Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 30

Republisher’s Note: Michelle is in the Witness Protection Program living life under the name of Melanie Branson when she meets Danny trying to start a new life under the name of Sampson.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 30

Michelle pushed in vain against Danny’s chest. Emotions of anger and breathlessness coursed through her veins. Danny wasn’t about to release her from his grip. His own emotions were running high as well. It had been a bold move on his part, but he propelled forward none the less. He let himself get caught up in the heat of the moment, in the heat of their anger.

Michelle struggled against his lips but with each passing second she found herself being drawn deeper into his embrace. Her anger quickly turning to passion, to fire.
Danny parted Michelle’s lips with his tongue savoring the sweetness of her. Their tongues collided with great force. Each searching the other. A gasp of air escaped from Michelle’s lips as Danny pushed deeper.

She felt giddy as he ran his hands along the tight fabric of her top. Each touch from his fingers sent her nerve endings singing. When she closed her eyes to revel in his caress it was as though she saw bursts of light before the dark canvas of her closed eyes. These were sensations that she had never before encountered. They frightened her but at the same time tantalized.

Gone was the anger at Danny’s words, gone was the jealous streak that had engulfed her, all Michelle could center on was the pleasure that was teeming throughout every inch of her body.

“Do you know just how beautiful you are?” Danny whispered when their lips finally parted.

Michelle was too lost in her own senses to form words and thoughts. All she could do was quiver as Danny tightened his grasp around her lean frame.

“You are one hell of a spit fire,” he smiled looking down at the petite girl in his arms. There was no mistaking that she was hell fire when she wanted to be. He might have finally found his match in Melanie Branson.

“Was that meant to be a compliment?” she quipped her sense of reason finally catching up with her.

“From where I come from yes. Yes, it is.” Danny pulled back to examine the expression on her face. The last thing he wanted was to start in on round number two. He wasn’t about to release her from his arms. She fit there was such ease that he was afraid to breath for fear of this being nothing more than a grand illusion.

“You know you have a lot of nerve, Mr. Sampson!” she spat wriggling her way out of his embrace. Instantly she regretted leaving the warmth and odd security that she found there.

“Oh, you don’t say? Let’s be sure that I am understanding this right. I was the one putting together a deal for this band to play at my club and you accuse me of looking for something sexual!” Danny spouted back.

“I do have eyes you know. It wasn’t hard to miss the fact that she wanted to jump your bones in there. Oh yeah I forgot,” she slapped her forehead in mock ignorance, “that men are clueless!!!!” Michelle shouted all the while wondering just why it was she was provoking this but again when all she really wanted was to feel his lips on hers.

“Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that a one Miss Melanie is jealous!”

“ME?????……..JEALOUS!!?!?!? Not in your wildest dreams!” she was furious with herself for being so transparent.

“Then what’s the problem?” Danny wasn’t about to let this drop. He was enjoying the game far too much.

“I don’t have a problem. You were the one who kissed me remember?????”

“That I did, but I hate to be the one to break it to you Melanie…..I was hardly kissing thin air you know,” he did his best to hide a smile that was lurking below the surface.

“You just took me by surprise,” she stammered, “What was I supposed to do…………………….”

“How could you think that anyone could compare with you?” Danny asked cutting her off, “I have been trying like hell all night not to ogle you like some crazed teenager.”

“What?” Michelle gasped afraid to believe the words.

“The only person I am interested in is you, Melanie. Sure I’ll let Alexa play her little game. That’s all it is for me. If you hadn’t been so busy letting the green eyed monster consume you,” he closed the gap between them before lifting her eyes to meet his, “You would have noticed that the entire time she was doing her best to get under my skin I was starring at you.”

Danny hadn’t any idea where the words and thoughts were pouring forth from. It was as though a flood gate had been opened and all his trapped emotions came rushing out.

“Really?” she was still too astonished to say anything more.

“Yes, really,” this time the kiss Danny placed on her lips was less filled with hunger for her but in a way far more passionate.

“God, you must think I am a complete idiot,” she sighed burying her face in his shoulder,

“I mean first I get drunk and sick on you and now I pull a jealous girlfriend……..”

“I like jealous girlfriends,” Danny cut her off again.

“You are kidding, right?”

“Does this look like the face of a man who’s kidding?” Danny asked all smiles.

“I guess not,” Michelle hesitated.

“You guess not?” he echoed, “Well maybe this will help you to believe,” Danny brought his lips to hers for the third time that night.

“I like the way you think, Mr. Sampson,” Michelle said with her best Texas drawl countering his kiss with a deeper one. This time it was her turn to bring forth the passion that had been welling inside of her since the first night that she had laid eyes on him, “How about you take me home now?” she said seductively as she began leading Danny in the direction of his car.

Michelle found herself in the thralls of passion with Danny before she knew what was happening. It was like some force beyond her control had taken over leading her forward to places that before this she had been afraid to venture to.

