with her tongue. His willingness to explore her mouth as well was all the answer that she needed.

Danny pulled back for a moment to drink in all the things about her he could. The twinkle in her eye, the softness of her features everything that he found mesmerizing about her. He was unable to grasp the concept that he was deserving of all of this. That even with the sins that would follow him that he could have something this good, this pure be his.

Michelle closed the distance between their lips again. She felt her need for his touch growing deep within her. She let her lips travel to his ears as she suckled his lobes letting her short hot bursts of breath escape into them. She heard Danny’s soft moaning as her lips moved further down his neck. He sat there totally in awe of the power she has over his body. The instant that she touched him he lost all control over himself.

He felt her shiver as he brought his body along side of hers. He laid her gently on the blanket as his fingers trailed the features of her face. His touch sending pulses through her already heated body. Easily he toyed with the buttons of her shirt. Even the slightest graze of his fingers through the fabric had Michelle’s heart skipping a beat. He watched as her teeth tugged at her lower lip and eyes went to where his hands were beginning to undo the buttons revealing the lace bra and soft flesh of her body. Gracefully he dropped the shirt off her shoulders bringing his mouth to base of her neck. His tongue teased her. The shock waves of excitement forcing her nipples to stand erect. Danny easily walked his fingers to the deep cavern between her breasts. Michelle arched her neck as he slipped his fingertips between the thin fabric and her skin. Silently she could hear the voices in her head begging for him to touch her nipples.

If he had heard her unspoken thoughts his fingers did just as she had thought. First rubbing them gently and then more forcefully taking them between his thumb and forefinger until she was crazed with pleasure. Before she knew what she was doing, Michelle was slipping her bra off herself to reveal her breasts to him completely. Swiftly he brought his mouth to engulf one breast then the next her soft cries of desire filling his ears. His tongue teased each peak until Michelle was powerless to stop her hips from arching in anticipation.

She brought his hips against her inflamed core to only feel his heat as well. She felt his manhood pulsing beneath the thin fabric of his dress pants. She held herself against him letting her imagination get the better of her. She wanted to feel him inside of her in a way that she had never wanted before. She slipped off his belt and button at the top of his pants. Her hands found their way to his throbbing manhood. She cupped him in her hands feeling the power he possessed there. She could see his ragged breaths as was unable to control the volcano that was about to erupt under her caress.

Before either of them knew what had happened they were laying naked before the other. It was as though instinct had come to claim them.

Michelle laid her body between his open legs. She let herself toy with him heightening both of their pleasure until their desire was so great for the other that in one fail swoop they consumed each other.

The fever of the moment grew until neither of them could see straight. The melodic rhythm that they fell into was something that Michelle had never experienced before. She had found a perfect match in Danny as he had in her. There was no denying it and there was no turning back, for either of them.


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