Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 26

Republisher’s Note: In this fic Michelle is in the Witness Protection Program under the name of Melanie.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 26

The daylight burned its way through the open slats of the blinds adorning Michelle’s bedroom window. She turned away in vain trying to escape the golden streams flooding the room. Even the slightest effort to move the pillow to block the light, caused her head to pound. “So much for no hang over,” she said in a whisper that was far too loud for her pounding head.

The doorbell’s persistent chimes bounced about the caravans of her brain. Michelle didn’t know if she had the energy to move but she certainly wanted the ringing to cease.

“Oh god,” she groan swinging her legs to the side of the bed. She couldn’t remember a time when she had felt this rotten. Even the flu she had had last winter hadn’t left her feeling this awful.

The bell sounded once again loudly enough to pierce her ears drums, at least in her altered state it seemed that it would. The pounding in her head worsened, if that was at all possible, in her attempts to stand. Even the few steps that it took to get from her bedroom to the door now seemed like miles.

“What took you so long?” Sarah’s voice boomed as Michelle inched the door open.

“Ssshhhhhh,” Michelle beckoned shielding her eyes from the sun’s fierce light.

“Whoa, what the hell happened to you?” Sarah had lowered her voice but to Michelle’s sensitive ears it still sounded like a thunderous roar.

“Huh?” she heard Sarah’s words but focusing on them was completely different.

“Where’s your coffee?”

“On top of the refrigerator,” Michelle returned burying herself deep within the folds of the sofa. If anything she wanted to get lost in their depths praying that she would just disappear.

“So we tied one on last night did we?” Sarah tried to keep a straight face while talking to her friend. Sarah had been where Melanie was more times then she cared to count.
Michelle nodded her reply believing that would be easier then speaking however she was sadly mistaken. The motion of her head just about rattled her brain.

“This might make you feel a little bit better,” Sarah handed her a steaming cup of coffee. “Drink it!” Sarah said.

“I don’t think so,” Michelle placed the cup on the table before her. The faintest aroma of coffee still in her nostrils. The smell alone was making her nauseous. She didn’t want to chance what would happen should she dare to let it enter her stomach.

“What the hell happened to you last night? I came looking for you and you were no where to be found. So am I twenty dollars richer or what?” Sarah joked sipping from her cup.

“Not hardly,” Michelle returned pulling her knees in close to her chest do her very best to stave off the queasy feeling that filled her.

“I talked to Albert. I know that Danny brought you home,” Sarah countered all knowing,

“You’re telling me that nothing happened between the two of you?” she mocked.

“What? You mean while I was puking on the man’s shoes?” Michelle said in horror as flashes of the night before came and went.


“You heard me. After last night, I seriously doubt that I will be hearing from Danny Sampson again.”

“Come on it couldn’t have been all that bad.”

“You weren’t there. Believe me when I tell you it was less then pretty.”

“I think you are exaggerating………..” the ringing phone interrupted Sarah’s words and perforated the constant pulsation in Michelle’s head. “You want me to get that?”

“Please,” Michelle answered not wanting move from the sofa.


“I’m sorry I must have the wrong number,” Danny’s voice came across the wires, “I was looking for Melanie Branson.”

“You have the right number. Can I ask who is calling?”

Danny hesitated for a minute wondering if he was doing the right thing. If Melanie had been the one to answer he would have been forced to talk but now he had an out if he chose to take it, “Hello?” the voice on the other end of the line said again in his ear.

“This is Danny Sampson. I was just calling to check on her.”

“Hang on a second.”

Danny heard the sounds of muffled giggles and hushed words as he waited.

“You still have that twenty bucks don’t you?” Sarah asked grinning like a cat that had just swallowed the canary.


“Do you have it or not?” Sarah wasn’t about to let this go.

“Sarah…..I’m not up for this right now. I mean for god sakes I feel like something crawled into my mouth and died last night and you are worried about some damn bet that I know you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Sarah countered waving the receiver in the air.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Michelle said with all the force she could muster.

“It’s  one Mr. Danny Sampson on the phone.”

“WHAT!?!?!” Michelle was on her feet in an instant pounding head completely forgotten.