The candle light flickered throughout the living room casting shadow and light on all things there. Danny starred intently at her as he rose to his knees. He slid his hands onto her shoulders and eased her leather jacket to the floor revealing the fullness of her breasts as her tank top clung to them. Danny swallowed hard around the lump forming in his throat as he brought his lips to the softness of her neck. Michelle bit at her lip in an attempt to keep her ragged breathing in check. Each move of his lips against her hot flesh forced frosty pulses up and down her spine.

Danny eased his body above hers as Michelle leaned her weight against the front of the sofa. His urge to be one with this amazing creature was getting the better of him. All sense of reason was lost to him as he rested his bulging manhood against her.
Michelle was well aware of the fever that was hidden underneath the black denim. Effortlessly she freed his silky shirt from the constraints of his waistband, Michelle wound her hands to the hardness of his chest. Her fingers entwined in his coarse chest hairs. Gently she grazed across his nipples watching as Danny’s eyelids fluttered with pleasure. It wasn’t until she actually caressed them that she felt his body shudder.
Danny’s shirt found a resting place on the floor next to the black leather jacket. Michelle tried to hide her amazement at the Adonis perched before her. She let her eyes drink in all the features before her. Danny’s muscles were rock hard and cut to perfection. Everything about him made her want to feel his flesh against hers. She leaned forward letting her tongue trace the tuft of black hair that disappeared into the depths of Danny’s jeans. He took a sharp breath inward as she toyed with his belly button. Danny thought he was about to go insane with mounting anticipation.

Readily Danny worked Michelle’s black and white tank over her head to reveal the sheer fabric of her black lace bra. For a moment he reveled in the picture before him. She completely and utterly took his very breath away. Michelle arched her back bringing her breasts within his reach as if begging for his touch. Smoothly and methodically he caressed them first through the black lace then slipped the straps from her shoulders to expose them to him.

Danny cupped his mouth fully around one nipple then the next teasing at first then suckling each. Michelle could feel herself growing hot and wet.

Michelle drew the leather skirt high around her waist as Danny nestled himself against her most feminine spot. He ran his hands along her supple thighs as his finger crept under her garter until he was able to toy with the satiny fabric of her panties. She gasped as his fingers brushed against her without knowledge or power over her own body she brought her hips closer causing his hand to be lodged between them both. She licked her lips as the electric pulses raced throughout her being.

She had lost all control over what she was doing. The only thing that was in her mind right now was just how much she desired this man before her. That how she would have gotten lost in him if she could. She had never experienced anything remotely like this with anyone before. No she wasn’t experienced by any stretch of the means and she had thought that her times with Jesse had been extraordinary. However they paled in comparison to the sensuous experience she was encountering now.

As Danny began to unbuckle his belt, the thoughts of Jesse had forced reason back into Michelle’s train of thought. In one fail swoop the magic and mystery of the moment had been shattered and she couldn’t get out from under Danny fast enough.

“Melanie?” Danny asked unsure of what the hell had just happened.

“I’m sorry but you have to go……..I mean I just don’t have sex with someone on the first date……you have to go…please just go,” she did her best to hold her tears at bay as her words spilled forth.

“Melanie?” he said again as he did his best to gain his composure. He was having a difficult turning off his desires. It was like throwing the emergency break on a speeding train it was still slow in coming to a halt.

“Just go….please,” hurriedly she picked up her jacket and threw it over her nakedness.

“I don’t understand,” was all Danny could muster. And after he said it he knew how foolish his words had been.

“You may be used to this kind of thing but I certainly am not. I’m not a whore, you know!!” she spat picking herself up off of the sofa and heading for the kitchen. She needed to put some distance between them. Even though she had come to her senses, that still didn’t lessen her appetite for him.

Danny looked on as she raced away from him as if he had some infectious disease that she was afraid of contracting. He pulled on his shirt and made his way to where she stood with her back to him. Tentatively he rested his hands on her shoulders, “I never thought that,” he whispered. Underneath his touch he could feel the rise and fall of her shoulders as though she were crying, “Melanie, what? What’s the matter?” he gently turned her to face him to see she was indeed crying, “I’m sorry. I didn’t…I don’t……” Danny was at a loss for the right words. He was beside himself not knowing what was really happening here and she wasn’t offering much in the way of an explanation, “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked when the tears had run dry.

“No, I think it would be best if you just went home.”

“I don’t understand what happened. I’m sorry for sounding like a pig, but here goes nothing. You were into this as much as I was, what happened?”

Michelle starred at the handsome face that looked back at her. He deserved an answer to that question. She just didn’t know how to meld her true life experiences into her current life so that it would all make sense.

“There’s not a simple answer to that question,” she finally concluded aloud.

“Try me,” he returned knowing all too well that life was never what it appeared to be,

“Why don’t you go change into something a little more comfortable and I’ll make us a pot of coffee and you can tell me…. or not?”

“I don’t know,” she hesitated.

