Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 19

Republishers Note: Republishing chapters of previously unavailable fanfics.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 19

The pulsating water did little to rid the thoughts of Danny Sampson that encircled her. Michelle leaned against the cool ceramic tiled shower walls knowing that more then the steaming water was causing her to feel feverish.

In the safety she found in the shower, Michelle let herself succumb to her fantasies. It was an easy thing to do….a thing that she wanted to do. Again she saw those piercing black eyes as they starred her down. They were sexy and mysterious at the same time. Even as the fiery water cascaded off her body, the mere thought of his eyes caused goose bumps on her hot skin. It was like he held every part of her being…..her soul captive with those black pieces of coal.

Michelle lathered her body absently wondering what it would feel like to have Danny caress her most secret places. Her nipples stood erect as she circled them with the loofah. Michelle bit her lip at the thoughts of Danny that she entertained at the moment. She let her hands run easily over her soapy thighs. She imagined what pleasure she would experience having Danny’s fingers entwined in her honey blonde curls that led to her most feminine spot. Michelle grew wet with desire from her very core picturing her body arch with gratification from his touch………….

The sudden stark coldness of the water made Michelle jump back out of its stream.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING????” she questioned herself aloud. She had stood there so long indulging her erotic dreams that the water had grown cold. Michelle did the best she could to finish her shower under the chill of the water. It wasn’t until she stood looking at herself in the mirror that she saw just how flushed she was.

The images that were plastered in her head were very much still there. No amount of cold water would make them go away. The face in the mirror that looked back at her wasn’t one she recognized. Michelle Bauer wasn’t one to let her emotions run wild the way they just had been. Yet she couldn’t shake the need to feel Danny’s flesh against hers. It was like a primal need that she had no control over…….

“YOU’RE DOING IT AGAIN!!!!” she scolded. “You don’t know anything about this guy…but still you already your children’s names picked out…..you idiot,” Michelle said carrying on a conversation with the reflection in the mirror.

Michelle was thankful for the ringing phone. It would force her to have to think about something other then Danny. “Hello,” she said into the receiver.

“Melanie, hi it’s Sarah. Did I catch you at a bad time?”

“No just getting out of the shower.”

“I did then didn’t I? I can call you back if you want.”

“NO!!!” Michelle returned quickly not wanting to let herself be sucked back into her one-sided fantasy, “It’s okay. What’s up?”

“Was wondering if you were free today? You know this is the first official day of the Christmas shopping season.”

“I don’t know really……..” Michelle hadn’t even wanted to think bout what Christmas would be like this year. She had skated her way through Thanksgiving, but Christmas would be a completely different ballgame. The thought of going to the mall didn’t much thrill her. There wouldn’t be anyone to buy presents for this year. No gag gift for Rick, no toys for Ross’s twins, nothing. She didn’t know if she could really do this.

“Why? Tell me you came to your senses and you hooked up with Danny after all?”

“NO!” There it was his name again. A name that made her body quiver, “I have to go into work today. I don’t know how long I will be.”

“Work? You are kidding right? This is supposed to be holiday break isn’t it?” Sarah whined. The last thing she wanted to do was spend another boring day watching her father at the club. With that thought a light bulb went off above Sarah’s head, “Hey I have a great idea.”

“Oh really?” Michelle said slyly knowing exactly where Sarah’s idea was headed.

“Why don’t you meet me for lunch? I mean you do get a lunch break don’t you?”

“Yes…..where exactly did you have in mind?” Michelle knew the answer without even hearing Sarah’s response.

“We could go to The Two Step. Dad says Reggie has a mean lunch menu,” Sarah held her breath waiting for Michelle to respond.

“Oh could we now? What kind of match making do you have up your sleeve pray tell?” Michelle laughed.

“Who me?” Sarah chided. She wasn’t about to tell her that Danny had questioned her father about her. But she also wasn’t about to sit idly by and not do something about the obvious attraction between these two.

“Yes you,” Michelle hesitated for a moment. What did she really have to lose? Here she was having visions of him what would it hurt to give the wheel a spin hoping it would land on the Queen of Hearts, “Yeah I guess I could do that. The club is close to campus,” she said trying to hide the excitement in her voice.