“He’s calling to see how you were feeling this morning,” she cooed, “So don’t count us snowballs out just yet my dear.”

“Hello?” Michelle said into the phone all the while starring at Sarah in disbelief. The images of last night that she could recall did not paint a pretty picture of things. She didn’t have a clue why on earth Danny would even want to speak to her. She could envision what she must have looked like as she spilled her guts in the parking lot the previous night. She shuddered at that thought.

“How’s the head this morning?” Danny took care in speaking in the softest of tones.

“Not too bad,” Michelle lied.

“Glad to hear it. See I told you those aspirin will do the trick.”

“Yeah, so you did,” Michelle rested her hand on her forehead trying to concentrate. Aspirin or no aspirin her head hurt like hell.

“You sure you are okay?” Danny wasn’t sure but it sounded as though she was less then all right.

“Yeah….yeah I’m fine. Thank you for calling to check though. And thanks again for getting me home last night. I don’t think that I really ever said that last night. I was……….”

“No problem. It was my pleasure,” Danny couldn’t help but smile recalling her state of undress from the night before. It had been his pleasure in more ways then one.

“It was very nice of you though. I was completely out of it.”

“That you were. It’s the holiday though, we all need to cut loose and have a good time.” He was trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. He knew how embarrassed she had been about getting sick. The last thing he wanted to do was call further attention to it.
“I won’t be doing that again anytime soon,” Michelle laughed causing her head to pound again.

“Do what?” Sarah mouthed from her perch on the glass coffee table. This one sided conversation was driving her nuts. Michelle waved her questions off as she continued her talk with Danny, “Well…. like I said thanks again and I promise not to darken the door of The Two Step any time soon.”

“Well maybe you would like to see the other sights in town?” Danny held his breath waiting for her response.

“Excuse me?” she said not believing what she had heard come out of his mouth.

“I am going to check out a band to possibly play at the club. I thought maybe you would like to join me, seeing as how you have such a good ear and know the club scene,” Danny added that on impulse just not to appear so anxious.

His questions took her by surprise. After the impression she had made on him last night she surely thought that he would have thought better of asking her for a date.

“It’s okay it you are busy. I know it’s short notice and all,” Danny said covering for his disappointment.

“No……..no it’s not that really. I mean I would like that. I just didn’t…….,” she stammered, “I mean after the way I was last night……I didn’t think I’d be hearing from you.”


“Come on you were there. Need I say more?”

“Hey don’t worry about that. I was just glad that I was there.” Danny didn’t even want to venture a guess as to what would have happened if he hadn’t been. The goon she was with was a far cry from a gentleman.

“Me too,” she returned softly while Sarah sat anxiously biting at her fingernails waiting for the suspense to come to a close, “When and where?” Michelle asked.

“This Thursday night. The place is called The Yellow Rose of Texas. I’ll swing by and pick you up around eight. The band starts at ten. Thought maybe we could grab a bite to eat and we could talk shop. I remember you said that you had a friend who runs a club. I would still love to pick your brain,” Danny said following through with his original ground work.

“Sure that sounds nice. Eight it is then.”

“Great! See you Thursday.”

Danny held the phone to his ear as the dial tone droned on. He couldn’t believe that she had actually agreed to go on a date with him. You would have thought that world would have stood still by the expression on his face. It was one of utter disbelief. The sky hadn’t fallen in, Carmen had not reared her ugly head, none of that. Melanie had accepted his invitation willingly which still completely amazed him. Texas was beginning to look better and better.

“What the hell just happened here? Are you going to tell me or do I have to drag it out of you? I mean come on ten minutes ago you looked like death warmed over and now it’s a if you are walking on air. GIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sarah’s sentences spilled out in one mass of sound. Michelle ignored them all as she headed in the direction of her handbag.

“Here,” Michelle tossed a twenty dollar bill on Sarah’s lap.

“What’s this?”

“Look’s like you are the first snowball to survive in hell,” Michelle’s face filled with a smile that stretched from ear to ear, “Looks like Danny Sampson and I have a date!”

Sarah jumped to her feet hugging her friend and they did circles around the living room floor.


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