“Melanie, listen I meant what I said earlier,” she returned his remark with a quizzical look, “I want to get to know you. What happened here tonight whatever it was or wasn’t doesn’t change any of that.”

When Michelle emerged from her room in sweats and a T-shirt, Danny had a pot of steaming coffee and two mugs on the glass top table in the middle of the living room.

“Thank you,” she said as her handed her over her cup.

“Before you start I want to apologize if things got out of hand earlier. I was fully to blame for that.”

“No…no you weren’t. As you so artfully pointed out before you weren’t kissing thin air, Danny,” Michelle let the hot liquid fill her body with warmth, “I am just as much to blame here. I’m sorry if it appeared like I was leading you on. I never meant it like that.”

“I understand.”

“I’m glad one of us does,” she smiled as the tension between them began to lift again, “I just recently got burnt pretty badly. I mean the man that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life, have babies with, fell in love with someone else. The worse part was if happened right under my nose and I didn’t even see it.”

“That really sucks. I’m sorry.”

“I thought that I couldn’t love anyone the way that I loved him. I gave every part of my being to him…you know what I am trying to say?” she asked as Danny nodded, “I knew he had moved on, but I didn’t think there would ever be anyone else for me. Well then you come along and you set off a tidal wave of feelings and emotions that I thought didn’t exist for me anymore.” Michelle was certain that she was going out on a limb but she didn’t want Danny to think that he had done something wrong. He had to understand that the scars that Jesse left behind ran very deep.

Before Michelle could continue, Danny drew her into the crux of him arm nestling her between his body and the sofa back. He wanted more then anything to erase the pained expression that she had worn while she had described what had happened to her.
“There’s no need for you to explain anything else. I can’t imagine what that must have been like for you.” He leaned in and kissed the top of her curls.

Michelle felt completely secure in his arms. For the first time since Jesse had dropped his bombshell she felt at peace. “So please know that what I did and the things I said tonight had nothing to all to do with you,” Michelle turned to look into his black eyes.

“I think I’m getting a pretty clear picture now. And let me tell you something, Melanie, I don’t want you to do anything that you don’t want to do. I just want the chance to get to know you and where ever that may take us I say great.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me for something that you deserve.” Danny looked at the time it was going on half past two, “Hey it’s getting really late. I should be going,” he remarked as he began to stand up.

“No stay, please. I mean this is the most bizarre first date I have ever had. I would really like it if you stayed. I would like to get to know you too.”

“Are you sure?” Danny questioned.



Albert sat in the wing backed chair in the corner of his bedroom watching his wife sleeping. Her outburst at the club still a vivid memory in his mind.

“What possessed you to be so foolish?” he asked the still figure under the covers.

Albert hadn’t realized how deep his wife’s resentment towards him and everything that his old life represented ran. How much she hated that Carmen still had a son. It didn’t matter to Jenny that Danny wanted nothing to do with his mother. In all reality he despised Carmen even more then she did. That didn’t make a difference. All Jenny could see was that Carmen had a son and she did not.

In his attempt to move past that life that had claimed his son, Albert had virtually erased him. And now that was coming back to haunt him, haunt both of them. At the time his memories were too painful to discuss so he buried them deep inside him. He hadn’t let any room for Richard to live on in them. Albert hadn’t been able to deal with the fact that his blood lust as Jenny so aptly put it had cost him his son. He was so hell bent on having someone to take the reins from him that in essence he fed his son to the wolves. That’s why helping Danny now had grown so important, maybe too important to him.
Maybe Jenny was right, maybe he was trying to atone for his sins with his own son through his nephew? He didn’t know if that were true or not but he didn’t want to see Carmen do to Danny what he had done to Richard. Pigeon hole him into a box that wasn’t of his own choosing.

Albert had never asked what his son had wanted. Never thought he any bigger goals then his father. At the time Albert saw nothing more appealing then the family’s business. He was repeating the same rite of passage that his father had done for him and Migel.
Frederico Santos expected that his sons would be the next in line to carry on the family tradition that his father and his father before him had.

It was now in the wake of many tragedies, that Albert saw things far more clearly. He couldn’t help wondering if Migel would approve of what he was trying to help Danny do. His brother had been the driving force in his being able to leave without fear of retribution. So Albert wanted to believe in his heart that Migel would understand.
Now if he could just get his wife to. The scars that Richard’s death and the life that had caused it ran long and deep in his wife’s soul. He doubted that they could be mended. He had to try for Danny’s sake as well as their own.

It wasn’t an easy thing to stay grounded in the world they now lived. Albert had renounced his old life upon Richard’s death but he knew in his heart if Richard had not died, Albert would now be sitting at the head of the table.

It had taken a great deal of strength on his part not to claim what was rightfully his when his brother was murdered. It made his blood run cold to this day to think about Carmen sitting there controlling the empire that Migel and he had built.

Having Danny around him only served to make him realize that even though he wasn’t part of that life any more that that life was still part of him. And the fact that his wife knew that as well was something that frightened him.


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