Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 3

Republisher’s Note: I apologize for the poor formatting on this story. I just can’t get the paragraphs to break properly. I’ll try to clear the formatting before I paste in the next batch of chapters, maybe that will help.

Mistaken Identity by Lisa Chapter 3

Michelle watched as Ross’s car faded into the distance. She held the sheers tightly in her grasp as if somehow her holding on to them would bring him back to claim her from what was now the beginning of her new life.

The safe house was quiet. Actually she was the only person there other then the agents sent to guard her. She milled about the sterile surroundings. This place was nothing more the a stop over for many wayward souls. It was a barren place. For Michelle that analogy was rather fitting. At this moment she felt oddly cold and empty. She was standing of the threshold of something completely unknown. She should have been afraid but there was no feeling at all. Michelle was numb.

“Miss Bauer,” the agent startled her, “We are going to order dinner. Is there anything special that we can get you?” his voice said pleasantly. As if this was just an ordinary night for him, yet for her it was anything but that.

“No, thank you,” she returned. Food was the last thing on her mind at the moment.

“You let us know if you change you mind,” he countered.

Michelle sunk into the depths of the overstuffed sofa. She was hoping for it to swallow her whole. Closing her eyes, her life flashed before her. In a way she imagined that it did when a person was on the verge of death. She had always thought that was so cliché but now that it was happening to her it was far too real.

She was recalling things that had long been tucked away. Memories of her mother flooded her senses. Maureen was in every frame that scrolled through her mind. She absently wondered what it was that her mother would have thought of her now. The fact that she had killed a man was a sobering one. As forgiving as her mother was, Michelle couldn’t imagine that even the great Maureen Bauer could have found a way to absolve her daughter of this sin. She would have given anything for one more moment with her mother. Her death left no room for good-byes. At the age of twelve, Michelle had been stripped of the only mother she had ever known without as much as a good-bye or even an I love you. The harsh reality of that caused the tears to well in her eyes once more.
For all these years now, Michelle had bought into this charade of hers. A charade that she had come to terms with everything that had lead up to that fateful night that her mother died. Yet now that she was losing the security of the only life she had ever known every detail of her life was now suspect. All those things that she had held etched in stone now were rubble at her feet.

She had never felt so lost in all of her life. Each time that this sensation would overtake her, she would plunge head long into the next great project that would serve to bring purpose to her life. But this time that wasn’t going to happen. There was no great cause…..this time she was the cause. Somehow that thought frightened her terribly.
The longer she sat there the more that the doubts consumed her. Could she really do this? Could she just walk away from the only home she had ever known? Could the Santos Family really hurt her? Ben said he wasn’t going to pursue a case against her. Why was she running? Why wasn’t she standing her ground? She had as much right to be there as the Santos family did. Even more so. The Bauers had been the back bone of this town since it had been formed. Generations of her family had served to make this town what it was today. There were wings at the hospital dedicated to every Bauer doctor who had ever walked the halls there. What had the Santos family given Springfield? As far as Michelle could see, NOTHING! Nothing but heartache and misery to any and all who unknowingly entered their path.

Those thoughts rushed through her mind. Giving her a reason to stay and fight for her dreams. She wasn’t about to let Mick Santos take those from her. Her resolved faded as quick as it had come. The officer flipped on the television set to WSPR. There was Holly Reade doing an expose on the Santos Crime Family. In light of all the recent news coverage surrounding the future leader’s death, Holly had quickly pieced together a showcase of fact and suspected facts regarding the ‘la familia’.

Michelle’s eyes were riveted to the screen. Each new fact caused her chest to tighten. There was no denying the danger she would be putting herself in if she stayed to fight. There were countless references to those that came up ‘missing’ after a deal with the Santos family had gone astray. Michelle knew all too well that she would just become another grim statistic in the Santos family album. There was no way out of this. That night on the beach….the first time that Mick Santos had walked into Millennium and picked her out of the crowd had fated her to this. Right now she would have loved to give fate a swift kick in the teeth.

Danny slipped between the cool satin sheets knowing that sleep was the last thing on his mind. He didn’t remember the last time he had slept since this whole ordeal had begun. Since Mick’s murder he had been in perpetual motion. There was no time to stop and think let alone breath.

He stared intently at the ceiling searching for the words necessary to express his intense distaste for all of this. How was he to make his mother understand his love for his brother but his unwillingness to continue on this quest that she had expected him to take?

He knew his mother well enough to be sure that she would see it as disloyalty to the family. That he was unworthy in some way. He could hear her words now. The tone in her voice of anger and disappointment. Did he really want to face her knowing what he had coming, more importantly could he face himself if he didn’t?

The frustration that devoured him was tiring. Why had all of this been conveniently laid at his feet. Carmen knew all too well that Danny wanted nothing to do with the business as it stood right now. Yet that hadn’t mattered to her. She saw the vision she had for her son and wasn’t about to falter from it. She never really cared what Danny had wanted from his life. Having Mick die a senseless death the way his father had so many years before only served in making Danny see that he didn’t want to end up the same way. It was hard to understand why Carmen would want that either. Ultimately Danny knew why. The reason’s behind Carmen’s insistence had nothing to do with family as she had always professed. It had much more to do with the power that she craved. Even if she was to step down leaving Danny at the helm, she would still hold a great deal of authority. That’s how Carmen saw life. As the strength that she gained from the power that she forced. The money wasn’t even a draw for her. It just helped to sweeten the pot, but without the power she didn’t give a damn.

Danny knew in his heart that that was why all the dealings…legitimate contracts…..that he brought to Sancorp and the money that he was pulling in did little to improve his position in his mother’s eyes. They were a drop in the bucket as far as she was concerned. She wasn’t able to see that Danny too used the cunning ways that she had taught him, but used them within the realm of what was legal. That was the thrill he craved. Danny could get as much pleasure from a struggle for his piece of the pie as Carmen did from ordering her next hit.

There were times that he barely remembered the woman who raised him. The woman who sat him on her knee telling stories and reading books. The woman who told him he could be anything that he wanted to be. She forgot to tell him that was only if it fell into the domain of what she wanted him to be.

Danny rose from his bed. The thoughts that he entertained offered little help in his sleeping. He knew what it was that he had to do. For him to survive and become the man he saw himself being….he had to do this. Yet the thought of actually doing it left him breathless. He had side stepped Carmen many times now but never truly defied her. And what he was contemplating would be classified as true defiance in every sense of the word. Unfortunately he didn’t see any other way. She hadn’t given a damn about what he had wanted or needed. He was beginning to wonder why he should afford her the same courtesy.

Danny glanced at the clock on his bedside table, knowing full well that it was three hours earlier where Uncle Albert was. He only hoped to find an ally when he picked up the phone.


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