Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 15

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Michelle react to meeting each other.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 15

Danny heard the noise of the club swirling around him but he wasn’t able to concentrate on anything, but the beautiful creature before him. Everything about her presence held him captive in the moment. He let his eyes travel the length of her body. The silky black material of her dress hugged her most feminine curves. Danny felt his pulse quicken with thoughts of touching the skin of her thigh that the dress’s high slit revealed.

“Danny,” Albert’s voice snapped him back from the fantasy that his mind was letting him entertain. “Cat got your tongue?” he laughed knowing from the look on his nephew’s face what he must be thinking. Albert had to agree with him. She was a beauty. And it was nice to see Danny having a normal reaction in his not so normal life.

The one thing he had found strange was Danny’s use of the Sampson name. That troubled him due to the fact that he had been so adamant about not doing so when he had arrived. Albert wanted to take it as a sign that Danny was making an attempt to move forward and reclaim his life, but there was an underlying sense that he was hiding instead.

“No,” Danny stumbled over his words, “Just checking to be sure that all is running smoothly,” he lied hoping that no one around would notice how nervous he suddenly was. Danny couldn’t remember a time in his life when he had felt this inept. The life Carmen had scripted him left little time for a social life. The only girl who had really been allowed to play a role in his existence had been Teresa Sandavol. Carmen figured her the perfect match. She had dreams of grandeur at their union. Unfortunately Danny had other plans. Teresa hadn’t brought forth any emotion in him. She was merely just another pawn in his mother’s elaborate chess game.

“Every thing is running like clock work son. This night is the success that you planned it to be,” Albert said reassuring him.

“Ssshhh…..you’ll jinx us for sure,” Danny found himself laughing trying so hard not to look in her direction again. He feared just the sight of her would send him careening over the edge.

“NONSENSE!!!! Besides you were completely right about the live entertainment. It’s a big draw with the college crowd, obviously,” Albert gestured towards Michelle and Sarah.

“The band is really great,” Michelle piped in giving her reason to speak to Danny.

“I scouted them for a while,” Sarah’s father piped in not wanting to be left at the side of the road.

“That’s true,” Danny began not wanting to ruffle Carl’s feathers in front of his daughter. In this whole expansion if he hadn’t been getting guff from his aunt, he was getting it from Carl Beck. Apparently he hadn’t liked the fact that Albert had given him free reign, “Carl, did turn me on to them. They were perfect for our grand reopening,” Danny smiled.

A smile that made Michelle weak in the knees. She stood there listening while the others talked around her. She had been glad that no one had pulled her into the conversation because she doubted that she could have made heads or tails of what was going on around her. All her energy was focused on trying not to look as though Danny Sampson was the only thought in her head. Yet that was the very much the case. There was something commanding about him. His presence was larger then life. Her eyes wandered from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. Michelle was drinking in every detail of him. She loved the way his chocolate curls flipped at the nape of his neck and how his eyes reflected the lights that bounced about the room. She wanted so desperately to reach out and touch his jawbone. Let her fingers run along the stubble that anyone but her could barely notice. There wasn’t a thing about him that she missed.

“Melanie,” Sarah’s voice called to her, “Hey Melanie, you want to grab a bite to eat?”

“Sure,” her voice was but a whisper.

“Please eat, drink and enjoy yourself,” Danny said to the pair.

“Thank you,” Sarah returned while all Michelle was able to do was stare.

Michelle glanced back at the men as Sarah guided her to the buffet table. She watched as Danny and his uncle continued speaking. Maybe, just maybe, Texas wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Excuse us, Carl. I’d like to speak to Danny alone.”

“Sure whatever,” he said with an edge to his voice, “I’ll go check with the band to be sure that things are going smoothly.”

“I better check with the the chef, too,” Danny said trying to avoid what he was certain Albert was about to ask.

“That can wait,” he put his arm out to stop him, “Don’t get me wrong I am glad that you decided to use my name…..but why?”

“To be honest I don’t know.”

“I don’t believe that. You have never been one to do anything without reason for it.”

“It just came out,” Danny said not believing the answer himself.

“Oh really?” Albert ran his hand along his chin doing his best to hold back a grin.


“I think there’s a lot more to it then that. And the beautiful blonde in the tiny black dress it at the heart of it,” Albert laughed.

Danny felt his cheeks flush at being caught. “Don’t be embarrassed, son. I have to say if I was thirty years or so younger I would be thinking the very same things you were the minute you laid eyes on her. She’s a hell of a looker.”

“Please tell me I wasn’t that obvious,” Danny sighed imagining the fool he must have made of himself.

“Not too……but you were getting there. Why do you think that I snapped you out of that trance? I thought for a minute there you might actually start drooling,” Albert playfully slapped Danny’s shoulder.

“Oh get outta here. I know I wasn’t THAT obvious!!!!” Danny shot back

“Pretty damn close.”

“She is….attractive,” Danny commented nonchalantly.

“Attractive? What, is that the politically correct term? I mean Danny she’s a knock out. Am I showing my age now? Isn’t that the way you young men talk now a days?” Albert was so much enjoying razzing an already flustered Danny.

“Come on, Albert, what would she see in a guy like me?”

