Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 4

Republisher’s Note: We find more about Mick attacking Michelle and what Danny’s exit plan is.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 4

The sun’s rays peaked over the horizon casting an orange glow to the morning mist. The safe house was still in the morning hours. The only sound was that of the television. It’s low monotone signal echoed throughout. Michelle had drifted off to sleep while watching Holly’s show on the Santos family. She wasn’t even sure she could call it sleep though. The slumber had been fitful at best. Mick’s shadowy figure plagued her. With each toss and turn she made in attempt to move away from him sneer, only served to bring him closer to her.

The tide lapped at the edge of the beach. Somehow, some way her dreams had transported her back in time. There she was again standing on the beach alone……or so she thought. She had gone there to put order to her thoughts. To make sense out of the things that Jesse had just told her. How could she have been so blind as not to see the growing attraction between him and Drew? Had she really thought that she had a lock on Jesse’s heart? Apparently someone else had a key as well. She shouldn’t have been so shocked. Drew made no attempt to hide her feelings for Jesse. As a matter of fact she had done the exact opposite. She used every trick in the book to push her way in between Jesse and Michelle. All the while Michelle thinking that the love that she and Jesse shared was the truest form of emotion. What a joke she thought to herself now as the tears trickled down her face.

Jesse did his best to spare her feelings, but no matter the words he used it all came down to the fact that he didn’t love her anymore. The mere thought sent pain radiating through her chest. She vaguely wondered if this was what a heart attack felt like. The worst part of it all was that Drew hadn’t even had the decency to leave them in private. In a way it was though she was afraid to leave Jesse alone with Michelle. Like somehow Michelle would pull him back to her if she wasn’t there to keep reminding him that he had a new life now. A life that wasn’t to include Michelle Bauer in any way shape or form. The smug expression that Drew wore was too much for Michelle to take. The fact that Drew was taking pleasure in her pain sent Michelle running from Millennium without a further word to either of them.

There she was on the beach standing before the lighthouse. Their place. A place where she had given herself to the man that she fully expected to spend the rest of her life with. Now that illusion had been shattered into a million pieces.

“Looks like you lost your protector!” a low voice startled her.

“Mick,” She whispered turning to see him towering behind her. The chills rippled through her as she stared into his black eyes devoid of all emotion.

Mick Santos had dogged her from the minute that he walked into Millennium. He had set his sights on the beautiful blonde bombshell that wanted nothing to do with him. Mick was used to getting what he wanted and didn’t take kindly to Michelle’s rebuff of his affections. He had started out as smooth as any other man who was looking to score, but the more Michelle protested…..the more Mick dug his heels in. Nothing was going to stop him from getting what he wanted. Certainly not a little thing like her ‘love’ for Jesse Blue. When his charms wore thin, Mick fell into mobster mode. He would muscle his way in if necessary.

“Yes Michelle, it’s me,” he laughed, “So it looks like you and me have some unfinished business.” His hoarse whisper sent chills down Michelle’s spine. “Where’s Jesse now?” he cackled knowing full well the answer to his own question. The sight of Drew snuggled in Jesse’s arms assured him that Michelle would be ripe for the plucking.

She turned to run but he was too fast for her. Mick’s stride was nearly twice hers. Before she knew what was happening Mick had his body over hers pinning her against the wet sand of the beach.

The entire scene was something out of a really bad movie. In a way she felt as though she was standing outside of herself watching what was happening to her. She could see his eyes traveling over every inch of her body. She watched him lick his lips with anticipation. She could sense him spreading her legs apart letting his manhood come to rest against her most feminine spot. The tears welled in behind her soft brown eyes. This was some horrific dream that she would have given anything to wake from. She felt him run his hands along the soft curves of her body all the while his eyes starring at her like a lion about to pounce. Michelle watched herself screaming and crying but there was no sound that she was able to hear. The scenes continued as he brought his mouth down hard on hers forcing his tongue to part her lips. In a brief moment of clarity she gained what little senses she still possessed and bite down solidly on his tongue. She could taste his blood. In that instant she had the upper hand. While Mick was caught off guard she reached for the closest thing she could find. The rock felt heavy and cold in her hand. Before Mick had the chance to lunge for her again, she landed it hard against his head. The thud was deafening………………………..

“Miss Bauer,” the agent’s touch caused Michelle to wake with a start. Her heart raced until she understood that she wasn’t on the beach as she had thought. The she was safe and sound and about to embark on a whole new existence.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he continued, “We need to be going soon. If you need to get ready, I think that you should get started.

“Thank you,” Michelle said throwing the blanket back against the sofa. She padded across the room to get ready for her final hours as Michelle Bauer still wondering if she was doing the right thing.

Danny listened as the phone rang a dozen or so times. He was beginning to lose faith in his resolve. His uncle Albert was the only person he knew that had removed himself successfully from the family business. He wanted to be the next in line for that notable title.

His uncle had walked away at the height of his greatness. Watching his son die in his arms was the last straw in the line of many things that Albert Santos could no longer tolerate. Danny’s father had understood. Saying that in the same situation he had no idea what he would do as well. Miguel arranged for “the Commission” to allow Albert a peaceful exit from the only life that he knew. Danny’s father carried the clout to make that happen. It wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. Trust even among ‘la familia’ was not a given. Each head of the respective family sought to look out for their own best interests. And having a man like Albert Santos walk away with the knowledge he had was a great risk for them to take.

