Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 17

Republisher’s Note: Republishing chapters of older Manny fanfics.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 17

Michelle let the crisp night air whip through her honey blonde hair as she navigated her car out of the over crowded parking lot of The Two Step. Not even the deafening sound of the music coming from the radio could drown out her thoughts. The harder she tried not to think about him……there his face was smiling at her.

She had difficulty recalling anyone ever setting her body in motion the way Danny had. Not even in all the time that she had been with Jesse had she ever felt this on fire.
That was a concept that she couldn’t fathom. Jesse had been her one true love. The man that she had wanted a life with. How could she suddenly feel so many things coursing through her body for a man that wasn’t him? There was no rationale to it. Yes Jesse had fallen out of love with her and into love with Drew…..but Michelle fully expected to love Jesse until the day she died. The feelings that Danny had elicited had sent her mind set reeling.

Those feelings complicated with her life at the moment was like a scrambled mess. A mess that she wasn’t able to make heads or tails out of. Who was she trying to kid anyway? There was no way that she could immerse herself in a relationship now. It would be a complete disaster. There were still too many pieces of her new life that she hadn’t fit into place yet, she certainly didn’t need to add a man to the mix. So why was it that she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Why was it that every song the played on the radio she could relate to him. Michelle had to laugh at herself. She had talked to him for all of two seconds really and he had over taken everyone of her thoughts. That was certainly a true Michelle trait if she had ever seen one.

It had been the same way with Jesse. The minute she laid eyes on him he was all that she was able to think about. Yet something about her experience with Danny was different. With Jesse she had wanted to save him, turn him around from the life that he was leading, but with Danny it hadn’t been that at all. Danny was a far cry from needing saved. He was successful and pulled together. Michelle found him exciting and mysterious all in one.

She heard the phone ringing on the other side of the door as she turned the key to her apartment. More then likely it was Sarah calling to chew her out for slipping away unnoticed. Michelle wasn’t ready for another go around with Sarah about Danny so she let the machine pick up. She had been a bit surprised when it was Jeremy Lucas’ voice whose filled the room.

“Just checking to see how you were holding up. I really wished that you would have taken me up on my offer for dinner. I hate to think that you spent the holiday alone……..”

The kindness in his tone almost made Michelle pick up the phone, but she hesitated long enough for him to make his good-bye. She could have called him back but she stopped short of picking up the receiver. The longer she stayed tied to him the harder it was for her to immerse herself in this identity. He was a continual reminder of a life that wasn’t hers any longer.

So many thoughts bounced through her head as she got ready for bed. She wasn’t able to force Danny from the place that he occupied there. Even as she focused all her attention on the picture of Jesse that still sat on her bureau, Danny’s image replaced it.

“Stop it!” she scolded herself for the second time that evening, “This is ridiculous!” Michelle said to the reflection that starred back at her from the mirror, “You aren’t some giddy school girl anymore! For god sakes you killed a man,” she said that as if that fact somehow made her unworthy of anything good in her life again.

She wanted to scream at herself. Lash out at all the unfairness in her world. It was laughable to think that she was pondering thoughts of Danny Sampson in one breath and cursing her life as it now stood. Because one went hand in hand with the other.
“AAAHHHHH!!!!!” she yelled flinging a magazine from the table across the room. How she missed Abby. Right now Michelle resisted every urge to pick up the phone and dial that familiar number. She needed to hear Abby’s sweet melodic voice telling her that all was going to be all right. Yet she couldn’t do that. The people closest to her in this world were the furthest from her and not just because of the miles that separated them.
Michelle tried to envision the conversation that they might have. She actually could hear herself gushing with the news of this extraordinary man that she had just met. How when he looked into her eyes he could see the whole way to her soul. Michelle would replay every minute of the time they had been talking savoring each detail as Abby would listen. She would tell of how his touch sent pulses of electricity throughout her body. And how his smile could melt her heart. What a wonderful sentiment, Michelle thought.

She looked at the clock. It was almost two in the morning. Absently she wondered what Danny was doing right about now. It was useless to try to stop herself. Her thoughts had complete minds of their own. How she longed to be there with him even if it had only been to watch him from afar………………………, “GO TO BED YOU IDIOT!!!!” Michelle said aloud to herself.

With that said she picked herself up off the sofa and headed to bed, thoughts of Danny still dancing in her head as she drifted off to a fitful sleep.

This was the first night that Danny had actually felt comfortable in his uncle’s home. It was though he and his aunt had rounded some imaginary corner that night. It felt good….damn good. That had been the first time since his arrival that he didn’t sense tension between the husband and wife. Danny breathed a silent sigh of relief. If it hadn’t have gotten better soon, he knew he would have to go. Which he wasn’t sure if that would have been better or worse for his aunt. He had a bad feeling that Albert would have followed and Danny hadn’t wanted to be the demise of a once solid marriage. So he was more then happy to have things looking up.

After the excitement of the night, it was difficult for him to wind down. That’s what he kept telling himself was the reason, but deep down he knew why he was still on edge.
Melanie Branson.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Everywhere he looked her saw her face. He couldn’t imagine that his uncle had imagined all of what he claimed to see. And he too had felt the sparks fly between them before he had even known who she was. The moment he caught her at the entrance to the club he had felt it. It was like a shock wave the resounded through his body. He was still wracking his brain to figure out what had happened. He thought that there actually might be a chance for them to connect, especially since she seemed to know a little about the club business yet she shot him time at each turn. It was completely frustrating.

Danny walked over and turned on the radio hoping that the soft music would engulf his thoughts of her. It only served to heighten them however. With each soft note that rang in his ears, he imagined them dancing, he could feel his hands as they ran down the soft curves of her body. He pictured his lips making contact with hers. He dreamed of how sweet they would taste, almost like honey, the color of her hair. Before Danny knew what was happening, he felt himself become aroused. He had completely let himself get lost in some fantasy. That was something that Danny Santos had never allowed himself to do before. Maybe that had more to do with the fact that there was never anyone to get aroused for more then the fact that he was a Santos.

There was that reality again…….he was a SANTOS! It hadn’t mattered that for one evening he had played a game. Pretended to be a man he wasn’t. He was still a Santos at heart. Exactly what did that mean though? Ray was a Santos but he had found a way to separate himself from the underworld. Danny had to laugh at himself. After the fantasy that he had just entertained he highly doubted that the priesthood was for him. That wasn’t the point though. The point was that Father Ray Santos was a good man, no matter the name that was attached to him. So why was it that Danny didn’t think he could make good as well? Why was it that he feared being sucked back if he continued to use that name? Uncle Albert was right. No one in Texas really knew of the Santos Family. They had no idea that in the Midwest Santos was synonymous with the mob. So why was it that Danny couldn’t bring himself to be Danny Santos here? He knew why. He couldn’t take the chance of being stereotyped all over again. Couldn’t let someone or something drag him back. He deserved a life too.

Danny threw on his robe and headed for the bathroom, hoping that a cold shower would rid him of the thoughts that he was having but he highly doubted it.


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