“WHAT!?!?!?” Albert raised his voice over the booming music, “You are joking right? I mean it’s more like what wouldn’t she see? You have so much going for you son. You are extremely good looking, an up and coming business man, you have a great ear for talent……..”

“And a Santos,” Danny said the name as if it had been a dirty word.

“That’s why you said your name was Sampson. You didn’t want her to know you were a Santos. Why?”

“Cause maybe I didn’t want to watch her go running screaming in the opposite direction. You know I have been known to have that effect on people,” Danny said in all seriousness.

“Have you forgotten you aren’t in Springfield anymore? Being a Santos in Texas isn’t such a bad thing you know.”

“You’d be surprised how far our reign of ternary extends.”

“Danny, I don’t care that you want to use our name. I told you before to do what you felt the most comfortable with. I just hope that you aren’t running away from a past that you can’t escape.”

“You did it.”

“Not really. Underneath I will always be Albert Santos. I can’t change the way that I was raised. Yes I have learned to live without the violence. But when all is said and done you can’t change the way you were brought up.

“So what are you saying that I’m doomed?”

“Not doomed. I just want you to understand that the things fundamental to your life don’t change because you take a different name. The things like family, loyalty and the honor that you grew up believing in will be there no matter what name you sign.”

“I just didn’t want to take that chance. I didn’t want her to hear my name and flinch. Or look at me with fear in her eyes. That has been the way both women and men have looked at me for so long…. I just didn’t want to see it in her.”

“Well I don’t think you will have that to worry about. All she saw was a stud standing before her,” Albert laughed again slapping him once more.

“Get outta here! You are imagining things again. You sure you don’t need glasses or something?” Danny jabbed.

“I can see perfectly thank you sir. I see that if you pull your head out of your ass that girl hasn’t taken her eyes off of you since she walked away.”

Danny turned his head towards the buffet table where Sarah and Michelle were still standing. Instantly their eyes met and locked.

“Melaine……hey……yo hoo are you in there?” Sarah asked snapping her fingers in front of Michelle’s face.

“I’m sorry what were you saying again?” No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t keep from looking over at the two men standing near the bandstand. Even from a distance you couldn’t miss how handsome Danny was. She remembered the static electricity she felt when he touched her earlier. The mere thought of it again sent chills through her body.

“I was asking you if you tried the hot wings? What’s going on with you? You have this big grin on your face.”

“Nothing,” she said all the while still looking in Danny’s direction.

“Nothing my ass! I saw you checking him out before. He’s pretty hot, huh?”

“What???? I wasn’t doing any such thing,” Michelle gasped not doing a great job of covering her feelings. Hell she never could. She was one to wear every emotion she had on her face. Why she thought now would be any different she hadn’t a clue.

“Don’t give me that. I saw you watching him. I can’t blame you. I mean if he had been looking at me the way he was at you…..I’d be all hot and bothered too.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Come on….you mean to tell me you didn’t notice the way he was eying you up and down? Girl, he couldn’t get enough.”

“I think you are exaggerating just a bit, don’t you?’


“I definitely think the man liked what he saw.”

“He was just being polite. I mean he wants his party to do well. The only reason he even talked to me was because your father introduced us…well introduced you really.”

“Don’t give my father too much credit. He’s certainly not responsible for Danny Sampson’s eyes being stuck to you like glue.”

“Sarah, I think you are seeing things that aren’t there. And besides I’m sure he must have a girlfriend….hell maybe even a wife.”

“Don’t think so. My dad said he just came to town not to long ago and he came alone. Daddy has never mentioned him having either a girlfriend or a wife.”

“That’s hard to believe.”

“According to Daddy, Danny came out here to help Albert expand the business.”

“Looks like it’s working,” Michelle commented glancing around at the hoards of people eating, drinking and dancing.”

“Yes it does. And let’s just say that my dad isn’t all that happy about having to share the spot light with some yuppie.”


“I heard him talking the one night when he thought I had gone to bed. I mean he was pissed about having to take orders from some kid. I would venture a guess that Carl Beck thought he was the next best thing to GOD until Danny showed up.”

“I guess that it would be kinda tough on him. I mean one minute are in charge and the next you aren’t,” Michelle said trying to give Sarah’s father the benefit of the doubt.

“You don’t have to stick up for him you know. Believe me I know who and what my father is. And having his nineteen year old daughter come to live with him wasn’t anywhere in his version of reality anymore then having Albert’s nephew come in and take over the reigns of Albert’s business. He thought that right belonged to him and him alone.”

“Looks likes he’s going to be awfully disappointed then.”

“I’d say it’s about time that the world come crashing in on him,” Sarah said with the straightest of faces. “Enough about my goofy father. What about you and Danny? I know that you think he’s a hottie. So what are we going to be doing about that?” Sarah asked.

“NOTHING!” Michelle said with her heart in her throat. Given her track record with men, she wasn’t about to take that leap again no matter what her heart was saying.

“Nothing? You are kidding right? How can you even think about not going for it. I mean he practically sent you a written invitation.”

“Sarah!!!!!” Michelle gasped.

“Well he did. I mean he hasn’t taken his eyes off you yet and might I remind you…….you haven’t taken yours off him either. So I think I am missing the problem here.”

“The problem is he hasn’t made a move to come to me and I’m not one to chase after someone……….”

“Well it looks like you are about to eat those words cause here he comes.”


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