“Great. What time do you think you will be able to break away?”

“I’m not sure. Mr. Rodgers sounded like there would be a lot of work to do. I would think maybe around one o’clock. How’s that sound?”

“Great. How about I give you my cell phone number just in case something comes up.”

“Cell phone huh?” Michelle kidded, “Moving up in the world I see?”

“I wish. Let’s just say that I plan on collecting for all the missed birthdays from my dear old dad. I figure he has at least eighteen more to go.”

“Well don’t forget about Christmas too,” Michelle added with a laugh.

“You’re right. I think that I might just have to do a little shopping before lunch. Got any requests? It’s on Carl.”

“You are too funny. Listen I have to get ready. I will see you at The Two Step. Happy shopping.”

Between her fantasy about Danny and her conversation with Sarah, she would barely have enough time to dress. Quickly she pulled on her favorite black mini and white crop top and headed for her car. If she was lucky she would make it to the bookstore by quarter after nine.

The phone rang again in the silent apartment. Michelle was too far down the hall to hear its faint ringing. As the answering machine once again clicked off Michelle’s voice filled the air.

“Hi you have reached 523-8115. I can’t get to the phone right now. Please leave a message and I will get back you to. Wait for the beep.”

“Yeah, sure you will,” Jeremy Lucas said before the second beep sounded indicating his turn to speak, “Hi Melanie, Jeremy Lucas again. I have to say that you have me a bit worried. I thought I would have heard you by now. Please phone me the minute you get this message.” Jeremy hung up the phone with a resounding thud. “Well if you won’t come to me then I will just have to go to you.” He grabbed his keys and walked out the door with a game plan in mind.

Danny stood outside the doorway to the kitchen listening to but another argument. He had been right to question his aunt’s new found acceptance of him. What troubled him more then the fight itself was the way that Jenny spoke of Carl. It made him more certain that Carl wasn’t one to be trusted. And more importantly neither was his aunt.

Albert’s words about him having a generous heart weren’t working all that much right now. A generous heart got you many things but at the moment he was sure that his would get him a swift kick in the ass if he didn’t watch his back.

“Danny,” Albert said as he practically ran into him. He had hoped that Danny had not been privy to the battle that had just ensued between he and his wife. The look in Danny’s eyes told him that wasn’t the case.

“Good morning. I just came to grab that broom.” Danny said awkwardly.

“Forget that. Jenny can clean that up,” Albert spoke as if his wife was the hired help rather then the lady of the house, “We need to get to the market.”

“No really. I want to do it.” Danny didn’t want to be the cause of but another conflict and more importantly he didn’t want Jenny snooping around in his things. Not that he had anything to hide, but given the obvious feelings she had for him she was liable to try to come up with anything to discredit him.

“Daniel,” Albert said with a strained voice.

“Uncle Albert,” Danny returned in much the same manner.

“I’ll meet you in the car then,” Albert finally relented.

“It will only take a minute to clean up the mirror.”

“What happened to the mirror?” Jenny asked as she watched Albert’s retreating back.

“It fell off the wall this morning,” Danny said in a noncommittal tone.

“Just feel off the wall for no reason?” Jenny questioned the unbelievablness of his words.

“Yes,” he stressed shooting Jenny a look she sensed meant let it alone.

“Fine,” she returned leaving Danny to his task.

“Is everything all right?” Albert asked as Danny slid into the seat beside him.

“Fine…..everything is just fine.”

The market was alive with people that morning. Albert led Danny through the crowds as they walked up and down the street stopping to introduce Danny to all their current vendors.

“Pedro,” Albert said stretching his arms to encircle his friend, “I’d like you to meet my nephew, Danny.”

“Nice to meet you,” Danny said putting his hand out.

“Come here, son,” Pedro returned pulling Danny into a bear hug, “Any family of Albert’s is family of mine.”

“Easy there Pedro. Let the poor boy breathe,” Albert laughed.

“Sorry,” Pedro said dropping his arms.

“No harm done,” Danny commented as he adjusted the collar on his leather jacket.

“So what brings you out and about this morning, gentleman?”