Albert had agreed to live by the same code that they had done for generations now, the only difference for him would be that he would no longer possess the power he once had. In the beginning the code of honor served those before him well, but now it had become a twisted representation that only served whoever sat at the head of the table. Danny had to remember that that person now was his mother. And hers was the most twisted agenda yet. Danny knew in his heart that his uncle would understand his need to be free. He just wondered if he would be willing to take the risk necessary to be the one to give him that freedom.

“Hello,” the soft voice spoke.

“Jenny?” Danny returned searching for his voice, “Aunt Jenny, it’s Daniel, could I please speak to uncle Albert?”

“Daniel? What is it? Are you all right?” She was completely taken aback by his call. She and her husband had not seen or spoken with anyone from that world since Miguel’s funeral. A sense of fear encompassed her. As much as she was certain that her husband had left that life many years ago there was always the gamble that something or someone could force his hand and bring him back to the center of the destruction.

“I’ve been better,” Danny sighed. “Mick’s dead, Jenny.”

His words bounced off her ear drums. This is what she feared most. That Daniel was seeking retaliation and enlisting his uncle’s help.

“And what do you expect Albert to do for you?” she returned harshly. She fully intended on protecting the life she now had. She wasn’t about to send anyone else she loved to slaughter.

“I need his help. Please can I speak with him?” it was difficult to miss the desperation in his voice. Yet Jenny wasn’t about to back down.

“What so you can get him killed too?” she spat the anger from all those years ago getting the better of her.

“Of course not!” Danny defended his actions.

“Then what do you need him for other then to help you avenge Mick’s death since your own father isn’t around to help you,” her tone was icy.

“I need his help……his help to….break free,” he whispered fearing the walls around him would tumble.

“What?” those were not the words she had expected to hear.

“Jenny, who are you talking to?” Danny heard his uncle’s voice in the background.

“Let me speak with him,” Danny pleaded once more his idea was waning fast. The tone in Jenny’s voice led him to believe that he wouldn’t be welcome in their home.

“It’s Daniel,” she returned to her husband.

“Well give me the phone then,” he ordered. He may have left the family business but he had not left the family. “Yes, Daniel what is it?” he questioned full of concern.

“Mick’s dead,” the statement of fact rolled off Danny’s tongue without much thought. He had said it over and over so many times now it may as well have been recorded.

“What?!?!?” Albert fell back into the chair along side of the credenza.

“Mick was killed about a month ago. I don’t really know why and right now I don’t even think that I care.”

Albert heard the all too familiar sound of defeat in Danny’s voice. It was the same sound that he heard echoing in his mind in the weeks after he had buried Richard. The need for power and money had overstayed its welcome in his life and now it appeared to be doing the same for his nephew.

Miguel had wanted great things for his son’s, especially Danny. Unfortunately it looked as though Danny had other plans. He had known that his brother’s youngest son would not be the man that he had envisioned. Danny was far too in tune with the humanity of life to feed off its misery like the others. For that Albert had been grateful. He was sorry though that Mick’s death had been the catalyst to force Danny to his breaking point.

“What can I do?” he asked.

“I want to come and stay with you. I want to be part of something more then what I am here.”


“I want to help you run and expand your business,” Danny said firmly.

“Expand the business?” Albert repeated while Jenny stood on the sidelines vehemently shaking her head no.

“Yes. I have a portfolio full of business deals that I put together for Sancorp. Great money making ventures that Carmen chose to artfully ignore,” the disgust in Danny’s voice was evident.

“I see,” Albert rubbed his chin making Jenny all the more nervous.

She and Albert had moved to Texas fifteen years ago. They had even gone as far as changing their names. Albert had done everything in his power to disassociate himself with his former life. It appeared now that with one phone call from Danny they were about to be embroiled in the thick of it again.

“You think you can help me franchise my restaurants do you?” he laughed at his nephew’s vigor, “That’s a tall order from a man who’s never stepped foot in the state of Texas.”

“Isn’t Texas the state where bigger is better?” Danny joked enjoying the easy manner that his uncle had about him.

“Rightly so,” he conceded.

“Are you interested in my offer?” Danny questioned tentatively waiting for him to ask the obvious question.

“And your mother? She’s all right with this arrangement?”

“Don’t worry I can handle Carmen.”

“No one handles Carmen, Daniel!” Carmen Santos and Albert were by no means friends. He had even gone as far to steer his brother away from this leech that had attached herself to his side. Carmen saw Miguel as a means to an end. He had the power that had always been just out of her reach. No matter what he had done to enable his brother to see the light Miguel continued forward with blinders on.

“I don’t think I’m leaving her with much choice. I’m leaving!” Danny was surprised by his own forcefulness.

“I have worked very hard to make a life for Jenny and myself here. I don’t want ‘la familia’ running rampant through our life again,” he stated firmly.

“I promise you that won’t happen. I am not looking to hurt you uncle Albert. I only want a chance to be me….whoever that is. The one person I know that that isn’t is the one that Carmen has in mind for me.”

“Good for you son. But it’s not going to be as easy as you think.”

“Albert I have more then enough on my mother, and I use that term loosely, to bury her if she doesn’t go along.”

“Daniel you know what you are saying? You are implicating yourself as well.”

“Understood. It’s a risk I am willing to take and one I know she isn’t!”

“You are more then welcome in our home. For as long as you like. You would be a nice addition to my operation. I look forward seeing you, Daniel.”

Danny replaced the receiver in it’s cradle, he only hoped to be as powerful when he addressed Carmen.


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