“I wanted Danny to meet the men he would be working with. See Danny has come to Texas to help me expand my restaurant. And might I add he’s done an excellent job thus far. I say in a few months we will be the hottest nightclub in town.”

“You don’t say?” Pedro rubbed his hand along his chin.

“Yes. We had a hell of a crowd last night.”

“Last night?” Pedro echoed, “On Thanksgiving of all nights?”

“That’s right. The place was packed. We actually were turning people away at the door.”

“I’m impressed, son,” Pedro said looking in Danny’s direction, “It’s been a long time since we have seen that kind of action in our neck of the woods.”

“Thank you. I hope to keep it that way. I envision great things for Uncle Albert’s business.”

“I’m sure that you do. So what can I do for the two of you?”

“I’d like to place a produce order,” Danny said.

“I think that I am the man for the job,” Pedro laughed as he gestured to the mounds of fresh fruits and vegetables surrounding him.

“I would have to agree,” Danny returned.

The rest of the morning was spent in very much the same manner. Albert introduced Danny around the market. He enjoyed watching his nephew sink his teeth into the business. It was nice to know that there would be someone to carry on after he was gone. His own son wouldn’t be able to do that so Danny was the next best thing.

“So what did you think?” Albert asked as they made their way back to the club.

“Quite an education I have to say.”

“It takes some time but you will get the hang of it. You will be able to haggle with the best of them.”

“And I would have to say that you are the master haggler, Uncle.”

“Why thank you,” he said taking a mock bow, “I’ve been doing this for far too long not to have picked up a few tricks of the trade.”

“So you are saying that Carl has never done any of this?” That was the first time all morning that he dared to speak Carl’s name.

“About what you over heard this morning,” Albert said glossing over Danny’s question getting to the heart of the matter, “I am sorry for Jenny’s remarks about Carl. Yes, he has been loyal to us for many years now, but you are my blood.”

“Uncle, please don’t rock the boat of your marriage for my need for normalcy,” Danny returned flatly.

“I want that for you though.”

“At what cost to you? I see the gap between you and Jenny widen each day that I am here.”

“You let me worry about my wife. You have much more important things to worry about. I fully expect our expansion to take off before Christmas. I want the place to be rockin’,”
Danny had to laugh at his uncle’s attempt to sound hip. He couldn’t help but wonder exactly how much more his marriage could take before the already severely bent rod would break.

“I know no matter what Jenny may say she is far from accepting me with open arms,” Danny said all joking aside.

“I know,” Albert concurred, “I thought that she would come around but that doesn’t seem to be the case,” the hurt resounded in his tone.

“I think it’s time that I started scouting out a place of my own.”

“NO!” Albert’s voice bounced off the interior of his car.


“No buts, you are my family…….”

“But so is Jenny,” Danny said cutting Albert off, “She stood by you through thick and thin which is more then I can say for mine.”

“Don’t you dare say that! Your father was a prince among men. He gave me my freedom. He was a good man, Daniel. I know you lost him far too early in life to know who he truly was but don’t ever let speculation and hearsay make you forget the man you remember.”

“I just don’t want to be a burden to you. That was never my intention in coming here. I just wanted to start over.”

“And you have. My restaurant, should I say my club,” he corrected himself, “took in more business last night then it has in the weeks prior to your arrival. I have a gold mine in you son. You belong here as much as my wife does.”

“I hope you are right.”

Danny looked at the parking lot as Albert swung the car around back. It was only eleven o’clock and it was already beginning to fill. He smiled with pride at his accomplishment. No amount of harsh words from Jenny could take this away from him. This victory was all his. A victory that he was going to savor.

“What did I tell you gold mine?” Albert commented as he ran his hand along the stack of orders waiting to be filled, “I hope you are ready for the action Reggie,” Albert squeezed the chef’s shoulder. “What do you say to going out and greeting our customers?” Albert motioned towards the swinging door between the kitchen and dining room.

“I say lets do it!”

It was then that Danny caught sight of Carl’s daughter sitting alone in a corner booth. His thoughts immediately raced towards the image of Melanie Branson’s face that he carried with him since the night before. He only hoped that she would soon be occupying the empty space across from her friend.


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